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Can someone provide advice please. My son gets stuck on a word during a sentence and will repeat that word many, many times and gets frustrated with himself that he can't get out what he wants to say. I thought it was a tic, but now I'm not so sure. It seems like he's stuck and trying to move forward but can't. I ignore all his other tics, but with this I feel like want to say, just stop, breath, relax and try again.


Not quite sure the best way to help him, ignore and try and get him to relax and stop. Any thoughts?

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we found l-carnitine helpful with vocals.

Our physician suggested 500mg a day and not longer than 3 months on.


Some members here have reported that vocals decreased when they removed dairy products from the diet

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My Son had this exactly when he was little, he had been seeing a speech therapist and went through a few different stages..the therapist said this was called blocking..sometimes my boys would stamp his feet because he got so frustrated, sometimes he would sort of reach into his mouth as if to pull the words out! it was very sad to watch...he doesn't do this anymore at all, he did start other tics like eye blinking and a few others but we mainly only get the eye blinking and even that isn't too bad at the moment at all..i am not 100% sure what really helped with the blocking, whether it was the speech therapist or just time, but we had to be very patient with him try not show any frustration for him...they said we had to wait until he got the word out and then get him to say it again if he said he without blocking we had to praise him big time and if he blocked again we just left it until the next word...we had to do this for like 15 mins a day not all day!! hope some of that helps XX

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Time has definitely helped. It has settled down quite a bit now. Not sure if it is the work the Chiropractor is doing in his mouth, pushing on certain points, or the nutritional supplements routine he is on, but definitely seeing significant improvements across the board now with both his motor and vocal tics. The stuttering also seems less of an issue, which I am wrapped about.


Everyones feedback has been really helpful.

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