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  1. Pandasphilly sorry not sure y I can't pm u.
  2. Tamistwins can you PM me the name of the mom you spoke with? I'm am considering this for my son.
  3. Thank you rowing mom, I have spoken to one parent who saw positive results, a changed child and I wish I could hear more positives from other people because like you said $$$$
  4. Hi I'm looking for any and all feedback on your thoughts of the hansa center. Who has been there and have there been significant improvement with pans like behaviors? Positive and negatives welcomed! Tia
  5. Hi have you ever treated with a yeast medication? Yeast can make one very giddy.
  6. Not sure, sorry I hope everyone feels better soon!
  7. Because my son developed a rash I was researching. Parvovirus is also known as slapped face or fifth disease. They say it starts on face and then spreads to arms and rest of body. Oddly enough my son started elsewhere and then ended up on cheeks too. They say it can be itchy also which is why I don't think that's what my son has. So hard to know there are many types if rashes. By the time the rash comes out its no longer contagious even though it is highly contagious. Were there any symptoms prior to the rash?
  8. Would your doctor be willing to prescribe valtrex it's anti viral?
  9. Thank you crunchfly! I shared pictures with pandas doc and he thinks parvo virus. Will see from bloodwork!
  10. What did the Pediatrician do? I think this is what my son has too. We are running blood work tomorrow and will test for parvovirus titers too.Thank you!
  11. Hi my almost 4 yr old son has developed a rash on his chest, back and arms yesterday. I gave him Benadryl and today it has spread to his cheeks. What do you all do in this case? My son is already taking abx and viral medication, no recent changes have been made that would cause a reaction. Do you think this is shedding of virus or something else to be concerned about?It's small red dots all over. Very hard to tell in the pictures I have taken. Tia for suggestions, Tami
  12. Hi chad, Thank you for sharing, I have 3 children with pans. What I find interesting about your post is that you got high fevers with every strep infection. I wonder if that is the reason why you improved. I think many of our children have problems with their immune systems and don't present with typical symptoms of fever with an infection. My children never get a fever because their bodies don't fight off their infections properly. I am thrilled that you have improved and think its wonderful that you want to share your experience. My children don't express how they feel inside, aside from just complaining that they don't feel well. It would be great to hear how you as a child felt during that phase of your life.
  13. Hi Teri, There is parking in the lot and you will need to get a paper from the office to put in your car window. Dr. J will give a full exam and if any lab work is necessary they will be able to put lidocaine to numb the area. Good luck with your appointment!
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