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  1. Homeopathy is based on like treats like so what worked for my son may not work for your child. That being said, the strep nosode was what cleared up his intrusive thoughts 100%...it only took 4 days of dosing. Now we give it if his symptoms return (about 6-8 weeks seems to be what he has needed since the initial dosing at the end of October).

  2. Homeopathy took my son,s intrusive thoughts away. It took about 3 months to find the right remedy, but when it was found, the thoughts went away quickly. Since then we have dosed him once every 6-8 weeks when symptoms come creeping back. He has not had a dose since March 26...so far he is still holding!
  3. I think there is a FB group just for PANDAS kids It is a private group.
  4. [i have trained with Dr Klinghardt for two years now and recently had the wonderful opportunity of training in his clinic and for him to see my son. DS 9. Dr Kling confirmed that PANDAS was the primary issue for ds and lyme and Co were secondary. So him, mom and I came up with a pretty aggressive protocol homeopathic, Bionic and cryosurgery of the tonsils and adenoids.] sptcmom... Have you tried Dr. Klinghardt's K-MAF homeopathic drops??? My son has a high nagalase test and wondering if anyone has used this.
  5. What were your levels at when before you started? Thanks!
  6. So...I usually hang out in the PANDAS/PITANDS forum but now exploring GcMAF. My son has autism, absence seizures, food and environmental allergies, positive Anne Connolly test, high nagalase (1.5-ish), PANDAS last year (which resolved with homeopathy), etc. He is 13. Is anyone seeing results with the homeopathic version of GcMAF? If yes, what form?
  7. What brand and form of vitamin c are you using? This is great info. I have a book on high-dose vitamin c therapy. I will dig it out.
  8. I do not have the time to check out the other responses...so I may be repeating what someone already said It could be die-off...charcoal taken about 2 hours after the abx dose may help. He could be reacting to the dye/flavor (if his particular product contains dye/flavor). My one son will get tics from 100% natural orange juice or any dye/ artificial flavors...not to mention crazy behaviors from the dye/flavors. J
  9. Homeopathy worked great for my son. One of his PANDAS issues was about germs. When the right remedy was found, the issue went away!
  10. post too long...

    other remedies took the edge off so he could function farily well.

    Please try homeopathy! Remember...it should not cause an arm and a leg to get a good hpath.

    My kids never used CBT or SSRIs. They use supplements and homeopathy.

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      What did you use  for intrsuive thoughts

  11. I have two boys that came down with P last year. Both responded to homeopathy...both with different methods (mix vs classical). We did use antibiotics for about 6 weeks each (both used zithromax but neither "recovered" with it...it was the homeopathy that took the symptoms away). With one child it did take almost 3 months to find the remedy that took all the symptoms away but the oth...

  12. You can work with practitioner via skype. We use a hpath at http://vcch.org (they are in Australia). Others like Pierre Fontain an Angelica Lemke.
  13. I have been using homeopathy for a numbrr of years and have done some studying of it. If I were you, I would find a local homeopath or you could work with someone via skype. I am now using a homeopath at http://vcch.org . They use classical hpathy with facial analysis to find the right remedy. I think the FA makes it easier to find the right remedy.

  14. Try to avoid D2 sources and use D3 sources. I think D2 will block the absorption of D3.
  15. Abbe-- We get our remedies from Hahnemann Labs, Washington Homeopathic and Boiron. Search for Hahneman's website to find the website. I order Bioron from http://smallflower.com or WHP http://homeopathyworks.com. If you want strep nosodes, you will need a doc or homeopath to call in to OK the order. If you want them without a doc, I think you can order from Helios. It will take a few weeks to get from here. We used the strep nosode Streptococcinum for my son that was not responding to the other remedies that the hpath was recommending. This took his sympotoms almost completely away within minutes. He only needed the remedy for 4 days and then all his symptoms stayed away. I did need to re-dose him about 3 monhs after that...but the symptoms went away again. Some kids have needed other strep nosodes such as strep f (which is called sychotic co) to remove the symptoms. People seem to like Pierre Fontain or Angelica Lemke..but I think they are expensive (too expensive as far as I am concerned). J
  16. We have had great success with getting rid of PANDAS through homeopathy. We also use supplements but have not seen a ND.
  17. it could be due to low magnesium. Most people are low in Mg.
  18. If you check out Amy Yasko...she has spoken about this very thing. You are not off at all!
  19. We tried it in the past for my son with hyper IgE and autism. I stopped using it (and sold the remainder of the supply) when my son started having daily bouts of painful diarrhea about an hour after eating. Usually this does not happen according to the experts. This was before PANDAS.
  20. No brain tumors. My Grandma has mild alzheimers at 89.5 years old. She gets frequent bladder infections because she is diabetic. She gets very loopy when she gets these infections. Antibiotics clear up the brain fog and she stops doing crazy things.
  21. My 14 year old started putting his fingers in his mouth when he had P...something he never did before. When the P symptoms went away, so did the fingers in his mouth. Mayzoo...does the nail polish do a good job of keeping fingers out of the mouth? My son with autism has been chewing his nails since his dose of depakote was increased.
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