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  1. I happened upon the most amazing site, a natural candy store. If you look down on the left hand side you will see that you can look up gluten free candy as well as Feingold candy, there is also a key that tells you which candy is approved for Feingold stage one and stage two!
  2. Okay, if anyone knows the answer to this or where to find the answer it would be you moms. What are the chances of having a child with tics or worse if you already have one with the disorder? Jenny
  3. Isa is on stage 2 so we dont have to worry about the natural salicylates although we are finding that she reacts to apples and grapes but strangely enough not grape juice. We use Welches 100% grapejuice.
  4. My daughter is on Feingold so we do the chemical free thing. A week or so ago someone asked about all natural syrup for snow cones and I gave an answer that I hadnt tested ( I stated that) but that I thought would work. Well my daughter had an adenoidectomy today so I got to try it out for myself and my gosh it works well! So I wanted to share it since it came out tasting good. Snow cones in a cup w/flavored simple syrup 1C Diluted Juice (the more diluted the less intense the flavor) 1C Sugar Bring to a boil, boil 1 min, turn heat down and simmer for 5 minutes. Let cool and then place in an air tight container and refrigerate. When you are ready to make the snow cones get out your handy blender or food processor (I used the food processor) and grate until its the consistency of snow. Put in bowl, pour syrup over it and enjoy!
  5. I would say that if you sent him to his room and he was okay in a few minutes that maybe your DH does have something there. I dont think its nonsense or that your son is making any of it up, I also dont think that he should be punished BUT if sending him to his room works then maybe you should do that not as a punishment but as a way for him to have a time out, deal with it himself and get ahold of himself. Im sure there will be times when he cant do it by himself but I think trying to let him learn to cope might be helpful life tool for him....although Im sure heartbreaking at times for you as you watch him struggle.
  6. How old is he now? Does he still have issues? Is it possible for it to go away and never come back? Our neuro is doing the strep titer blood test but Im kind of unsure about it. I mean the first tics were a couple years ago and then they came back a year ago and sort of lingered so I dont know if they would show up or not.
  7. Okay thanks for that info. Our first neurologist just told us she had a chronic tic disorder and over time through other things we realized he wasnt a great doctor and switched. This new neurologist thinks that it may be PANDAS because it started when she was so young, less then two years old and then it went away for some time and can back.
  8. P.Mom was that in response to the possibility of Pandas tics going away for awhile and coming back? If so, do you know how long they normally go away for? What causes them to come back?
  9. I cant say Im totally comfortable spiking the tics but if it will give them some insight into whats going on with her then its worth it. She is hooked up to an EEG so they will be able to literally see what is going on in her brain when she has a tic. Ive had her watching TV all morning and nothing. She is sleep deprived (docs orders). She has been off dairy so long that she wont drink the milk so Im going to go to the store and see if I can find some chocolate syrup that she can have (she is on Feingold so that may be tough)
  10. My daughter was taken off of dairy by her gastro doc, while dairy didnt help her gastrointestinal symptoms it reduced her tics by a ton. She had it a couple times since then and ticked each time. Now she is hooked up to a 48 hour EEG and the doc said to try to induce her seizures and tics....well this kid has had sooo much cheese and ice cream and is not ticking!! Whats going on? I actually havent seen any tics out of her in a week or so, this new doc is thinking pandas and I know very little about pandas so is it normal for tics to go away for awhile and come back?
  11. I forgot to add that we also removed all chemicals from our daughters diet and as many from her enviornment as we could. We follow the Feingold Diet
  12. My daughter had small tics when she was as young as one but at the time I didnt realize what they were. When she was 2 1/2 she woke up one day and just started blinking this prolonged blink with both eyes, within a day she was ticking with both arms and within a week her legs were going too. Taking her off of dairy has drastically reduced her tics.
  13. Myrose You could make a simple syrup but instead of using water and sugar try all natural juice and sugar. This is a simple sugar recipe I use and it uses water so its just really sweet syrup. Ive never tried using fruit juice but I dont see why it wouldnt work. 1 cup water 1 cup sugar Bring water and sugar to a boil and boil until sugar is dissolved. Cool to room temperature and transfer to a jar. Store in a cool pantry or refrigerate. Jenny
  14. Oh Faith that is a wonderful suggestion, I could agree with you more!!
  15. My daughter has what was labeled a tic disoder last August but her new neurologist said she is very young for a tic disorder (2.5 years when it started) and he is thinking maybe a strep infection caused it. I cant remember if she was sick or not in the time before her tics started, there was a lot going on in our lives then. He is doing blood tests now but my question is, if it was almost a year ago that she had an infection can it be seen in her blood now??
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