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  1. • Doesn’t get what your saying. • Ticks. Clicks her tongue a lot when agitated. • Hates her body/herself and people. Scratches off moles. • Doesn’t like little girls if they are not pretty, and feels very confused about it. • Everything irritates her. It is like she is in a phone booth with a million flies on her. • Bumps into everything, like a bull in a china shop. • Odd sexual behavour. Touching herself and licking fingers • Firing obsessive thoughts at night (keeps having to say the same thing over and over or she can’t sleep) thoughts come so quickly-that she had to keep saying...I will tell you later….I will tell you later…. • Lots of imaginary friends. Can’t play or talk to other people, because she is so deep with these friends. • Obsesses about getting old. Gets violent if you tell her she is getting big. • Worries about parents/herself getting hurt. Won’t try most activities because of this. • Argues non-stop-can’t take NO for an answer. • Incredible senses. Can smell her friend down the street. No kidding! • Gets mean in stores. Confused and agitated. • Mad when people stare at her. Thinks everyone is looking at her, and hates it. • Watches TV with door closed, doesn’t want parents or anyone around. • Sugar level is erratic. • Can not sit and eat dinner with family…too wiggly. • HATES change. Won’t even try new movies….most times. • Doesn’t like grown-ups or teachers. • Very distorted thinking • Doesn’t play games • Can’t do school work • Teases dog all day. Threw dog down stairs. • Races all day • Doubts that we love her. • Watches TV and colors in shapes on a page with markers. Doing 2 things at once calms her. • Doesn’t want anyone to know she listen to music. Hides in the closet when she eats. • Takes hours to get her out of the house • Bad memory/concentration • ALL foods make her worse • Can’t transition. Hates change. • Switches constantly • Fine in the morning and then switches and becomes agitated. • Blurry vision but gone. • Insomnia. Severe. • Wet vagina. Constantly wiping. Went away with yeast treatment. OCD or sensory. • She can eat a grain of sugar (even fruit) and be up all day and night from the high. • Chemical sensitivities • at night she always gets worse. • Early puberty: pubic hair and underarm odor in 1st grade. • Diagnosed with restless leg syndrome • Home-schooled because of impulsivity and distorted thinking. • Dehydrated • Complained of sore ankles since she could talk. • Brain won’t stop at night and feels like its on fire she said. (gets to sleep at 1am, most nights) • Can’t stop washing her hands…. They feel sticky. • Cutting hair off of legs. Sits home all day and cuts body hair off when not on meds/supplements. Some supplements trigger this off too. • Attacks me. Spits and scratches. • Can’t get her off the couch until 5PM. • She races around the house, breathing heavy and firing off thoughts non-stop.. • Gets all unfocused at ice skating rink if there is too much noise. Same with large groups of children. • She never ever gets sick. I think she had a cold 2x’s in her life. I was the same way. (her mom). After chelation she started to get sick. • Can’t shower. Hates feel of water on body. • Anxiety about horse show. Quits everything she starts if it gets challenging. Anxiety builds. • Squeezes people. • Looks for vibrator and is super agitated. • Screams she is fat, and that moles on her body are ugly. • Doesn’t follow directions. • Can’t be looked at. • Wakes at the drop of a hat. • Wanted to burn her fingers on the stove • Feet/toes go a mile a minute • Looking at her mom irritates her. • • Lots of bad thoughts at night. • • Wants me to like Demi Lavato, just like she does. • Can’t touch her yet she likes to play rough.
  2. Hi Stephanie. No not drunk. She is super confused and clumsy. Very agitated and mean. I treated her for yeast for years. No help. We did the chelation for a long time. No help. Do PANDAS kids also have lots of yeast like the vaccine damaged kids? Not sure if Dr. Trifiletti did the cunningham test. Would that be blood work?
  3. Hi Stephanie. No not drunk. She is super confused and clumsy. Very agitated and mean. I treated her for yeast for years. No help. We did the chelation for a long time. No help. Do PANDAS kids also have lots of yeast like the vaccine damaged kids?
  4. Do you think the sinus infection could have been there the first day of life, because I saw signs of mental illness on day one.
  5. She had an MRI and it showed nothing except sinus infection. Could that sinus infection have been the cause of something?
  6. My child has been agitated since birth. At ten days old she developed a walnut sized lump under her ear. Not sure what it was. Age 2, she was aggressive with lots of confusion. She is 11 right now. She has severe OCD with racing thoughts. She is super confused and can not make a decision. She literally goes in circles trying to get her self ready. She has extremely distorted thinking. There is more....She gets violent, hits and kicks. I have only seen her look normal about 5 times in her life. Doctors are confused. She bumps into everything. Rages that she does not want to get old. Screams if I tell her she is getting big. She has some psychosis. When she looks at me (her mom) she screams that I look too pale, and it freaks her out. Ugh. Please help me. She is such a mess. I had tons of blood work done by Dr. Trifilettin in Ramsey NJ. The only thing he found is that she has low IgE and IgG4. Any comments are welcome. Thanks
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