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For anyone who's interested:


Dr. Jess Armine has been treating mood disorders with Neuro-Endo-Immunology and nutrigenomics for almost 20 years. Tonight he will discuss the root causes of mood disorders and how neurotransmitter balance, inflammation and methylation may be involved.

Dr. Jess loves to explain complex concepts in simple, easy to understand terms and he is excited about discussing this subject with his listeners.

Look for the pdf file that will accompany the discussion (will be available by Monday, 11 /18 /13 by going to www.drjessarmine.com and clicking "Radio Show")

Join us and learn that mood disorders need not be insurmountable, lifetime problems!!!!




Don't have any experience with the doctor but thought it might be helpful to listen...

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I just posted an interview with MIT Dr Stephanie Seneff explaining GMO and Glyphosphates disruption of our methylation pathways. It is only available today. Please listen. It is the best info I have learned in the 7 years since my son got PANDAS.


A link for the free full-test of Seneff's paper

Glyphosate’s Suppression of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes and Amino Acid Biosynthesis by the Gut Microbiome: Pathways to Modern Diseases

is here:




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This was a great show! You can listen to it now - it's archived. Just click on the link above. It totally summarizes the ways my thinking has evolved on health and neurological symptoms. As a real kicker, slide 9 of his presentation is the graphic I made from my MTHFR blog - cool surprise. And one of our ACN members calls in with a question about Pandas @45min mark and he has some good advice on lyme and why it's so prone to causing neuropsych issues.


I don't know much about this doctor - he's a chiropractor and an RN, not an MD or DO. Not that this lessens his knowledge. Just know who the messenger is. I don't know anyone who's become his patient and can't offer any opinions. But carving out 45min to listen to his presentation is a great way to pull the pieces together in a simplified manner. He does it in a way anyone can understand, not in a Yasko way that leaves you feeling clueless. Going to make a point of listening to his episode from last week on leaky gut too. Definitely a good investment of time.



**edit - at one point in this presentation, Armine talks about Kavinace as a gaba product that crosses the BBB. It peaked my interest so I went off and googled it. Saw lots of product advertising, some stuff that talked about the benefits. But then googled the ingredients of Kavinace - one of which is phenibut. Came across a forum discussion and found lots of negatives about it being addictive and having properties that made me seriously reconsider. Not something that should be used without lots of prior research. So...if you're like me and here this part of the presentation and think "oh cool" - do more research first. It's not the great discovery I first thought it might be.

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My son is on Kavinase right now and has been for a few months now, NeuroScience brand. Here is a link to some reviews on that brand. I did read that you want 'Pharma grade.' He falls asleep in 2 min. and does seem a bit more relaxed during the day after he started taking it. :)




Thanks for the info. on the show! Will definitely have to watch.

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When I was looking for info on kavinase, I could only find good reviews (which all sounded like infomercials). I wanted the good and the bad. Kavinase has two ingredients as far as I can tell - Taurine and phenibut. So I looked up phenibut, dosing, side effects - and that's when I found forums of people using it for sleep problems and many seemed to have issues with it losing its effectiveness, so they'd increase dose and then realize they had horrible withdrawal when they tried to taper down. Now, they were using doses in the 4mg range and kavinase is only 1mg per capsule of some "proprietary" blend of taurine+phenibut, and you're only supposed to take 1-2 capsules. But....I also assume 2mg for a child might be just as potent as 4mg for an adult. Some forum users compared it to benzos and other addictive drugs. It just set off warning lights for me - not something I wanted to pursue.

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