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  1. Joyle

    Clerodendrum inerme

    Hi there, please join the Facebook group Natural Care for Tics and Tourettes for information on where to purchase either Clerodendrum inerme plants or the homeopathic remedy Clerodendrum inerme. Thanks to information gathered from this site A.C.N. we have made great progress in finding lots more about this plant. Many of us have tried it as fresh green juice, dehydrated and encapsulated or as the homeopathic remedy. We have found it does ameliorate Tourette's, tic disorders and associated comorbids very considerately.
  2. Hi everyone, Yes, the plant Clerodendrum inerme does work to reduce tics and other comorbids very effectively. We have discovered it doesn't work for everyone but it has helped many. The Facebook group is called Natural Care for Tics and Tourettes. There are lengthy discussions there about this plant which we have nicknamed cleo. It can be taken as a green juice or in capsules after dehydrating and powdering the leaves or as a tincture or as a homeopathic remedy. The only restriction is you will need to source the plant and grow it in a pot or your own backyard. The safety profile of the plant is exemplary. Please also do your own research to satisfy yourselves .... there is a wealth of information about Clerodendrum inerme on the Internet. Kind regards, Joy
  3. Joyle

    question for juwayriyah

    I found Juwayriyah and her exciting discovery several years AFTER she first shared her successful treatment of her son with Clerodendrum Inerme. I would like to 'pass it forward' now too. We did finally find this plant in Australia and we were using it to treat my grandson for his Tourette's syndrome, OCD, ADHD, ODD, anxiety, coprolalia, Tourette's rage and intrusive thoughts with limited success. As time went on and we shared our story with others we discovered to our bitter disappointment that not everyone was receiving even the moderate benefits we were experiencing. That was when I learnt about homeopathic remedies. This was a game changer for my grandson and many more people with whom we shared our success. My grandson's symptoms are now just 10% of what they were six months ago. He can now live a normal life! There is a lot of discussion and also links to more scientific studies on the Facebook group called Natural Care for Tics and Tourettes I have posted a not very wonderful video on YouTube demonstrating how I made this medicine for my family. You can view it here. Kindest regards, Joy
  4. Joyle

    question for juwayriyah

    Hi Castrum, I am so very pleased you have been able to source the plant! It does look like Clerodendrum inerme but of course I can't say for sure from a photo. That does certainly look like the flowers we have seen. The nurseryman where we first found it in Australia made the comment that the leaves are a different shape when growing naturally in the wild than when it has been cultivated in a nursery. The plant is mainly in flower but not always. The flowers can smell so sweet that it is popular for perfuming various potions. The leaves in the other hand can smell revolting ... like cat urine 😳 very, very early in the morning! I have also sent you a private message! Kind regards, Joyle
  5. Joyle

    question for juwayriyah

    Hi nrr, Clerodendrum Inerme is a subtropical plant and so it will be difficult but not impossible to grow it in temperate or cooler regions. I also live in a cold region in Australia. My husband has built a small, insulated 2X2m room and added lights, heat and airflow. Our five 10 week old baby plants have 8 hours under the lights, 6 extra hours in daylight and ten hours in the dark. Our temperature has gone down to 4°C overnight in the garage so that's why the plants need help. They are growing slowly and we hope to see a growth spurt come the Spring! I have emailed a friend in Hawaii who managed to import two small plants from the U.S. two months ago. Unfortunately that nursery doesn't have any or another nursery in California which is also out of stock. I have asked her to inquire if they plan to get more in. Meanwhile keep looking for it because it is worth the trouble. regards, Joyle Here's a nursery in The Canary Islands that has it in stock and ships worldwide! http://www.canarius.com/en/plants/volkameria-inermis.html
  6. Joyle

    Medicinal cannabis / CBD oil?

    Excellent! I'm going to send you a private message!
  7. Joyle

    Medicinal cannabis / CBD oil?

    Hi moose_man22 Are you in Australia? Do you or your family member have Tourette's? Are you still looking for Clerodendrum inerme? Please reply here and I'll message you.
  8. Joyle

    question for juwayriyah

    Hi Nie, The thing with this plant is that if you don't have Tourette's there doesn't seem to be a huge effect. Recently I received a bunch of fresh, green leaves and I put 100 leaves with some water in a blender and my sister and I drank it. That seems to be the dose. Juwayriyah' little boy was 7 when he took 50 leaves and my sister and I who weigh around 70 kgs took the same. We both felt very mild and peaceful. My sister stopped her finger fidgeting (she doesn't have Tourette's) but other than that nothing at all. Having said that I am still pondering wether, if the dose was halved for a small child and the trial period therefor lengthened if the result wouldn't still happen .... but it would just take twice as long? Maybe with lessened dieback/detox symptoms. That is the decision you need to make for yourself. The only side effects we have had is a dose of diarrhoea on one occasion. The other side effect is that Clerodendrum inerme acts like an antibiotic in that it kills off the gut flora. We gave our young man some good probiotics and sauerkraut, and kefir to repopulate his gut with the good bacteria, just like we would if we ever have no choice but to use antibiotics.
  9. Joyle

    question for juwayriyah

    Hello Lyn, Yes, the plant is really working for my 22 year old grandson! He has extreme Tourette's syndrome with all the comorbids including OCD, ADHD, anxiety and Tourette's rage and unfortunately copralalia. They are all down by 90% so all greatly diminished. He is very comfortable in his own body now and his mind is clear and focussed. Please send me a private message if you want to. You can do that by clicking on my profile.
  10. Joyle

    question for juwayriyah

    Hi Castrum, Juwayriyah mentioned in an earlier post that the plant does not flower all the time. The name is Clerodendrum inerme and is also known as Volkameria inermis. Buy that plant very quickly! Common name: koinal, Glory Bower, Indian privet, Seaside clerodendrum, Wild Jasmine, Sorcerers Bush •Hindi: chhoti-ari, संकुप्पी sankuppi, sangan-kuppi, vilayati mehendi, batraj • Marathi: sangam, वनजाई vanajai, sirit-mari • Tamil: சங்கம் Sangam, Peechangu, அந்ஜலீ Anjali • Malayalam: nirnochi, shangam-kuppi • Telugu: erup-pichha, pisangi, pishinika, takkolapu-chettu • Kannada: naitakkilay, itteru, kundali gida, naayi tekkake, thakkalika • Bengali: বনজাঈ Banajai • Oriya: vଅନଜାଈ Vanajai • Urdu: گل دمدم Guldamdam • Sanskrit: कुंडली Kundali Botanical name: Clerodendrum inerme Family: Verbenaceae (Verbena family), Synonyms: Volkameria inermis
  11. Joyle

    question for juwayriyah

    Hello again Juwaryriyah, I am so sorry to have taken so long to come and tell you of our news. We found the plant in a Northern Australia plant nursery! We dried and ground it and my grandson swallowed it in water. The magic happened within the hour and he had five or so tics for the whole day. The intrusive thoughts that he always has were completely gone as well as his O.C.D. His anxiety and rage was reduced by 90% and we were all delighted. But as the days wore on the effects lessened more and more until we finally realised the material has lost its efficacy. We managed to get some more freshly dried leaves and noticed an immediate improvement. That material is now not giving us the results it once did even though we have stored the dried and powdered leaf in vacumn sealed pouches. Rereading your previous posts it seems as though we need to dry and use it within days or perhaps juice the fresh green leaves and freeze it? My grandson weighs 60 kgs. How many leaves are in one of your capsules please? How many leaves did you juice for each green juice dose please? We are almost there and so very, very grateful for your experience and advice. Kindest regards, Joy P.S. We will have it in our garden by the end of April!
  12. Joyle

    question for juwayriyah

    And yes, I saw that patent pending post. Someone is on to it for sure. I won't feel safe until I too have it growing in my backyard! Cheers, Joy
  13. Joyle

    question for juwayriyah

    I am hoping to write to you within ten days or so with some very exciting news! Thank you so much for all you help, encouragement and advice. Thank you for trialling this wonderful plant for all these years. I'm so pleased your son is thriving and tic free! It gives me ... and many others, great hope for the future. Your friend from Oz, Joy
  14. Joyle

    question for juwayriyah

    Hello Juwayriyah, I am so delighted that you wrote back to me, thank you so much! I am so happy that your son is doing so well and needs such a little of the plant now. I have been researching everywhere and just cannot find anything bad about this plant so I am relieved to hear there are so few side effects. During your research did you ever discover why or how it works? Do you think it is a detox of some kind? If so it is a very gentle one isn't it? You said your son was able to tolerate all foods now. My grandson has a problem with gluten and dairy, maybe the plant will help with his diet intolerances too. I have found that the plant grows prolifically along the northeast coast of Australia! My grandson has T.S. plus comorbids including A.S.D. O.C.D. A.D.H.D. O.D.D. anxiety, Tourettes rage and copralalia. When your son had tics How did they present please? Where they blinking, shrugging, eye blinking tics or were they more severe body or a lot of vocal tics? Did he have copralalia or rage attacks? Was he actually diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome or was it some other tic disorder? I know they are a lot of questions but I'm trying to hold back my excitement and rising hope that the plant could benefit my grandson .... and many, many other children in Australia who suffer so much with this horrible disorder. Yours very gratefully, Joy