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  1. Thanks Juliafaith! When you see and hear his presentation it is amazing the changes he observes. Even aggressive pigs behavior changes when feed is changed from GMO to conventional feed.
  2. The research below, done in Australia shows the dangers of our food supply and why there is an epidemic of diseases with the onset of GMO food both in our meat supply and corn, soy and sugar beets. My mom always wondered why I, and so many of my friends had to have bed rest pregnancies. She use to be a labor and delivery nurse in the 50's and saw miscarriages but mostly early on. Glyphosates were introduced in the 70's and tripled or more in amounts sprayed with GMO foods. Now I have my answer. I met the farmer personally 2 years ago at a lecture. He is 3rd generation and has seen ch
  3. We switched to the white because he continued to improve but our DR said the blue sometimes works better. Like everything else each kid is different. We started at 120lbs, Valacyclovir and 1,000mg/3/day. Still on that dose almost 3 years later.
  4. Thanks searching for help. I will try to wait for my DNA results. I also need to find a Dr that will do the testing you mention. Our Dr doesn't but since he save my son's life, its hard to change especially for my son. I definitely feel knowing your genetics will give you exactly what vitamins you need instead of throwing a dart. His mood was so good and his skin really clear. This is what also bugs me is how can he have acne while on abx. Too much copper is shown with acne too but it might be like you said with anorexia, opposite. Rowingmom, in regards to copper coated seeds I wi
  5. Another thought. When we had the blue pills our DR makes us rinse off the dye because it will cause symptoms in some kids, especially mine who is hyper sensitive.
  6. It is similar to an antibiotic. If the dose is to low you won't get the desired results. also what lab?
  7. I wonder about copper and zinc too. I put my DS on 15mg of zinc and his mood was great but then he said he felt like he was having out of body experiences. I have read you can have this feeling from to much copper. Did I release to much copper at one time? I cut back and he was more irritable than before zinc. I just got my testing kit for mutations. I am sure we have sulfur issues. At the NW conference I learned that GMO seeds with glyphosate pesticide, besides chelating our essential minerals like magnesium for Vit. D and zinc, that they are encapsulated with copper. That may expl
  8. I just saw this article and thought of you. Would be worth checking vitamin levels especially since not eating. http://www.jahonline.org/article/S1054-139X(06)00567-2/abstract I will try to find the name of the Organic boost Rowingmom that we used.
  9. I understand the fear, we were hospitalized with a 25lbs weight loss. The NW conference said that 1:5 had eating issues. I didn't see any tests for HHV, Human Herpes Virus 1,2 and especially 6. Any IGG titers over 4 should be addressed. We had immediate gains both in behavior and weight on Valacyclovir. Start slow and increase. Read Dr. Montoya from Stanfords protocol. Boost is full of pesticides and GMO corn syrup which will cause issues in our kids. I would get an organic alternative. There is one which we used to eliminate Alzheimers in my father-in-law. It will raise and drop blood su
  10. Most of you know an Antiviral would of kept my DS out of the hospital. We had a change in 36 hours and we do one thing at a time. Herpes viruses are stealth viruses and able to cross the blood brain barrier, BBB. They are prevalent also in Autism, MS, and Alzheimers. A Dr. at the NW conference doesn't give relevance to titers and therein lies a big misconception that most Drs believe. Our IGG titers were 16X higher than normal. Our Dr treats anything over 4x. Normal, zero titers in 6 months. Huge behavior improvement. We have been taking Valacyclovir 1,000/Mg 3/day for 2 years. DS wa
  11. Two threads going so of course I need to give my opinion on both! My DS would of been dead. His symptoms are not a little quirky. I understand what you mean by the bar being raised high but for us the stress is from hiding the OCD all day at school and than falling apart. School is not an issue at all if not in a flare. IN fact he likes going. Same with Math. Math ability crashes when in a flare so my DS is frustrated that it now has become difficult. Sad since he was part of Math Olympics. Stress does effect him but I have always had my kids climbing trees and playing outside. With 3 boys I
  12. This is so interesting! At the Northeast conference the sinuses were mentioned as heavy strep areas and last month at the Northwest conference anal strep was brought up. Why do so many Drs consider a throat swab as definitive. We were positive only once which was our onset to PANDAS.
  13. Tremors can be a sign from pesticide poisoning. Soy is GMO which means it has been genetically altered to withstand heavy concentrations of Round Up without dying. On top of that to get soy bean oil they soak it in hexane a gasoline byproduct. Our bodies can no longer tolerate this assault. Peanuts are heavy in pesticides because they also spray at the end of growing season, (just like grains) as a fungal protectant for longer shelf life. I don't know about the reaction to injections but this change in food supply has created a lot of "Mystery Illness". PANDAS wasn't on the radar till 199
  14. Thanks for sharing! We found a big difference too. Went out for Mother's Day and made healthy choices but we came home with some irritability the next morning probably from hidden MSG.
  15. Below is the amount of $$$ in the Billions in fines to the Pharmaceutical companies and yet they continue to be exceedingly profitable. I feel our kids are their cash cow and there is no reason to investigate alternative therapies or the root cause of all their neurological issues! Same with adults. A neurologist that I recently heard spoke said that we enter the world with no memories so maybe that is how we are meant to exit. Seriously makes you wonder who is running/financing medical schools. This is an excerpt. The link for full article is at the bottom. I am not against medic
  16. When we were at our worse strep was a culprit but the major player was Herpes Virus, so check HSV 1,2,6. Huge gains for us. Also our family is asymptomatic and we found it in all 3 boys. Titers were up to 20X higher than normal. When ever I think we might be going into a flare our DR makes us write down everything we eat and than we can catch our slip ups.
  17. A BEAUTIFUL must watch video from Robyn O'Brien author of "The Unhealthy Truth", and creator of Moms Voice.org.
  18. So awesome! I wish you continued success. Please keeps us updated. I really appreciate it.
  19. I will be the first to admit we did way to much fast food. I was always running around with 3 boys in sports at different locations always at dinner time. Thought no harm since they are active...so wrong. Wish someone explained it to me as good as Food Babe. Maybe I would of learned about no testing of chemicals and pesticides in our food supply and I would of learned about GMO's. http://foodbabe.com/2014/05/05/what-taco-bell-isnt-telling-us-about-their-ingredients-but-you-need-to-know/
  20. Researching around I found this very informative. Seems to me we have rendered the innate immune system dysfunctional. What should become dormant is creating havoc neurologically. Depending on the age of onset, infants-Autism, young children- PANDAS/PANS, elderly-Alzheimers. Looks like it's ALL the same thing! http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/evolutionary-psychiatry/201110/could-alzheimers-dementia-be-caused-virus
  21. I would have Amy do the mold urine test she mentioned at the conference. We had mold issues from "behind" the wall that had collapsed my DS tubes just months before we started with PANDAS onset. Rashes are usually the body pushing something out because detox pathways are overwhelmed. Did you keep same beds and pillows from Seattle? I would eliminate Dairy since it supports bacteria and grains too to see if that makes a difference. In regards to the Rheumatic Fever its all the same molecular mimicry just different organs. I always tell new Dr.s we have Rheumatic Fever of the
  22. You are so lucky to have a wonderful vegetable garden! We frequent the Farmer's Market every week. If you are eating Organic or grass fed meat the skin and fat are good for you. Grass Fed has Omega 3 compared to grain fed Omega 6 even if it is organic grain. Wonder if we didn't change mother nature and how we feed animals if our country would be in such a health crisis. A stronger immune system wouldn't need so many vaccines. Our immunologist doesn't let us have brown rice. He has found allergy numbers are higher on the kids inflammation markers. We do lots of nuts but not peanuts. T
  23. We have all been there! Had a thought. Before we were put on prophylactic antivirals and antibiotics my kids would react within an hour to someone else who was sick. This would calm down in about 24 hours if he didn't get sick. We found this to be very true when flying. Can't imagine how many germs in a Peds office!
  24. Thank you for posting this info. It is so nice to learn what works for others so we can take it into account as we make decisions for our kids.
  25. Our middle child got 4 cold sores per week after his chicken pox vaccine, age 2. He was put on an anti-viral for 7 years and is on it again at age 19 with cognitive gains. He is Dyslexic. After all my research for my PANDAS child and his great improvement on anti-virals and improvement for kids on antivirals with Autism I truly feel there is a connection with the chicken pox vaccine and Herpes Simplex 6. The Herpes Virus is notorious for causing encephalitis. Two Dr.'s at last weeks Symposium discount high HHV titers and thought are gains were circumstantial. We went from titers 16x
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