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We've been using a number of individual supplements (D3, calcium, magnesium, zinc, B6, NAC, olive leaf, taurine, fish oil, milk thistle, quercitin, etc.) for the last 3 years, and I'd really like to get DS down to a multivitamin and maybe one or two individual supplements, if I can. I'm certain when he's on his own, whether away at college or fending for himself more here at home, he will never keep up. Plus, I'd like to cut down on the number of items I'm purchasing separately, anyway.


I stood in the multivitamin aisle at The Vitamin Shoppe for about 45 minutes the other day, comparing all the MVs they had on their shelves. I finally settled on Source Naturals, Life Force Multiple, Energy Activator; it seemed to have the most complete blend of vitamins, minerals and some whole food elements, as well, including NAC, grape seed extract, quercitin and tumeric. I'm not convinced, however, that these items are provided in quantities that will fully support DS. DH and I have been taking them for the last couple of weeks, and I'm scheduled for some blood tests tomorrow, so I guess we'll find out if they're working well for us, at least.


I'm thinking I'll cycle the MV into DS's regimen and, as some of the other supplements run out (usually one at a time), I'll leave them out of the mix and see how he responds. That's really all I know to do. Given as it is allergy season, however, I will probably continue with individual quercitin and NAC for the foreseeable future.


What's your plan?

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Thank you for replying. Someone recently mentioned a multi vit from Klaire that I was going to look into - I've been very happy with their probiotic. My daughter is very sensitive to vitamins and supplements, so its always been a challenge. Hopefully, others will keep this going.

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Hi I'm trying to find a good basic multi for my son, Chemar i looked up the link you posted, Would that be suitable for a 6 year old though? I see they have a childrens basic nutrients, Is it still the same basics just smaller qty's. The multi we were using had other ingredients not listed like xylitol and other stuff i wasnt sure of so i found out.

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I've found a great Mix of vitamins that have been helping my son with Tics associated with TS!

My son is 11 and was diagnosed with TS over the summer. He has loud vocal tics and motor tics.

He is taking...


Calm Magnesium 1 tsp. 2x a day.

Local fish oil 3 pills 2x a day.

B Complex 1x

Potassium 1x

D3 1x

Iron 1x


Thinking about incorporating L-Carnitine


Also our sample for Repreeve is in the way! Which I'm excited for him to try.

With Middle school a couple days away, and high stress, it will be good timing to try :)

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Looks as though this thread got resurrected somewhat recently!


Love to hear some feedback if anyone has found some sort of "customized" multivitamin company that's reliable, good quality and reasonably affordable?


We were having a custom vitamin compounded by a company for a while that included all the supplements that my DS benefits from, and excluding those that do not suit him (B12, for instance, seems to be included in fairly copious amounts in nearly every commercially-available multivitamin, but because my DS is anxiety prone and high in histamine, it tends to do him a disservice); however, unfortunately, this company went out of business "because of new FDA regulations which rendered their services and products no longer financially feasible to produce," so they said. :(


So, for the last year or so, we've been back to the half-dozen+ of individual bottles of supplements, and it's a drag! Any suggestions greatly appreciated!



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