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  1. Hi all. Feeling a bit cautious about maybe starting ds9 on L-Carnitine. He is mainly Chronic vocal tics and has done well on the Natural Calm (thank you everyone who suggested this) but he still really has times when they are really bothersome for him (putting it mildly). I tend to be cautious about supplements with him as he seems to do better with diet than supps. My question is, is this one were the pros outweigh the cons generally. And if so L-Carnitine vs Acetyl L-Carnitine? I know as an amino it has its drawbacks so I really would love some first hand info. before adding it. Any and all
  2. Hi mom2ck, we found an amazing natural cough and allergy syrup. It's base is honey extract and is child safe. The flavour is a bit strong but my ds takes it because he's seen it works. Some of his tics resemble post nasal drip symptoms or maybe that's just what they are and have been bulked into his vocal tics...anyhow this stuff really works for him, it's called Nin Jiom Cough Syrup here's there website if you want the full ingredient list but it is all naturally sourced. www.njherbal.com It says it's for productive cough but works for sniffing, sinus stuff, you name it. He finds it helps
  3. Hi Chris, You probably already know this but just in case. If your son has no nut allergies, almond milk is also a good substitute and my kids really like it, it's also great to bake with. If nuts are an issue or for school brown rice milk or hemp milk will do although my ds is not crazy about them especially the hemp which can be a strange texture. Thanks for the link will read up. I am struggling with adding any supplements to his diet, sometimes I think he does best just left alone. I am going to reread Chemar's link re: teas , royal jelly etc. Just feels right for us, at least today So
  4. Hi mythree, I too agree with the epsom salts and a good chiro or massage if she can tolerate it. My son, although most of his tics are vocal, also has pain in and around neck and back from forceful tics and is wary of having his neck adjusted so our Chiro massages and works around his worst areas until (fingers crossed) he is ready to allow him to adjust his neck. If all else fails there is a dye free liquid Motrin or Advil available although I still use infrequently as the sugars, flavour can be a problem. We also use a rice sack warmed with a drop of lavendar (want to also try Jasmine). He w
  5. Hi Cj60 and Chemar, still getting used to all the useful supplements could you explain Inositol for me, what is it and what does it do? Cj60, I can't remember if you were giving your ds the Kids Calm or not, so far our ds has told us he feels it has been beneficial, he feels he is focusing easier and his tics are not as noticeable at school. Thankfully this year he is not in a portable, that was really hard on his tics. I do notice a slight increase immediately after he takes it in the a.m. but seems to calm within a half hour or so, has anyone else experienced this? I have had to pull way
  6. Hi AHB900, my own personal opinion from watching and talking with my husband and son who both have tics is that mood definately plays a role. Both of them find that stress is a huge trigger. I have seen it first hand in both of them. In fact the tics will often be a telltale sign for me even when I'm unaware of their stress. Both have also told me that aware or unaware after holding back tics for example in school once home and relaxed they will have a "burst" of tics almost releasing the tension from holding in all day (as best they can). Excitement, noise and lights can be triggers as well e
  7. Hi I read your other post but am not familiar with Dimethylglycine. Glad to hear this appt. went better than your prior! I wanted to add that you might remember my posting about acidophilus and an increase in my ds tics, after Chemar's advice I went back to yogurt and kefir and saw almost an immediate decrease. Plus it's cheaper!!!! We have since had other major increases but that's another issue. Good luck!
  8. [quote name='mythree' I think from our experience, starting with artificials and preservatives can only be a positive. Our ds gets wired from colours etc. The sugars seem secondary although still a good idea to avoid corn syrup, fructose/glucose etc. We stick with raw cane sugar or stevia, maple syrup, honey as much as possible. 100% fruit juices with no added sugars are a great start, I just water them down. As far as what to avoid for us big ones were tartrazine (yellow food dye), red dyes, MSG, actually make it easy on yourself if its not natural avoid it! This for us was a great jumpi
  9. Hi mythree. I definately agree about Sheila Rogers book, it is now my encyclopedia of info. and I regularly come back to it in stressful times. An elimination diet although completely overwhelming at times has been a huge step forward in our fight to decrease our ds9 chronic vocal tics. We started by removing all artificial colours, flavours, preservatives. Hope you enjoy baking because that will make your life so much easier Our son showed great progress once we removed pretty much anything chemically modified etc. We then began by removing the main culprits wheat and dairy. There are some
  10. Hi Bonnie and everyone else. What a relief to talk about this! Dealing with vocal tics can be physically and mentally exhausting for them as well as us! This last week at the cottage our ds9 had a brutal time with his vocal tics to the point of me sitting outside on the porch crying on my mom's shoulder. It is heart breaking and sometimes I feel almost tense to the point of anger. (not at him but just the whole situation). It is especially difficult driving 2 1/2 hrs home with four kids two of which are ticcing! I find deep breathing, music etc, somewhat help but there are times I too wish for
  11. Thanks jstone! always happy for any additional info. will definitely look into this. Thanks everyone for so much support.
  12. Thanks everyone for your experiences, I have stopped the probiotic supplement and gone back to organic yogurt and will start making kefir again. I also bought the Natural Calm, he didnt seem to mind it, think I'll just add it to his morning fruit smoothies. We are heading to the cottage for a few days so we'll see how things develop, will keep you all posted. Have a great weekend everybody! Megan
  13. Good luck Monday! and would love to hear what you turn up as well...Thank God for people who share their experience because sometimes even the best intentioned Dr.'s just cant know it all. Megan
  14. Thanks for the insite. The only reason I started with the supplement was we were going dairy free, is yogurt not a problem? I was using organic plain yogurt and he loves it, was sad to give it up, so going back would be a big bonus for him. Thanks again Megan
  15. Major indecision here. Started back on Acidophilus 1/4 tsp 2x/day about a week and a half ago. Since then ds tics vocal tics out of control and come to think of it that is also when dd's tics really started. So if it's die off how long to wait it out. I'm nervous to discontinue in case that's the situation but if it's not I dont want to make it worse, you know? Anyone else had this experience, any input would be greatly appreciated, nothing else has really changed in diet etc. Only it has been really hot and humid here lately. Soooooooooo frustrated. They are on high grade acidophilus straight
  16. Hi Lynn, thanks for your earlier welcome! I can't speak for myself but I will on behalf of my husband who had tics and mild ocd as a child. No one thought to even consider in his family that he couldn't control his noises etc. I find this unbelievable as my sons tics apparently are very similar to what my husband went through. To this day his mother will not admit that he had tics, or could have had food sensitivities or other causes for "his habits".Yet she has come around slowly as far as our son. So my husband is turning 40 next week and still has some tics, very hard to notice unless you k
  17. [quote name='Chemar' date='11 Thanks for your advice. I have seen Magnesium come up time and time again but wanted to find out more about it. I will definately look over your info. It's so overwhelming sometimes. We have started regularly on Acidophilus and his tics have increased (maybe die off?) Will continue hoping it balances out again. Do you know anything about L-Carnatine? It's another thing on my list to research. Thanks again.
  18. Hi everyone. Have been appreciating your relationships and advice from the outside for a couple years now but never really had the nerve to join in. I finally realized that I need more support, particularly from people who are living this like we are... so here I finally am. Very quick intro. Married with four amazing kids. Lots of loving supportive family but no one who lives this. Our oldest,, 9 yr old boy has had obvious tics since about 6 yrs. but was always sensitive and tactile. Prone to anxiety over the strangest things, tough as nails with others. Been constantly researching an
  19. [quote name='Cj60' date='10 August 2010 - 02:51 PM' timestamp='1281469917' post= I'm new to the forum but have read on it for some time. I also have a son (9) with similar issues. He has never properly been diagnosed but we are quite confident we are dealing with chronic vocal tic disorder at the very least TS possibly. He was always sensitive to certain noises and textures, very tactile but nothing we were concerned with. Around the age of 6, we realized that his "habits" were increasing and it was impossible to pretend that the noises he was making were him just being a boy. At this tim
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