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  1. mommaonamission... i wondered about you and your son and often and even sent you a private message a few months ago. glad things have improved : )
  2. Hi Mom on a mission- I was wondering how you and your guy were doing. Glad to here things are going much better. It seems like alot of our children were hitting a rough patch at the same time. Keep us posted.
  3. Hi Noelle- Take comfort that you are not alone. Read Sheila's book, it will give you hope. Ask questions and remember each hard time (waxing) will pass. My son was diagnosed 4 years ago and to be honest I still have a tough time. There are a lot of people here who can offer you good advice or just comfort you during the tough times. I have come to realize that my sons tics bother me more than him or his friends. I try my best to just reassure him that he is totally normally he just has "habits". I always try to make sure he never feels guilty about ticcing, and it isn't who he is
  4. Great news!!! I am so happy to hear of the decrease.
  5. I am giving him a very low amount. .5 mg and we are having such great results. I mean he is falling asleep within 10-20 minutes...we used to go through hours of frustration every single night. Both of us usually ending up in tears....
  6. My sons DAN doctor recommended I give him melatonin at night. My son has always had a really hard time falling asleep at night and when his tics are increased (which they have been the past 4 months) its even worse. Anyhow, I don't know if it is just the extra sleep or if the melatonin itself is helping decrease his tics a bit, but i am seeing a difference. Any thoughts? They are still there, don't get me wrong, just a bit milder....
  7. Hi Mom- Just want you to know I have been following your story and I am sorry things have gotten worse. Has the Clonidine helped at all? Hopefully, this is the very peak of your sons TS and soon it will just become less and less. Just want you to know there are people out there thinking of you and your family. Happy Holidays to you.
  8. Along with all of these...appointments, tests etc...My son has said to me, "Mom why are we doing this, I told you my habits do not bother me" Part of me feels like after all of these tests I should let it go and just hope for the best. I feel like maybe all of this is bothering me more than him. I really just want to get some sort of handle on it before it gets any worse.
  9. My son has had the following tests: Amino Acid-Urine EEg Metals-Hair Yeast-Stool IgG Strep Test Complete Blood Count I have bought Sheila's book...I have tried elimation diet, I am constantly reading up on anything I can get my hands on. I currently have my son on a and am seeing minimal results after 4 weeks: good Multi vitamin extra B no colors etc Omega 3,6,9 Calcium Mag Zinc Combo Taurine Again, I feel at a loss. His tics are mainly motor and often. His waning periods are less and less. He has had some shouting vocal tics, but not constant (yet) I just feel
  10. Amino acid levels were checked and hair for metals...i am just at my wits end. i want to help my son and i just feel helpless right now...
  11. 3 weeks ago we had our appt with our DAN doc. Everything under the sun has been tested. So far nothing has come back abnormal. What if there are no allergies, yeast issues, sensitivities etc....Is medication inevitable?
  12. This is great news! I hope your son continues to improve.
  13. Thanks for the tip. They are going to have to extract his tooth next week. Poor little guy. I feel so bad for him. Hopefully, soon after that infection is gone he will slow down a bit. Again, thanks to all of you for everything! Happy Thanksgiving!
  14. Thanks so much to both of you. We have an appointment for my son on Monday with a DAN doctor. I also just found out yesterday that my little one has an abcessed tooth!!! One thing after another....I am curious if that has someting to do with why his tics have been so intense.
  15. Hi Chemar- Would you be willing to give me some specifics on the side effects that your son experienced with Haldol? My sons dad and I are going back and forth on if we even want to consider meds...I am trying to make an argument.
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