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  1. this family will need support! http://www.cnn.com/2013/05/28/justice/oregon-teen-bomb-plot/index.html?hpt=hp_t2
  2. butyrate a different action of sulfur...what is your take. http://www.badgut.org/information-centre/the-role-of-sulpher-in-uc-1.html Other research supporting these finding has shown that increasing reduced-sulphur compounds causes a reversibleinhibition of butyrate oxidation. Butyrate acid, a shot chain fatty acid, is also a product of colon fermentation, but unlike hydrogen sulphide, is vital in providing up to 70% of the energy metabolism required by the cells lining the large bowel (the small bowel uses different energy sources). Studies indicate that butyrate oxidation is impaired in the biopsies of cells lining the colon of ulcerative colitis patients. There have been a number of clinical trials using topical short chain fatty acids, especially butyrate, in distal ulcerative colitis in order to overcome this deficiency of butyrate in the colon. The data in this area has shown some promise and supports the ideas of impaired short chain fatty acids metabolism by the presence of high levels of sulphur amino acids. http://www.drugs.com/ppa/mesalamine-5-aminosalicylic-acid-5-asa.html any thoughts on this...Citrulline...but says it's found in meat? http://blissreturned.wordpress.com/2012/04/09/citrulline-the-amino-acid-use-for-the-detoxification-of-ammonia-a-byproduct-of-protein-breakdown-and-in-the-treatment-of-fatigue/
  3. Any more info on this topic? i am hearing about low dose also. I have also heard of another plan that would be HD first, followed by low dose about 3-4 weeks later...and maybe a few more low doses to follow. ANyone do any of these other types of protocals being followed? Haylay, did you do the ld as Dr L suggested and how is it going?
  4. Yes. You are right. It is very difficult to be patient. I was not born with patience. FIXIT now...that's what i do. My entire family are take action people. Just do it, get it done. I wonder if that will reflect in my 23andme. I did all 5 of us, since all 3boys have pandas as well as hubby. So like you, i figured if i am researching, i might as well do all, instead of back tracking on the research. I guess the question now is...how do you know what to start first?
  5. Hi LLm, i am glad for you that you have figured some things out. I also appreciate your posting your information as it may help alot of us. Especially those of us who are older and have multiple panda children. NOt that we still don't have to research, but it gives a great starting point. Also i find i am getting more confused the more i work on this SOT. Can i ask you to clarify something? Are you saying if your COMT is fine, you break down dopamine well?? But if you have a mutation that you don't break it down?? And that that would lead to Vit D possiblely increaseing dopamaine if you have the COMT mutation and a VDR gene Tagged? Thanks for clarifying. I am trying to figure you what you originally said and what your correction is.
  6. How do you mean, or how did you firgure out that your dd was allergice to reveratrol?
  7. AMEN sister! I had ds at such a good point. Do to, at least in part, to a family emergency, everything went off track and so did ds. I would think that getting back to that good point would be quicker than the last time, but that does not seem to be the case. Regarding C..look into oxalates..i think. You may be at point where it is creating an amonia type thing in the body?? idk
  8. OOhhh CANNAAAADA...healthcare..here we come. Yes that care might be great if you have a broken bone, but forget any mistery diagnosis or finding knew causes to problems..they will have to kill you first to find out what went wrong! Forget anything as wonderful as what has happened here at ACN, in the last 2-3yrs for PANDAS/pans and lymes ever happening again. Not for any new correlations that parents might put together.
  9. Great thread. I am sorry you are being forced to take one, for the good of all! In GA..when ds was entering middle, he failed his booster required shots...i did not want to got there and he was still is this episode. Here, at least, at that time, you did not need a reliougys exempt. So ds13, ds10 are full up to 5yr schedule...rediculous...is it like 36 shots or elements introduced by one year old...who's immune system could handle that..?!?!?! ds5 is only current to his 2 or 3 yrs...he was not growing and a little off, as suggested by preK teachers..i am sure he would have ended up autistic. I'll MARCH.. if someone else will organize.... But i now thinking and some indications that DS13 may have heavy metal problems...gese wonder from where that stemmed??? SS...i thought i was Catholic Lite/other(you name it..it could be true)...but i believe I'm pantheist too! 911..i like your release form directives ANd SOT still lives here!
  10. I suspect that your dd's results are right. My understanding is that high D1 was seen on PANDAS kids (Cunnigham) and was associated with OCD. High anti-lysogangliosides were associated with pandas tics (don't quote me though). Don't know how immune def would affect results--way over my head, but good question! Just to keep everyone on their toes DS; cam 160 only D1 elvated 4000..range 500-2000 TICCER...all day all night...i guess some of the tics could be compulsios..but idk.. only ocd that i have finally put a finger on is Triatellanmia..at the start of each allergy season, Starting in february for about a month and then again about august.. Love to hear thoughts on this
  11. rowing i just wanted to reply to this as my ds12(13 tomorrow)..had the exact thing happen to him. i too thought i would try gse for yeast..a couple years ago... he took 1! drop and 10minutes later all h(*&&^() broke loose. For us they are tics went crazy and the screeching went on for weeks until we treated with vaco....eyes dialted... don't know if it yeast, but gse is very high in phenols. who knows with these kids..i have not use gse again.... it is one of those things that i wish another parent would say... "yes that happend to us, but we continued and in x days/weeks we got to the other side!" i don't have the strength to hold on through that.
  12. I have a question for all who posted. I am assuming you saw the video on Dr oz reguarding the 3yr old child with joint pian. i thought i saw the link posted on ACN and some other info. the child was put on gf/cf/nighshade free diet..and in 6 weeks was better but took the full six weeks. My ds has had joint pain when on specific abx ie.augxr. when given an anit fungal at same time the joint pain does not come on. ergo..fungus in the joints? leak/ier gut allowing food particles to create other bacteria in the joints? Are all of you suggesting...that ra symptoms are all(most) from viral/infection/lymes? not saying you are wrong. or do any of you think you have leaky gut and that is the problem for jiont issues? or do you think if you clear the infection, you will NOT have to be concerned about food issues? if you have not seen the 3yr old twin(the other twin is fine..here comes epigentics or other into play)with painful ar i will look for it and post. I would really like to hear your thoughts Sorry ..it was down below http://www.latitudes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=19752
  13. Anyone have anything to report on this product? Good Bad? glutimine sounds great...but if leaky gut..wouldn't that possibly leave it in the form of glutimate if not absorbed properly and not glutithione?
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