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  1. Hi there, please join the Facebook group Natural Care for Tics and Tourettes for information on where to purchase either Clerodendrum inerme plants or the homeopathic remedy Clerodendrum inerme. Thanks to information gathered from this site A.C.N. we have made great progress in finding lots more about this plant. Many of us have tried it as fresh green juice, dehydrated and encapsulated or as the homeopathic remedy. We have found it does ameliorate Tourette's, tic disorders and associated comorbids very considerately.
  2. Hi everyone, Yes, the plant Clerodendrum inerme does work to reduce tics and other comorbids very effectively. We have discovered it doesn't work for everyone but it has helped many. The Facebook group is called Natural Care for Tics and Tourettes. There are lengthy discussions there about this plant which we have nicknamed cleo. It can be taken as a green juice or in capsules after dehydrating and powdering the leaves or as a tincture or as a homeopathic remedy. The only restriction is you will need to source the plant and grow it in a pot or your own backyard. The safety profile of the plant is exemplary. Please also do your own research to satisfy yourselves .... there is a wealth of information about Clerodendrum inerme on the Internet. Kind regards, Joy
  3. Excellent! I'm going to send you a private message!
  4. Hi moose_man22 Are you in Australia? Do you or your family member have Tourette's? Are you still looking for Clerodendrum inerme? Please reply here and I'll message you.
  5. fcefxer Hello Nancy, I am writing to you from Australia. You mentioned in a post from many years ago that you were trying to procure the dried leaves of the plant clerodendrum inerme. My daughter is in New South Wales right now trying to find this rather elusive plant for her son. Can you help us in any way to try to find/ source/ buy this plant or the dried leaves please? Did you ever import it .... or try it? I probably don't have to tell you how much we would love to hear any more information you may be able or willing to share. Kindest regards, Joy
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