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Can magnesium oxide help with tics? My son has tried magnesium taurate, natural calm with magnesium, epsom salt with magnesium. But all these actually increase his tics and ocd. How about magnesium oxide? I do not know what are the differences among all these types of magnesiums, like magnesium citrate, magnesium oxide, magnesium taurate, and so on. Can anyone help? Also how much he can take the maximum with 10 years old?


Thank you!



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Yes, magnesium oxide is very poorly absorbed and most of the magnesium just passes out.


It has been suggested that it may be helpful to give magnesium with calcium, in a 2:1 ratio ie 2 parts calcium for every one part magnesium...if there is not sufficient dietary source of calcium


The dose of mag recommended for a child is around 300 mg a day



if your child appears to get worse on magnesium supplements then why keep giving them?

It may be that he is ticcing due to something other than TS and/or may not be deficient in magnesium. You may want to ask for a blood test to get his levels and go from there.

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Just a thought: since, as Chemar says, calcium seems to complement magnesium in some ways, maybe it would be worth trying calcium instead of magnesium for a bit to see if that has the opposite effect? With some of the B vitamins, several are used in the same processes, so taking one by itself can deplete the others as the body will use up more of them in making use of the supplement. Maybe your son's actually short of calcium and can't spare the extra needed to make use of the extra magnesium - I don't know if that could cause tics, but it seems to make a kind of sense.


If you do do that, then you should avoid calcium carbonate if you can get any other form of calcium. Not that there's anything harmful about it, but it's the equivalent of magnesium oxide - it's cheap but not much is absorbed, so it's a false economy. Unfortunately it's also the most widely sold, but you can get other types quite readily by mail order.


I agree, if magnesium taurate, magnesium sulphate (i.e. Epsom salts) and whatever magnesium salt is in Natural Calm all make matters worse, then the magnesium itself is most likely the problem, rather than the particular form it's in.

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I don't think adding calcium supps to "test" if opposite to magnesium effect is a very good idea, especially as there is no evidence suggesting calcium by itself has any impact on tics?.......plus most people already get a lot of calcium from their diet. Just randomly adding calcium if it is not needed could actually mess with the balance imho

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Mag supplements made my son's tics worse. We did a very comprehensive blood test and found that he is not deficient in mag. so it makes sense. Instead my son is not methylating or detoxing. He needs methyl B vitamins instead. My son also has candida and we are using an antifunal to treat that.


I would not have knwn anything about his situation without those blood tests though.

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