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  1. My son has had on and off knee pain since having a sinus infection...which three months later turned into PANDAS. First it was his left knee, now it is his right ( even though his P symptoms are gone). I think some of the pain is due To growth.
  2. Homeopathy got rid of PANDAS symptoms in both my boys. If you want to try something alternative... http://vcch.org
  3. Hi!

    He had taken a few remedies Rxed by his hpath that just "took the edge off". I then found a remedy myself (arsenicum) based on his symptoms. Thiss made him 70% better. Then I gave him the strep nosode and all the ;symptoms went away within 4 days. The remedies are by Boiron . They are sugar pills with the remey placed on them.

  4. If anyone tries it...report back on any + or - seen.
  5. I wonder about that...if exposure to flu, colds and other illnesses can cause a flair up of P, why couldn't another strain of strep? I would stay away and opt for another probiotic that does not have a strep strain. There are many out there. Organic 3 is specifically formulated for PANDAS kids and others. It is strep strain free. Cultrelle works well for my kids. I still think you boost your immune system with other probiotics.
  6. Forget about this...it is a STREP strain!!! Not good for PANDAS kids!
  7. Thanks for the info. I am going to attempt to locate a product that contains this probiotic.
  8. Homeopathic remedies helped my kids with ridding my kids of their PANDAS symptoms... I just want to spread the word that something cheap can make a major difference. Antiboitic did nothing and we did not go the steroid or IVIG route.
  9. I don't have any idea. Does she have PANDAS?
  10. I got kicked out of two offices...one even sent a certified letter. I found one doc that tolerates us.
  11. It would not hurt to get it checked out...it could be tics but it could be seizures...hopefully it is nothing.
  12. For my kids it is food allergies, artificial colors and artificial scents. No fake scented candles, scented laundry detergent, etc in our house. No that we have the diet under control, the artificials our, this does not occur.
  13. My son also has/had joint pain that occurred at the same time as the strep infection. His left knee swells every now and then since the infection.
  14. We have used homeopathy with great results. Find a homeopath!
  15. My kids (14 and 12) came down with P the first time this year. Homeopathy helped them both. They did take abx too, but relief came from homeopathy. Do a search on this site for homeopathy. There have been recent discussions.
  16. I like your t-shirt idea! The mouthing things is really weird. My 14 year old was never a thumb sucker or pacifier user when little. While in his first P flair at 14, he constantly had fingers in his mouth and was very prone to kissing and hugging me (never typical for him).
  17. It could be that his sulfation pathway is blocked. I would try pure magnesium such as mag chloride (ancient minerals) or mag malate.
  18. What else is in the supplement you are using? He could be reacting to something besides the magnesium. Also, what form of magnesium is in the supplement you are giving?
  19. Homeopathic remedies are picked based on like treats like...so the person's particular symptoms help the homeopath pick the remedy. That being said...the strep nosode helped my son.
  20. My son with autism had sego only for his last dental procedure. He lost speech for over six weeks.
  21. What has worked for us...homeopathy!!! Both my boys came down with PANDAS this year. My youngest (12) has had strep before, but not PANDAS. He also has autism. His started as verbal OCD in April...a week later he had a fever, swabbed for rapid and culture...both positive. Started homeopathy and the OCD cleared, then started zithro the next day. Did zithro for 30+ days. In the middle of the 30 days he started a biofilm protocol with the abx...the OCD and fever flared again. By the 6 week mark, the PANDAS completely subsided. My other son had a sinus infection around the same time my other son had strep. He never had strep before (he is 14). He reacted to the ceftin he was put on for the sinus infection but he seemed to get better quickly. I never suspected strep in him. Three months later (July), he started having intrusive thoughts. He was put on zithromax for 30+ days, added in a biofilm protocol about half way through...no change occurred. We had been working with a homeopath for a number of years for acute situations and general health so I called right away. He was recommending remedies that were helping a little, but I found that a different remedy and then ultimately the strep nosode knocked it out. He had PANDAS symptoms for about 3 months. If he had been given the strep nosode sooner, I am pretty confident that the episode would have cleared up sooner. Neither child has used IVIG or steroids.
  22. Have you tried NAC, phosphatidyl serine and/or Neuroprotek?
  23. Check out these... Http://nccam.nih.gov/health/homeopathy Http://homeopathic.org click on the blue and white box on the right side that says "what is homeopathy" Let me know if you need more info.
  24. Many with PANS use Pierre Fontain or Angelica ? In the northeast (I think). They can work with you via Skype or phone. Just google for contact info ( I do not work with them).
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