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  1. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to know if anybody has used New Chapter products. They have a one a day and I have been debating on getting it for my daughter it's called New Chapter only one. I called New Chapter and they said it should be fine for a 14 year old but of course they told me I should ask her physician. I really wanted to get The Vitamin code that CSP suggested and im going back and forth with the two products. If money was not so tight right now I would definetly get the Vitamin code. New chapter would last her 90 days and the vitamin code would last 30-40 days at the same pric
  2. Thanks CP My daughter in 103 and she is 14lbs. I think im going to get 30mg because for a period of time she had low blood pressure. I think my next vitamin order im going to get the Vitamin code for my son and myself. He is 19 and has a horrible diet. Are you going to continue getting intramax? Thanks for the info CP. Maryann
  3. Hi Footballguy My daughter gives me a hard time with the vitamins and the probiotics. Changing her diet, EVERYTHING! IF I can make it easier mabey she will continue when shes 18.
  4. Hi CP - I was reading a previous post of yours. Did your doctor give you dosage for the CQ10? Thanks again
  5. Hi CSP Thank you so much for thinking of me. I did take a look at that vitamin it sounds good. The only problem I have is im trying to cut the pills down. The intramax sounded so good, had everything in it. My daughter drives me crazy! I told her about the intramax. It would have been perfect. She usually does not eat breakfast. She has a early lunch at 10:30. What do you think of pana315? I think Drucker makes that also. I think I can get the intramax without a prescribtion but I would be to nervous to give it to my daughter. Thanks again! Maryann
  6. Hi CP, I enjoyed reading your story it was really nice! Maryann
  7. Hi, I will have to check that out. I called Druckers lab and they said that they are only selling it by prescribiton. When I called for pana 315 which was sold before intramax she told me they are selling intramax prescribtion only because you need doctor monitoring you because of the detox. I did not buy the Pana 315 because I really wanted the intrmax but did not want to drag my daughter to another doctor. At The same time when she told me you need a doctor monitoring you it got me nervous so I stopped checking other sites. Reading the post on the forum it seems pretty safe. i'll check
  8. My daughters wisdom teeth have been hurting now for over year. It hurts for a couple of days each month and then stops. The dentist said to try to hold off until she is 16 she is too young. Well anyway a couple of weeks ago they hurt for week straight so ,I took her to see if she should have oral surgery. He took a new x-ray and said that he does not understand why they hurt but if they continue to take them out. I explained to him my fear about allergic reaction and tics and he said he understood but I don't think he understands. Well its been twoweeks and they have not hurt and I have
  9. I read your post like three times because I could not believe what I was reading. Chemar gave you good advise. I can't believe a store owner said that to you; please, do not listen to that man! Maryann
  10. Yes, my daughter had the Menningococal Vaccine and the 1 week later had the tetnus Vaccine and 4 weeks later had her first tic. About, eight months prior to that she did do something with her neck but she stopped. The nerologist questioned if that was a tic. After the vaccine she started ticcing eye, arms, and legs six months strong and then slowed down. I definetly believe it was the Vaccine. I don't know when her next vaccine is but im also going to be concerned. Wish you luck Maryann
  11. Happy for your news CP, Thats great! Maryann
  12. Hi , They are avertising Hard Anoidized green pan set with thermolon. Any opinions the price goes up at 12. My daughter was high with medal andthis is stainless steel. I guess because it does state its a GREEN PAN is it safe? I did call but she seemed kind of nervous giving me an answer with that questions ( sales lady). Thanks
  13. Thanks CSP, Can you tell what test they used for the results. My daughter is 14, and I don't think I can get her to take another hair sample. She still complains about the first time taking in November. Maryann
  14. Hi CSP, Im going to look into to the intrmax. My daughters results for absorbing viatims was not that good. They tested her results from hair sample. How did your son get his results done. Sorry to here your son is not doing well. Is there a reason why you went off the intramax? I don't give my daughter cq10 is that also in the intramax? I apologize for all the questions, thanks for the information and I hope all is well soon! Maryann
  15. Hi, I can relate , especially when it goes away and everything fine and something sets it off. I think it's more upsetting for the parents, My daughter always knows when im upset about the tics or im looking at her. It's not the tic that gets her upset it's me. Then I feel guilty for making her upset. I understand what your going threw and like Chemar said it will pass. Try to take it easy. Easier said then done, I 'm going to have to take my own advise, My daughter has been away since Tuesday and coming back this Friday (11Days). I have not asked yet how she is doing tic wise. If I do
  16. Female, age 13 when tried, #5 I only gave it a week, might try again someday.
  17. Hi, I was just going to purchase grapefruit seed extract, then; I read your post on grape extract. Whats better? Thanks Maryann
  18. My daughter also seem to tic more with fish oil. I stopped and used flaxseed oil. I'm thinking of going back and trying it again. I spoke to consultant at Great Plains and she said the same thing, to stick it out. I did take her off pretty fast , so I'm thinking of trying it again. I know there are some on the site who prefer the flaxseed oil because tics increased. Everyone is different I guess the question is how long of a time do you give it?
  19. I have never spoke to you before but when I saw "WOO HOO! It put a smile on my face. I'm happy for your news! MAryann
  20. Hi thanks for the replies. My daughter is currently using s. boulardii, doctor recommended. Cherri you previously told me that it's not going to kill the bad yeast. Great plains recommended that I use anti fungal. Candida clear got great reviews on the iherb sight and your recommendation. My question is im afraid of killing the good yeast and what is going to happen. How old was your son when he used it. My friend at work her daughter has autism and she also has yeast. When I told her I was going to buy anti fugal she said to be careful your not only going to kill bad yeast but the g
  21. Hi my daughter blood work showed she at one time had candida. Her stool showed yeast. Igg had Medium reaction to brewers yeast. OAT test came high yeast. I'm having a hard time decidng where to go from here. She is on probiotics,but I know she should be on anti-fungal. I'm afraid of killing the good yeast. I'm afraid of how shes going to react, the side effects. I heard cocunut oil and raw garlic only kill the good and not the bad. Is that true? Is that enough to do just that? How about oregano oil, does that just kill the bad. I heard grapefruit seed extract kill bad and good. I
  22. I know everyone is different. What do you do if you have to get your wisdom teeth out. Well there sending my daughter for a consultation. I hoping he says they don't have to come out . They do bother her every couple months for a day or two. I'm worried about the anesthesia. The first thing she said when they told her is "im getting put out for that". She is 14 , I don't blame her for not wanting to be awake. I was awake when I got it done but I was also was in my twenties. Thanks Maryann
  23. My daughter just got home from Dorney park. They where in a competion in band and won first place. Beautiful day, she came off the bus excited. I noticed her back wing bone flinging back and forth, something I have not seen in about 8 months. She has only been having mild tics with her arm . My main concern with my daughter lately has been digestion and neaseous. Right away I asked her what she ate. She was in such a good mood she just answered instead of complaining why I was asking. She did have a sprite and a snapple. Which she has done that on occasion. Could this be from exciteme
  24. That was cute! Happy mother's day to all! Maryann
  25. Per previous post on how expensive probiotics were, if there left out of the refrigerator are they still good? Left out from 7:30 AM until 4:00PM. It was about 65 degrees in house. Put them back in the refrigerator but I told my daughter not to take them this morning. What do you think? Thanks Maryann I think im going to buy her new ones and ill take those.
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