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  1. Thanks Kelly, I was thinking of going that route when I went to the store. I can't remember why I did not pick up the kids Calm. I do remember on the way home thinking I should of picked it up. Thanks again Maryann PS. Is that magnesuim citrate?
  2. Hi, My daughter already takes taurine. I decided to get magnesum citrate since she is always constapatid. Can any one recommended a vitamin with calcium and megnesium citrate. I'm have a hard time finding one. She alreay take 600 I.U. vitamin D. I don't know what is too much for vitamin D. I previously bought calcuim magnesuium 2:1 The ingredients for the Magnesuim was oxide, citrate, alpha-ketoglutarate,taurine and asparate. That was the only one at the time that I can find with only calcuim and magnesuim. The first ingredient in the magnesuim is oxide ,I decided to look for someth
  3. Faith, If you were interested in this , he said that if insurance covers 80%, I would not have to pay the 20 %. I will have to check that out if I ever decide to get this done. It is alot of money. My insurance company said im covered over the phone but I dont trust that. So, if I ever decide to get this done I will have the lab and the doctor call to confirm.
  4. Hi Faith, Here's copy of e-mail, Is that how much they usual cost? I think you do have to go by doctor. The doctor will order the test and get results. If you can't find the sight and want the # tell me if you want to ask more questions. My next appointment for my daughter is in April I am going to ask then. 1.CALL YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY. 2. TELL THEM YOUR DOCTOR IS CONSIDERING THIS TEST AND YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE THAT IT IS COVERED. 3. GIVE CPT CODE OF: 86160. 4. NAME OF TEST: COMPLEMENT ANTIGEN TEST. 5. ASK WHAT THE OUT-OF-NETWORK PATIENT RESPONSI
  5. Hi, In regard to warmswinds post , I looked at the sage lab sight, at www.foodallergytest.com. Has anybody used them before. I called they said one tube blood only. I asked if they take my my insurance coverage, He is going to send me e-mail to see. Also he said if it covers only 80%, I don't have to pay the 20%. My question is has anybody else tried this. I did'nt no there was a test for artificial colors, is this acccurate. Thank you
  6. I'm so sorry to hear about that and that is so not right. I would go back to the school and speak to her teacher again. Hopefully she will understand after you speak to her.
  7. Hi , My daughter takes glutathiol. The ingredients show 500mg Taurine. So, she takes 1000mg a day. I bought calcium-magnesum with 250mg magnesuim oxide,alpha-ketoglutan,taurine and aspartate in that order. Calcium 500mg. I did not want to get calcuim with just taurine since she already is taking that with the gluthiol. I really was not sure when I bought calcuim-magnesum if this was good or not. Any information on the above calcuim-magnesum? Does that sound alright, any suggestions. thanks Maryann.
  8. Hi, Has anybody taken a comprehensive stool analysis from doctor data He said it was for enzymes. Will this test give me any information on Gluten. Thanks
  9. Hi - I tried to delete the whole question. Mabey I make more into things then they really are. The reason why I wanted to know the above is because I explained to the doctor when she takes two multi vitamins she seems to sleep well. When she takes what he suggested 4 vitamins she gets up at night. So, I was thinking mabey this was because of the folic acid , for high histimine. I told that to the doc and he said for her to take 3 multi vitimins. Since I could not delete it, I figured I would try to explain. Thanks
  10. Hi everyone, Just from reading, I thought my daughter would fall into the catagory of high histime/under metholaytor. Then I read about the low histimine. I read that brain allergies are low histime. For example my daughter tics more when she has artificial flavors, and anti-histimines help her. I thought she would be a high histimine. Then when you read about histimines, artificial flavors falls under the low histimine. I don't know im confused any body more familiar with this. I know personally myself I think I am high histimine. Everything I read about sounds like me. My daughter
  11. Hi, Welcome,It's a great forum to get advice. Hope you find some answers that you are looking for. CSP, My daughter also started ticing after she had both those shots. I wish they would do some kind of study. Maryann
  12. Thanks calicat, that's exactly what I was thinking about with the nutrutionist. I think i'll stick with my doctor and see how he reacts to all my questions. Thanks again
  13. Hi Faith, I am so embarassed of course I meant Shelia Roger's book. Don't Ask me where I got the name Gloria. I apologize Shelia if you ever read that post. The doctor recommended that my daughter take Vitatab(multi), Vital-zymesWhich I took her off of becuse she was constapaited to much but in the beginning they where working I don't understand what happened. intestinal support (l-glutamine) and Glutathiol. He also put her on priscribition Aciphex, for heartburn. The reason im going to ask about the folic acid is because Caroylyn N. wrote a post on benadryl and how it helped her sons t
  14. Hi, Everyone I have a doctors appt Monday. I have so many things going threw my head right now on what to ask. If I ask the Doctor, can her histimine level be checked is he going to think im a wacko? He already made a comment of me reading to much is not a good thing. I also want to ask him could it be the folic acid that started her ticing again. I did ask him about pylora and he did not know what that was. I told him about b6 and zinc. He said the zinc level was not that low. I know he works with autstic kids. I think he would like to know about pyloria. My daughter I think is t
  15. Hi Chamar, Thanks so much for the information. I just took a look at everything my daughter is taking and I never noticed before , she is taken Taurine. She takes Glutathiol, this has 500mg of taurine per serving and my daughter takes it twice a day. Is 1000mg too much taurine in your opionion. Since your son is taken 500 mg. Her weight is 102 and she is 13. Do you have any recommendations for megnesium now, now im really confused what to get. Kids calm? Does that have calcuim ? Do you think because my daughter has poor absortion its alright to tak 1000mg. I do know your not a doctor
  16. Hi Faith, Thank so much for finding that info for me. I got the test done and Quest Diagnositics. Im sure they are all the same, Makes sense. Thanks again. I will bring the results back to the doctor next appt and ask more qusetions. Thanks for your help Maryann
  17. Hi, Can some one help me with this. My daughter is on the digestive enzymes. Working great for couple of weeks then stopped. She is back to being constapaited all the time. Called my doctor and asked should I give her magnesium. He told me to give her 200-300 mg and still take digestive enzymes. So for the past hour I have been reading about the megnesium taurate. It sounds great, I think im going to take it myself. Well any way i always get so confused with the dosages. I always go to the stores and leave with nothing. So, I want to try to find out the information before I go. Can
  18. Hi Faith, I just took a look for the first time . She had blood work, test name Candida AB (igg,A,M,). Do you understand this? The doctor is a osteopathic physician. Candida IGG 1.11 H Candida IGA 0.29 Candida IGM 0.37 For All REferecnce range < 0.89 negative 0.89-0.99 equivocal >=1.00 Postive Thanks MAryann
  19. Hi Everyone, When my daughter got her blood work the doctor checked for candida. He sid she does not have it but at the same time he said she has had it before. So, I'm confused what does that mean? Thank you Maryann I
  20. Hi Carolyn, I found your post so intersting. When my daughter started ticing with eye, I took her to the opothomologist. He told me not to worry it should be gone in few weeks. He mentioned it could be vitamin definency. Well any way I went home and made sure she took her mul-ti vitamin. A couple of weeks later she had allergies and I gave her benadryl. For two weeks her eye did not twitch at all. Then the opothomologist called to see how she was doing and I told him shes not twiching alot but a couple of weeks ago it stopped completely. He wanted to know what I did. I told him abou
  21. Hi MrsD- Thanks you so much for the information. I started giving her the flex. I was giving her the fish oil but I took her off, im not sure but I think her tics increased with the fish oil. So, for now on i'll give her the flex. I think i'll keep her on the prescribition and when she done with that ill give her the apple vinager. Mabey ill call the doctor and ask him. She is going away tonight and coming back sunday. It's hard at this age, she will be 14 in FEB. I don't know whether to call her all the time and remind her to take her vitamins,intestinal support which she has to add t
  22. Thank you so much. My doctor put her on digestive enzymes and vitamins. He said she should only have to take the digestive enzymes for about 3 months. I don't know what connection this has with the tics if any at all. I think I my daughter is his first patient with tics. Do you think the digestive enzyems is something she always going to have to take. When I first went to the optomologist and he told me not to worry about her twitching it will go away. I remember him saying sometimes its caused by vitamin definacency. I went home and made sure she took her vitamins and also at the s
  23. My daughter tried the apple white vinegar. It burned, just the throat and not alot. I seemed to fill it more further than the throat. It did burn, but i'll keep giving it to her . Thanks for the tip.
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