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  1. Hi Faith- I can't believe you responded. All is well ! I do not spend a lot of time on the forum either but when I need information I know where to go. I am debating on the Fish oil with my daughter, I know what you mean about taking chances. Thanks you for the info and I hope all is well !
  2. I know most of you do not take fish oil but for the ones that do how did you choose. I want to start giving the whole family fish oil. I picked out one the ingredients is : Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 187.5 mg Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) 262.0 mg Total omega-3 562.0mg (provided as pure fish oil) Natural mixed tocopherols 6mg The reason I picked the EPA higher is because I have OCD and I heard it helps but how about my daughter is EPA higher better for tics. How about my son And Husband is it alright to give them EPA higher. I'm confused about the DHA and the EPA, I read so many articles which made me more confused. Thanks Note: My daughter currently takes flaxseed.
  3. Thanks Chemar- I did not explain myself very well, that is exactly what I want her to have the local anaesthetic . They give the medication intravenously. I'll see what happens tomorrow. Thanks again !
  4. Hi Everyone I have not been to this site for awhile because my daughter is doing well. She does occasional tics but that not often. Well she just went to the dentist and he is referring her to a oral surgeon because she might have a cyst near the wisdom tooth. I tried to suggest to my daughter if they have to take it out that she does not be put to sleep. She is 17 and she was not going for that idea. I remember a couple of years ago I went to the oral surgeon because her tooth was bothering her. He said he did not see nothing wrong but if it continues to bother her come back and I happen to mention the tics and how I feel about medication and the doctor looked at me like I was crazy to even suggest no medication. I understood because he was talking about the pain. I had all my wisdom teeth taking out with out being put to sleep but I was a few years older than my daughter. Well anyway I wanted to know do I have reason to worry ? Thanks PS. One of the reasons my daughter is doing well is this site. -THANKS
  5. Hi im trying to send you a message, your inbox is full. Thanks Maryann
  6. Hi Bonnie, I know exactly what you mean. I guess im in panic mode and getting everything. I placed an order at iherb today. I got two more of the osccillococcunum,oil of oregano,olive leaf, vitamin D, Multi vitamins. I saw this weekend that at Iherb they had the Asafoetida in a dropper and went to order it today and it was sold out so im going to lookfor it at whole foods. Im going to order mindlinx also because I heard you need a good probiotic with oil of oregano and olive leaf. I feel like im the only one panicing. I think im driving my family crazy!!! What did your naturopath tell you? Maryann
  7. Hi Bonnie, I know exactly what you mean. I guess im in panic mode and getting everything. I placed an order at iherb today. I got two more of the osccillococcunum,oil of oregano,olive leaf, vitamin D, Multi vitamins. I saw this weekend that at Iherb they had the Asafoetida in a dropper and went to order it today and it was sold out so im going to lookfor it at whole foods. Im going to order mindlinx also because I heard you need a good probiotic with oil of oregano and olive leaf. I feel like im the only one panicing. I think im driving my family crazy!!!
  8. Hi, Did anyone watch the Dr Oz show Friday, he recommended this spice for the flu. Dr. Oz said some people used in in 1918 flu pandemic. Asafoetida http://duhbe.com/blog/?p=1121
  9. I was watching a film of Dr. Mercola on cq10 because my day is taken statin and not using cq10. Well anyway in this film he started talking about vitamin c. He said the we should be using the reduced kind which you can tell if it's white. The oxydated is brown and not as good. Well any way I opened my daughter capsule and it is brown. She only takes this sometimes but she takes buffered C-500 mineral ascorbates. Can anyone explain this better because I thought buffered was better. Great Plains lab. recommended that my daughter take buffered C . Thank you
  10. I take my daughter to wholefoods every year. Every year she complains but shes fine when she gets there and tells me nobodys aloud to touch her candy which is fine it last about 3 months!!
  11. Hi Bonnie, I don't know if you missed my posts on the other thread and I wanted to thank you for the articles you posted. I also wanted to know do you recommend Zyflamend by New Chapter? Thanks again Hi Faith hope all is going well !!!!
  12. I hope you all feel better soon. I was watching the Larry King show last night and Dr. Sanjay Gupta was on and said you can't get it twice and it's like you have been vaccinated. Hopefully by next year they will have a safe vaccine since more and more people are speaking out for this current one.
  13. Bonnie, I forgot to tell you I did read all the articles you posted. Thank you, and yes your right it is something to think about. I also started using turmeric seasoning a lot when I cook for memory.
  14. Hi Bonnie I was just looking at that Zyflamend by New Chapter yesterday and I was thinking of purchasing it at iherb on my next order. I had the flu in January and I used Sinus and Respiratory by New Chapter which has Garlic, Oil oregano, Enchiancea,elderberry,goldenseal, Anodographis,green tea astraglas, melissa, mryrh,wintergreen,ginger,eucalptus,peppermint,meadowsweet extract,purple willow. I actually thought that worked pretty good. I took that three times a day when I had the flu and gave my daughter one. I might take it again for the flu but I would not give it to my daughter just incase the information is correct about the elderberry and Enchiancea in that article. How do you feel that Zyflamend by New Chaper worked, would you recommend it? Im also thinking of purchasing Olive leaf, I just have to do some research on low Bloodpressure for my daughter. Hi CSP I use a netti pot only when I really have to. I did use it when I had the flu and I got my daughter to use it to. It does work I just hate doing it!! IS a good probiotic you think beneficial for the flu, I was thinking of purchasing mindlinx. I'm not getting it for the flu but if I remember correctly a good priobiotic is good to take in the winter to prevent cold and flu. Is that correct?
  15. HI My daughter has spirulena algae in her vitamins and I would of took elderberry and honey if I had the flu. What do you think of this article? Apples, lemons and cranberry juice, good for swine flu. Who knows?????????? http://www.articlesbase.com/alternative-me...s-1015039.html#
  16. HIDid you watch this clip on vitamin D, its not Dr mercola. I think im going to get my blood tested for vitamin D according to this clip some people need alot more than then taken. Also states other studies regarding cancer it was very interesting.
  17. Thanks CSP I just googled Guillain-Barre Syndrome and Vasculitis and read of the warnings from the H1N1 vaccine and plus other warnings as well. SCARY!!!
  18. This is long but it was worth watching. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles...-the-Truth.aspx
  19. Hi Chemar I agree with you on the swine flu vaccine. The swine flu is still making me more nervous then the regular seasonal flu because it seems to be effecting kids more. The below article states that 76 kids already died in 2009 alone compare to the regular seasonal flu 44-88 kids died in the past three years. I find this very scary and I hope they find some connection of why these kids are dying. The last I read was the girl from Texas and they had brain swelling. Is there anything you can do to prevent brain swelling. Is anybody else worried about this or am I being paroniod. Below is the article http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/stor...ub=TopStoriesV2
  20. I apologize I just read your first post again and read it all wrong. I first went to pediatric MD who referreed my daughter to go to nerologist . I think your making the right decision going to aaem doctor first . I went to aaem doctor after the nerologist because I did not like the pedietric MD looking at me like I was a quack for saying change of diet helps. The only thing the reguler MD was saying to me is its from stress. I know stress is a major factor for tics but this doctor refused to believe anything else can cause tics. I am so sorry if I confused you and welcome,you will find alot of good information here. This site has helped me so much and I'm sure it will help you to. Now you know why im not good at giving advise. I remember when this first happened and I know how your feeling it is scary. Things will get better and Shelia book helped me alot. I apologize for confusing you and take it easy. Sometimes I have to read things three time before I get it, I just recently find out that goes with OCD which I know I have. I'm not from Texas im sorry and I hope somebody helps you soon!!!!
  21. I'm sure somebody going to come on soon. I'm not very good at giving advise but ill try. I asked myself if I had to do it all over again would I go to a neurologist. The answer is yes only to rule things out. After you rules things out and they want to give you medications then its your decision what you want to do. My daughters nerologist was talking about medications and wanted to see her back in 6 months. I took that time to change her diet and makesure she takes her vitamins and shes fine now. I would go to a aaem doctor or D.O.. My daughters pediatric doctor did think I was a quack when I told him my daughters ticcing got better with change of diet and no msg, and artificial flavors. He thought I was nuts and I changed doctors. Hope somebody else comes on soon I wish you luck and do what you believe is right
  22. Hi everyone I know I asked this before but since we here it more on the news recently I wanted to know your thoughts on the swine flu. Exspecially with the 2 girls who died from Texas who had no medical problems. This is so scary. Vacinate or not to vacinate? Tamiflu or no tamiflu. I don't know about you guys but this has been on my mind lately and with the 2 girls that just died im so confused on what to do when the time comes to make decisions. These girls where where so young, below is the article. http://www.star-telegram.com/health/story/1648891.html
  23. Hi I really don't know anything about l-carnitine but from my experience start one thing at a time so you can monitor your son and not have to guess which one if there is any kind of reaction. I'm sure someone will come on soon with information on l-carnitine.
  24. Hi Faith- How are you? I apologize for just coming on and posting I have not been on in awhile. My daughter had the Menactra vaccine 11/27/06 and TDAP 12/12/06. The only reason she had it separated dates was because they ran out ot TDAP which was probably a blessing. She had a neck tic before the shots around 5/06 -08/06. She started eye twiching, facial tic and troat clearing the first week 1/07. Regarding the booster for the chicken pox I told the doctor I did not want her to get it and why and she agreed. I also wanted to get the titer but she said wait for her next blood work. I wish I never let her get that vaccine when she was 4 yrs old. All her friends had the chicken pox. I worry about not letting her get that shot. Whats going to happen when shes pregnant. Now the swine flu! I hate making decisions because I worry all the time. ANIEXTY- I hate it! OKay I sound like im a nut- I'm tired ! Hi kim WOW you gave alot of info I have to look it over tomorrow. I told my husband my concerns and he says ask the doctor. He just does not get it and if we have a choice most doctors are going to say to get the shot. I wish I had a doctor to help me make decisions. Hi Carolyn Hope all is going well with the baby. They grow so fast, I miss those days so much- ENJOY! I wish I could be like so many of you and feel firm in what I believe. I believe the shots can cause my daughter harm that is definet but I also worry what if she doesn't get it. I have always been like that , I worry about everything. I always talked about my daughter on this site but I learned so much about myself another story.... good night all
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