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It's back


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Well it has been 33 weeks of pure heaven for our 6 year old dd

but it is back,she had a sore throat,small fever, for a couple of day's nothing to bad

diden't take her to get looked at because her strep tests always come back -

and she HATES the doctors suprise suprise..

and then it turned into a cold just like always

but then last week we have started to see little changes in her

now it is starting to get bigger,her bad thoughts are back a little

the seperation anxiety,the depression ect ect..

It's not back all of the way but it is creping slowly back in her mind.

We have talked to Dr.k we are doing 14 days of her abx's (wich we had already had started) 2x's a day

and if that dont work then we will try prednisone for 3-5 day's and then??? if we need to go back for more ivig then we will.

I think if our Dog had not been hit by a car last sunday and died she would had been fine and the abx's would had worked like they have done before, but I know in my heart that the stress of that just put it in overdrive.

She has been doing so good in school,but now if we do need to get IVIG again, I think I am going to homeschool her for a year or so just to see if it stay's gone,and with the flu starting.. I am not sure how much more we can take

And the money??? I would love for that just to fall out of the sky so we would not need to keep paying everyone back!!

oh well what do you do?



I am so sorry this is happening...

i have not read any of the replies, but maybe you can still catch this...i really think you can.....

i don't know your diet..but if i were as good as you guys were...i wouldn't add anything but what you mentioned, but i would eliminate any inflamatory foods in addition...ie dairy, glutin for a while, and keep it really clean..this way your not adding other variables, but maybe helping reduce inflamation at the same time..

HOld Strong!!!

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Thank you to everyone!!!

I don't know how we all do it day in and day out

dd is doing better today..

we took her to the the doc last night because she kept telling me

for the last couple of day's that her heart hurt's

so I asked her do you want us to take you to the doc so they can tell you that you are ok?

she said yes,so we went and she is fine and she has not said one word about her

heart hurting today

I know it was just anxiety but she needed to hear it from a doc

she did the same thing when we got back from Chicago,and we did the same thing and she was fine.

so I think slowly she will snap out of it( I pray)

and she keeps saying how she don't want to see dr.k again but she will if we need to

our kids are so brave.

So we will wait until Friday and then see about the prednisone

I dont want to give it to her if she dosen't need it all of the abx's are bad enough

on them and then to add prednisone also.

I will keep you all posted



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