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  1. added the minocycline and she keeps telling me to shut up cause she can't think straight. she snaps at me and scares the ###### out of me, cause it comes out of know where. she is only on one pill. she needs to take 2 a day....she is stuck in front of computer watching one show over and over. please give me some reaassurance.
  2. I am in NJ close to family, which in hepful, but there are so many tics. Where do you run too??? I hear there are tics even in Brooklyn??? Is there anywhere safe/safer???
  3. her ocd is getting bizarre on this stuff. i just don't know how much longer i can see her suffer. ugh!! it has been 12 long years.
  4. yes. have you heard anything about him?
  5. the bactrim does not make my child agressive, but the others seem to. also, the abx. help with ... the excessive washing of hands, and jumping over cracks in side walk, but they all seem to make the bad thoughts worse. any advice? i am going to see a pyschiatrist that deals with tic born infections on thursday. he is suppose to be great!
  6. I gave her bactrim, and lots of OCD went away, but others weird OCDish things popped up. I added in biaxin, and the OCD just seems to change form. Now we are trying the minocycline, and I am waiting to see what happens. Please tel me that you have seen this happen and will just take time. How many abx., are there to go through?
  7. Would you tell me how long it took to find the right antibiotic for your bartonella, and did any of you turn to pych. drugs because nothing was working. Also...has anyone been to a psch. doctor tht deals with TBI? thanks
  8. she was getting VERY aggressive with the biaxin. Her legs were aching and she could not walk hardly. I told the doctor, and I figured he would say keep going, this is herxing, but he said stop it and add in minocycline. this has been going on 12 years of her getting more aggressive and wild with all we try. for the bartonella, so far all we have tried it the biaxin, bactrim, azithromycen, and vancomycen (not sure its for baratonella) are we almost out of options? psych drugs don't work and now we are going through antibiotics. what if nothing ever helps???
  9. i am not much help, but i think i live close enough to you, to give you a break some day!!! really.
  10. it was super depressing to watch and know that my girl could suffer for her whole life. Life is just passing her by, as she struggles with this illness. All of her friends keep moving onto to knew things as she continues to be sick and immature. I am so down right now. This movie sickened my, to see such greed and cruelty to mankind.
  11. susie, are you saying she is better off of it, or better because she was on it and your seeing the good results from it after you stopped??? sorry, just not sure.
  12. I understand. :0) I need to find a lyme doctor in northern NJ that can help me. I hate to have to travel all the way to maryland.
  13. how long would you do the detox with the 8 charcoal pill/day?
  14. I did not start treatment yet. I do have an appointment though. I am looking into something to help until I get there, since I really feel horrible. I need to get better to care for my girl.
  15. what would a heavy detox look like? do i just do it with diet? not sure where to start?
  16. I just feel awful and need someting to help bartonella symptoms until i can get to see doctor and get treatment. Tylenol and motrin do not help my aches and pains, brain fog, and flu like symptoms. I just can't get anything done feeling this way...Any suggestions????
  17. Falling Apart...Lots of parents say their children do really well on biaxin. This could be herxing that we are experiencing. Perhaps you should try it and see if it works for you??
  18. what other antibiotics have u tried. have you treated the bartonella with 2 abx? can you also tell me what your child's symtoms are?
  19. she is meaner every day on this stuff. in the past we have had bad reactions to generic. i am going to try brand name and see what happens. when we did a steroid burst, she started getting really aggressive and complaining about not wanting to die, and the same thing happened on the bactrim. we added biaxin and still happening. i am tryihg to wait it out, but it is so hard. ugh!
  20. My child craves sweets when i first start any antibiotic, and then it seems to subside.
  21. does anyone know of someone in northern nj, that treats lyme, but it does not take months to get into see?
  22. Has anyone ever heard of this doctor and what are your thoughts. Would she be ok to do testing and treat me for possible bartonella?
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