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  1. lol No, I didn't drink anything alcoholic
  2. I haven't been tested, but I think it must be to do with the magnesium because it's too much of a coincidence otherwise - I think if it was due to a food intolerance, it would happen more often. I'll get checked when I have more money maybe.
  3. I wet the bed last night . Not properly, only slightly. Apparently, that can happen with a magnesium deficiency too. I used to do that until a later age than I should have done. How embarassing I wish I'd been more careful so my magnesium levels had fallen gradually (sort of weaned myself off them at the end of the bottle/packet/jar/whatever it's called lol).
  4. Oh crap Source: http://www.thenaturalguide.com/earinfection.htm I'm off to replenish my magnesium stock...
  5. Yesterday afternoon I took the last magnesium tablet I had. In the evening when I got home from work I was fine and very happy, and quite active, but just before bed, I suddenly felt weak and slightly dizzy (but not dizzy as such). This morning I was very irritable (like before I started magnesium). This afternoon my head and ears feel like I'm in an aeroplane Might the sudden weakness and this 'aeroplane' feeling be anything to do with coming off magnesium?
  6. Mmmmm...you're making me feel hungry!
  7. I have always had a healthy diet, so I don't think that's a problem but the magnesium alone isn't sufficient. I have a good diet, I drink milk which is a good source of calcium and I tried magnesium and it's good but not enough. Just wondering, what happens when he takes B complex? It's a good job she doesn't put the fish oil in the main supplements. Price-wise, even ordering them from America would be slightly cheaper than buying all the ingredients individually over here. I hope she replies soon. If she can accept PayPal or Maestro then I think I will give it a try as one last option. Meanwhile, I might try spending just ten more pounds ($19.56) on magnesium (trying magnesium malate this time).
  8. I am earning, so my parents wouldn't want to pay for me and they'd probably tell me to get my priorities right or something like that. The NHS doesn't cover vitamins and minerals - even if you could get them on prescription, they'd be the standard rate each time which is now about £6-7 I believe. The trouble is, with magnesium, I need calcium and zinc. B vitamins would probably be helpful, but I don't know which I'd need most, so I have to get the complex. Bonnie (of Bontech) described all sorts of connections between the ingredients of her supplements and I don't want to get the balances wrong. I also want to chelate and possible mercury and help stop candida. I checked iHerb - their prices are great, but not for shipping. It makes the prices equal to/slightly greater than buying them over here. I don't think magnesium on it's own is effective enough and I'm worried about the parathyroid drawing calcium from the bones. I wanted to try one more thing - and that's try Bonnie's supplements, but it's about £60 ($117?) for a month's supply (including postage to Britain) and I don't have any of the three payment methods she requires (unless MasterCard is the same as Maestro - it's owned by the same company and the website seems to suggest it's a European version of it but I'm still not sure if I do have Maestro on my card). I've contacted her to see if she would consider PayPal. It feels like an age since I sent the email, but it was only on Monday, so I must be patient. I doubt she'd accept it though.
  9. Do you think it would be possible that you could give just magnesium? I've heard bone spurs can be an excess of calcium/imbalance of calc/mag. Don't know how true that is.
  10. I've now spent £105.82 in just under two months only to find it 'helps a bit'. It's coming up the holidays and I won't be earning (I do casual/temp/part time work at a college). £40.19 of that money was wasted because I bought the wrong things or the product didn't work or had a bad effect etc. I've now had to spend £226 on my car and I've got a special camping expedition coming up which I need some money for (I'm paying for my brother too). Petrol's going up. My wages are stopping. I've run out of magnesium. I need calcium. I need to restock on chlorella. I'm really irritable again because of the magnesium levels reverting back to their old low levels. My family will get even more annoyed with me again because of the irritability due to the lack of magnesium. I did my best, but I can't afford to continue. I don't know what to do. I give up.
  11. Interestingly, Wikipedia says the following: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grapefruit_seed_extract
  12. Yup. I posted in both places in case people had different experiences with it
  13. What about pine bark/Pycenogenol and evening primorse oil?
  14. Thanks, I will see if I can get chiropractic treatment on the NHS though as I definitely can't afford it myself. About the supplements - my regime is now pretty close to Bonnie's so I (hopefully) can't be going too far wrong *hope hope hope* lol EDIT: does grape seed extract give any energy or does it make one even more relaxed?
  15. Slightly altered (with correct chlorella amount this time too - I typed it in wrongly before) Morning: 100mg magnesium citrate (will be getting malate soon and will probably take 1000mg (150mg of actual magnesium) and also calcium citrate 250mg) 15mg zinc oxide with 30-50mg (can't remember offhand) vitamin C (part of zinc tablet) but I will hopefully be getting vitamin C + grapeseed soon 1560mg chlorella 1 Candida Clear capsule half of B complex tablet containing: - B1 25mg - B2 25mg - B3 25mg (niacinamide! No prickling!) - B5 25mg - B6 25mg - B12 25µg - folic acid 200µg - biotin 25µg - 25mg blend of alfalfa, choline bitartate, inositol, PABA, parsley, rice bran, soya lecithin, watercress 1 capsule Seven Seas Pulse Omega 3 fish oil Around lunch time: 100mg magnesium citrate (will change soon + add calcium) 22mg zinc picolinate 1560mg chlorella 1 Candida Clear capsule Before bed: 100mg magnesium citrate (will change soon + add calcium) 22mg zinc picolinate 1560mg chlorella 1 Candida Clear capsule 1 acidophilus plus capsule (by Solgar) other half of B complex containing: - B1 25mg - B2 25mg - B3 25mg (niacinamide! No prickling!) - B5 25mg - B6 25mg - B12 25µg - folic acid 200µg - biotin 25µg - 25mg blend of alfalfa, choline bitartate, inositol, PABA, parsley, rice bran, soya lecithin, watercress 1 capsule Seven Seas Pulse Omega 3 fish oil 500mg taurine This is getting very close to Bonnie's supplements.
  16. Unfortunately, I have no one helping me although I'm hoping that Dr. Hugh Rickards (neurologist), when I finally get to see him, might be able to arrange for me to see someone else about it? I'm nineteen (and a half lol) And you're probably right to worry. I'm a bit worried myself but I'm pretty sure I've already damaged my neck from ticcing, so I feel that reducing them by doing this while waiting to see someone about it is better than damaging it even further. I think it's the safer of the two choices currently available to me.
  17. I don't seem to have any energy. I was hoping that the supplements would help with that, but I'm still the same, if not slightly worse
  18. lol It's worrying though. I wonder what else are they telling us is safe (apart from the obvious things).
  19. I've now bought http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/vf/labels/000580HB.pdf and now I've got the regime close to Bonnie's and others' of you on here. I now need C and I'd like to have grape seed extract (if money will allow). I found this NOW Foods product which contains grape seed extract, vitamin C and a small amount of calcium which sounds great, but the vitamin C is from calcium ascorbate. I take it that's calcium chelated with ascorbic acid which is vitamin C? In which case, wouldn't the calcium make it less absorbable? http://www.discount-supplements.co.uk/shopexd.asp?id=8157 Bonnie uses ester C for vitamin C. What's that? Oh, and I'm looking for more magnesium - I'm almost out of the old lot. I'm looking for something other than Holland and Barratt's too-thick-and-therefore-too-bid-to-swallow tablets which I have to chew each time. Also, the citrate keeps giving me diarrhoea (I think it's that that's doing it anyway). What's magnesium malate like? I don't know if I've read anything about that.
  20. I've now used http://www.discount-supplements.co.uk I used it for Candida Clear. They have a limited range, but it's cheap and delivery is free. The Candida Clear arrived pretty quickly. They accept PayPal.
  21. I got an answer from Dr. Robin Pauc about this: Dr. Robin Pauc's theories are a bit controversial though.
  22. Oh, no, swallowing pills is huge, huge, huge ! Often its the difference between treatment or not. Before my daughter could swallow pills, it was absolutely horrible trying to get any supplements or even medication into her. Congratulations!! Swallowing the pills is just about okay for me (apart from the magnesium tablets - they all seem to be huge), but I'm worried that taking 30+ tablets/capsules per day is going to damage my throat. It's like swallowing bullets lol
  23. The RDA is not the maximum. The RDA is the Recommended Daily Allowance which is really the minimum of what you should be getting to prevent a deficiency. Water soluable vitamins are safer that fat soluable ones, but they can still cause minor toxicities, usually over a long period of time rather than straight away. I think B6 is the most harmful one to have too much of. Also, I think the kidneys have a part in making sure excesses are excreted in the urine, so that would put extra stress on them.
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