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Latest update...things are still going pretty well for ds. He has a throat clearing tic that is lingering and acts up every now and then. Have eliminated oranges, and tomatoes completely now after "challenging" them and getting increased tics. Bananas are my next challenge (sure hope not). Have added back kefir on a rotation and so far, so good...he is so happy to have granola and kefir again!!!! Definately have stopped fish oil and vitamin D, seen them increase his tics time and time again. He asked today if we could add his Natural Calm in the morning as well, will give it a try. He feels it would be beneficial. Are you kidding me? He's 9, and so on top of this! So impressed :D That's it on him for now. Have not seen any anxiety issues either since being on his multi so doubly impressed with the direction things are going with him. Not a cure...but definately a huge improvement!

My best to all,




Megan --- Am I reading this correctly? You eliminated fish oil and vitamin D??? I am on Bonnie Grimaldi's program (have been for months) - and the fish oil and vitamin D vitamins are a big part of her diet. On top of that, my naturopath has me taking 5000 UI of D3. I read this email and just had to make sure I'm understanding you correctly.


Granted - I wish my bonnie plan and diet were giving me better results - has not been very good for the last couple months or so.


Hey Rick,

Yes you read right. We have stopped the Fish oil and D3. I removed and challenged both of these with our ds and each time saw an increase when added back in. Both are flavour free and no wheat, soy or other allergens so the only deduction I could come up with was was that they in fact were the triggers. He is eating avocado and salmon for omega's and he is really outdoorsy for vit D and try to eat as many colours as possible. Seems some people just can't take these supps. for some reason. Maybe try an elimination and challenge...we have definately found for our ds the simpler the better.

I wish you luck, please let me know how things go if you try the elimination process.



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Hi Everyone, it's been some time since I've posted. Things continue to go really well. We have even been able to get ds to do acupuncture (my child with huge needle anxiety!!!!) So far it seems to be

Hey everyone...haven't really posted in a while. continue to go well here. He is not tic free but they are so minimal that it would be hard to notice unless you were looking for them. He has had the odd rise but it is generally a matter of hours now instead of days. It seems that as long as we keep to his diet he is maintaining really well.


For him his food triggers are:


Wheat, Dairy, Soy, all artificials and refined sugars (he is fine with Raw honey, maple syrup and raw golden cane sugar), pesticides on foods, tomatoes, grapes, apples (but fine with apple juice), bananas, raisins, orange juice.

We try to drink as much water as possible and water any pure fruit juices at least by half.


He is still sensitive to perfumes, and chemical based cleaners but because our home is free of these it seems his tolerance is building.


Going off town water also seemed to be beneficial as he is sensitive to chlorine.


He still takes his Progressive multi's twice a day and Original Natural Calm at night (1 tsp.)

And we try to keep up with epsom baths.

He is soooo much healthier having only one mild cold all winter even when the household had stomach bugs and bronchial type colds...so in short, things are really looking up :D


Take care all,



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Hi Megan,


I've been off the forum for awhile but I'm finding more time for it now that we're on summer vacation. Your story has really encouraged and motivated me to get back on track. I was trying just about everything (homeopathy, cranial therapy, vits, supplements, and gf and dairy free diet). I got scared because I saw a huge increase and stopped the homeopathy. We are sticking with cranial therapy twice a month and started acupuncture. Not sure about the acupuncture but I'd thought I'd give it a try. My son had a blood test done by WestLab Corp (has anyone heard of them) and he is apparently sensitive to all his favorite foods (eggs, dairy, glute/wheat, citrus, soy, etc etc). It sounds like your multi might be a good place to start for us. We tried Animal Parade which seemed free of all those things but didn't see results.


I feel that this has been our worst year yet. He can't even get through a meal and ends up spitting out his food from such intense tics (throat clearing, lip popping sounds with some spitting). It doesn't seem to wax and wane at all. It's just constantly there without rest. Is this a common experience?? Why is it that he no longer gets breaks? He just seems to keep adding more tics.


Ugh, I'm ordering the Progressive multi right now. I'm in the U.S. I hope to find them on Amazon.


Wishing all of you my best. Megan, your story is giving me hope.



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Hhmmm, just looked up the ingredients for Progressive and it states that a non-medicinal ingredient is lemon. I really want to try this but now I'm not sure. What do you all think? Should I start with Kirkman? Does it contain any citrus ingredients? For those who use this brand, can you tell me where to find it?


Megan, can't seem to find Progressive on Amazon. Any ideas?


Thanks so much everyone. It really helps to vent on this forum.

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My son has been using Thorne Research Basic Nutrients III (the one without copper and iron) and we are very pleased with it


there is also one with copper & iron if preferred.


we specifically needed one without all the extra stuff so many companies add...good in itself but possibly not always so for individual needs.


Thorne sticks to the basics...pure and simple!

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Hi Everyone, it's been some time since I've posted. Things continue to go really well. We have even been able to get ds to do acupuncture (my child with huge needle anxiety!!!!) So far it seems to be really positive for him, he feels more focused and even looks more relaxed. He even enjoys going now and will ask when his next appt. is. We had a rise over the last full moon, seems to be par for the course for him, but nothing to send us into the old panic. We are continuing with the Progressive Multi and Natural Calm and of course his diet, we are using freshly ground flax in the mornings...when I remember for Omega's. His food sensitivities seem to be less reactive and shorter lived, although we are not prepared to change his diet. He is not totally tic free, but he is no longer so anxious, and many days we almost have to look for his tics. He still has definate periods of waxing but they seem to be mostly around the full moon and if not we already knew they were coming due to a food exposure etc. All I can say: there is hope, this is not the same child as when I first began this journey and he's 10, according to research shouldn't he be on the rise as prepubescence creeps in? I am so grateful to everyone who ever gave advice or just an "I know what your feeling". Thank you all.



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