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I know there are success stories throughout these online postings. I just needed to see if there were any updates or new things to report? It’s been a tough weekend for my ds(9) and I just really need to hear some succesful stories.   

Thank you!

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My daughter was young age 2 when we notice the tics starting. Back then I had no computer  to research about them. Doctors wanted her on drugs and I was totally against that. I really felt like it was all about food. Latitudes was a pamphlet back then and it was just a bunch of Mother's talking about things they were trying to do to  make the tics better. My daughter had 5 major upper body tics for years...it took me 12 years to figure out what foods were causing her tics. She is 33 now with 4 kids and is fine. Tics are gone when she stays away from the foods. Worse tics were when she had dyes and oranges. So they do get better as they age. This consumed me for so many years because I had no resources.

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