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  1. Seven years ago I found this site when searching for a reason for my son's symptoms. Happily I can say we have kicked PANDAS' butt! Now I am having my own issues and doctor after doctor can't find a medical reason, so basically it's in my head. I'm hoping one of you great people can help me again. Short story, I have a tremor anytime some thing is injected into me. Now I have a new issue, when I eat soy or peanuts I have a horrible tic. I can deal with the food problem, but anyone have an idea about injections? You can take blood, but inject anything and my blood pressure rises, severe tremor
  2. Have heard that warts are viral. Have you had viral blood panels done on him? We have been lucky that all Dr. Latimer had to do is to change antibiotic and last strep symptoms went away. Maybe I should be seeing a different type of doc too? I would love to hear what type of doc I might need to add to our list!
  3. Hmm.. We have no warts, but last year he did have to have 31 little ones burned from his arms, legs, and feet. Warts do not run in our family. They said he had so many because he scratched one ane they spread. Is warts common for other pandas children?
  4. My ped has a call into Dr. Latimer, but it could be months before she calls back(two months last time we called.) I am very lucky to have a doc here in Georgia where we live that will order any tests needed, but we are her only PANDAS case. What other infections should we be looking for? The first available appointment with Latimer was Feb, so until then who should we see? Last time I just ignored the tics thinking being school he was exposed to others, it turned ugly quick!
  5. First let me say I'm happy the bloodwork, urine and throat cultures are negative for strep! Now what??!! My son was on pcn for 4 years and the ocd, tics, hallucinations, emotional issues all came back. He ended up having perianal strep and he has been on augmentin xr and has been symptom from 2 years. Now the facial tic has started and every week something else is added to it. Example, started just a nose crunch, then nose and eye blinks, and now the neck. The only time my son has had tics is when there is strep. Any ideas what else it could be or what we should do?
  6. Hi, My son had all the same issues and antibiotics took them away. Four years later the OCD, tics, anger, etc. started again. We found he had strep growing again with no symptoms and he need a different antibiotic, which has been working for two years now. We have been very lucky and not had to go any other route other than the daily antibiotics and probiotics. Has this been tried for your son?
  7. Thank all of you! We would never change doctors, she helped my son when no one else did! I'm happy to hear this is just the "norm" and will just have my ped fax and update on his condition with what her plan is and if Dr. L doesn't agree to email them. Thanks again for the ideas!
  8. Thank you for replying! Do you ever have an issue with getting a phone call back? We live in georgia and have seen her twice. I'm trying to figure out is it a staff issue. My ped has called with questions about continuing high dose antibiotic and also labs we should check. Hate to keep calling and bugging, but three messages(two from me one from ped) in three months. The staff just takes a message and says I should just make an appointment. I hate to pay all those travel expenses plus out of pocket for an office visit just to answer what labs do you want.
  9. Is anyone seeing or seen Dr. Latimer?
  10. Two years on Augmentin XR and doing great! Now facial tic starting this week. Heading to the ped for yearly check-up and going to ask for labs. My ped is great to order, but I need too explain why. Can anyone tell me what labs they get and why? I have read the above posts, but it would helpful to know why certain ones are needed. Thanks!!!
  11. Thank You very much. We had a good day yesterday, no pain and it was a good day in regards to the compulsions and behaviours also. This morning however he has woken with head pain, so I will begin the Ibuprofen immediately and keep a good detailed journal of any changes. Thank You I hope things are better! I just wanted to say the stabbing head pain has alwayss been my son's first symptom before our pandas flare. Dr. Latimer explained that his immune system is trying to kill off brain proteins that mimick strep. Antibiotics to kill the true strep are needed. We also do
  12. Hi, I tried to PM you, but it said you weren't taking new messages. I'm normally not on this forum and just saw your post. My mother went through 2 years of every test every doctor she was sent to could think of and she kept getting sicker and sicker. I friend told us about Dr. Laura Larson in Villa Rica, GA (770) 456-3737 ‎ . After the first visit she knew my mother had LD and was treating her before the tests even came back! Not sure where your friend is located, but Dr. Larson is worth the drive. We were at the end thinking no one would be able to help and she did!
  13. I could not find a list for DAN's that have been good with PANDAS. Anyone have one for Georgia or can you help me know how to find a good one? Are there questions I should ask etc..?
  14. Phasmid, he has been complaining of abdominal pain! They did stool cultures last week and maybe they will find something. Dr. Latimer put him on such a high dose augmentin because he was so bad with tics, ocd, and hallucinations he made "Sammy" look normal. We see her again in a few weeks and hope now that he is better she will lower the dose. Thanks for information!
  15. Thank you! I took DS9 into the ped and told her about our issues. She had us give 4 stool samples and is testing for a few different things. I started giving him extra probiotic and that seemed to help the smell. He has been complaining of a sore throat for weeks and it's red, but strep culture is always negative. We even tried giving him benedryl incase he had some drainage we couldn't see, but still no help. It's just red, no white, which would make me think not yeast. Do children on high dose antibiotics have a higher chance of getting c-diff? We have been seeing Dr. Latimer and I g
  16. My DS9 has been on Augmentin 1000 mg twice a day since October due to strep in the gut. He has been basically back to "our normal" and just this week his stools have started to smell terrible again, a few tics are coming back, and he has become emotional. I wouldn't think strep has started to grow again with the dose he is on. Can anyone tell me what the symptoms of yeast in the gut are, how to test for yeast, and what the treatment is? Also, any other ideas of what could be causing this?
  17. Thank you!! I am going to stay strong and and go into this meeting knowing this teacher is wrong, not us! His teaching methods are not good for most students I would think. When ever I have come to school he has been sitting at his desk playing on his lap top or blackberry. I'm not sure why he refuses to change his teaching style for my son other than laziness. I will keep you posted on my Friday meeting. If you have any ideas on what I can say please post! I did find this online last night and thought it might help him to understand. The Orchestra Analogy In an orchestra ther
  18. I would love some ideas on something natural I can give my ds9 to calm him before the dentist. I have tried calm child and melatonin and it did not help. He has sensory issues and everything they do "hurts." What are you guys using to calm?
  19. We have a 504 in place and it still has been a nightmare with my son's teacher! He is one of those teachers who does not teach. His method is to give the students a packet of worksheets to work on all week and then on Friday they get turned in. They are given a packet of 8 worksheets. Each worksheet has a file folder that hangs in a bin next to the teachers desk. Daily they are to get the correct folder for whatever worksheet they want to do, read the info inside(basically teach themselves), and then do the work. All you PANDAS parents out there can see the issue here! My son is confuse
  20. She said if it's showing rectally then it is colonised in his gut. Did your DS get treated with oral antibiotics as well? We have been on penicillin daily for the past three years, but Dr. L said it wasn't helping at all if it has started to show at the other end! She has put him on Augmentin XR 1000 mg twice a day to fight the infection for the next 5 months and then we will see her again to re-evaluate. She said he might need it longer to kill everything. I had taken my son to the ped several times telling her he has to have strep somewhere because of his behavior, but never was asked a
  21. Best doctors visit we have had in three years! Finally someone who understood what we have been going through. It felt really good to not have her look at us like we were crazy. I feel like the worst mom ever though.. My son has had a rash on his bottom for months that has come and gone. I kept yelling at him to wipe better, but turns out it is strep!! No wonder he has had such issues. Hopefully with the new antibiotic things will be on an upswing for us. Thank you to all who suggested Dr. Latimer!!
  22. Thank you!! I want to make the most of this appointment!!
  23. I am not any help on the blood levels because my son's are always elevated, but we did switch him to penicillin 250 mg daily a couple years back because the azith didn't seem to help. Maybe ask for a different antibiotic? A round of augmentin might help.
  24. Not weird at all! My son has to lick everything before he touches it. It had become a real problem while using restrooms! I just try and talk him through the urge, telling him his mind is strong enough to control the thought. He has other urges too and I told him when ever he feels a need to do something to come tell me and I have been able to talk him out of it. The first few days you'll be bothered every minute, but as he sees he can control his urges he'll start doing it more on his own..
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