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  1. I feel so much better that my son isn't the only one. I feel like the food police also! He is always hungry. I make him deals, if he drinks a 20oz bottle of water and is still hungry he can have a snack. Not a problem for him at all. I made a time chart for him today, so he would know what time it was ok to eat. We put a sticker up when he ate that way he could go back and see he had eaten and when then next time he could again. If he was inbetween the time for a snack or meal he could have water or celery. The only thing it did was help me see how every minute of the day he thought of
  2. As always I'm back for your help! My son has been on PCN, fish oil, and probiotic daily for almost 4 years and we have been going through the ups and downs. Nothing we haven't been able to handle. He has been in one of his periods that usually lasts about 3 weeks for 3 months now and it seems to be getting worse. Facial tics, grunts, emotional outbursts, and fears. You all know what I'm talking about! This time around he has become obsessed with food. He can eat lunch, walk away from the table with his plate in his hand, and ask me when lunch is. I have to remind him that he just
  3. I have been lucky so far and my son has only needed penicillin daily to keep the tics/ocd/emotinal stuff at bay. Pam has been great in actually researching PANDAS, doing blood work needed, and not fighting giving him antibiotics he needs. As far as I know my son is her only PANDAS patient, but she has been great. Back 4+ years ago when Dr. Swedo was reachable Pam was willing to do and order anything she reccomended. It's worth giving her a call and seeing if she would be willing to treat your child. I know just getting a Ped to give antibiotics can be hard! Are there any good doctors tha
  4. Hi! I'm in Temple, Ga I have a great PA in Douglasville that has been helpful the past 4 years. She is with Wellstar Creekside Peds. Pam Landers. Wonderful women, used to work at Kenmar Peds in Marietta and I followed her out to Douglasville.
  5. Yes, It will be on mystery diagnosis at 10pm! Sorry.. I guess I should have posted that!
  6. Hey! I just read that on 6/14/10 Discovery Channel is doing a show on PANDAS. Finally word is getting out!
  7. 'browneyesmom': I wanted to tell you that it took many weeks of being on antibiotic before my son's strep was finally under control. My PED gave him Bicillin LA injections every three weeks for a few months and it finally worked. We then switched to PCN. We still have issues with focus, OCD, and emotinal outbursts at times just as all PANDAS kids do. I tried to take my child off PCN a few times and with in a couple of days the tics and eveything else started back with a vengence. Try and stay on the antibiotic and I pray you will see a huge difference soon.
  8. All your child's issues are inline with what my son went through. Stay on antibiotics daily and I bet you'll see things get better. My son's ticcs are about gone there are so few. The vocal one was the first to go.
  9. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! All of you have given me such great information. Pepsi Max is a diet drink, so it is not something my son will get again. I would prefer to give him sugar before all the chemicals. I have ordered some ginseng tea from iherb and hope it will give him the same effect as the Pepsi Max did. I am leary on the caffeine pills, but I will take him to Starbucks and let him have a "treat" while I watch his actions. I was given some info on another child that high caffeine soda helped their ADHD due to the caffeine, so I wonder if that was my magic pill? I'll kee
  10. Chemar! I was hoping you were up! Thank you for your post. I haven't been able to find anything about children taking ginseng, so I'm going to buy some tea bags from Iherb and see if that helps since I'm not sure of a good dose to start with. Anything that will help with mood/anxiety I'm willing to try. Does your hubby take the "rest period" every couple of weeks as suggested?
  11. I can say YES tics can be brought on by allergies. My older son only tics from the end of July through late October. Goldenrod and Ragweed and molds are high here at that time. All of which he tested postive with. It took five years, but this year we finally have it under control. I have tried natural supps, local honey, ES baths. They all helped, but never took it away. We also tried Zyrtec which made the tics worse. As he gets older kid's tease, so this year I reluctantly went with the medication route and it worked. He takes a 5 mg of Claritin and then I give him Benedryl as needed
  12. I am so confused. My husband took my PANDAS son to the grocery store with him and as a treat let him buy a soft drink if he behaved. Well my son picked out Pepsi Max. I know this is going to sound strange, but my son seemed "cured" for about 3 hours. His OCD that has been horrible this month was gone, he could focus on any task we asked him to do, and his emotional behavior was gone. He became a completely different kid. I hate to say this, but he was "normal". Something my husband and I haven't seen since all this strep/PANDAS stuff started. Like I said it took about three hours and e
  13. Thank you! I went back and read the two studies and it says no more than 10 grams in children, not mg's!
  14. Hey all! My PANDAS son is having real OCD issues and I'm going to try inositol as suggested by another member on the boards. I have only been able to find 500mg or higher and the studies I read about inositol and children said use 10mg. Does anyone know what the correct dose to give a 7 year old that will give us good results? Thank you for any help! Or.. if you have any other suggestions to help with our issues I would love to hear them. Emma1 gave me some ideas, but anything else would be great too since school is starting next week.
  15. Hey again! Thank you for the book idea, they are really helping. The best part is it explains OCD in a simple way even my DH understands now! I did have one more question for you. I bought the Inositol and when I looked online to figure out a child's dose all the studies said under 10mg. I am unable to find a dose smaller than 500mg. My son is 7, what dose are you using?
  16. This site was a God-send to all of us! Keep your son on antibiotics for good!
  17. Sarah is your son on antibiotics daily? If not, I would stop all the testing and give it a try. It may take a few weeks, but it helped my son greatly!
  18. Pudgeo!! Please beg for antibiotics! Your son sounds just like mine. It took a good three months on PCN before the tics and behavior seemd to just go away, but it did! I remember thinking nothing was going to help. My son still has flare ups and I tried to take him off the PCN this summer and with in a week the tic and OCD came back. As soon as I started the PCN it went away again. I do not know why the antibiotic works, but it does. As for the original posts question we are on PCN, fish oil, and a probiotic. Allergy testing showed no food allergies, but I sometimes still wonder th
  19. Lurker, Where would I find the National allergen/pollen map? I tried to google it, but wasn't able to find anything that told the specific allergens. My child has had allergy testing and is allergic to grass and molds. Our doctor keeps saying he has a childhood tic and it isn't an allergy, but it only happens for the same few months and goes away for the past 4 years. I know he is wrong, just can't find what will work. We used Zyrtec with no help and found out it has caused tics in children, benedryl and epsom salts last year helped a little along with homeopath drops. I will try the
  20. April and May were terrible for my PANDAS son. Slight tics and OCD/focus issues were terrible. Things got better in June and still going ok now. Tics are gone. I wonder since they aren't around as many children and viruses that maybe that is why? I do have another child who gets severe tics the end of July through October. I tried everything holistic I could find last year with no real help. This year I'm trying Claritin, Benedryl, or what ever I can get my hands on!
  21. Thank you again emma1 ! I placed two of Dawn Huebner's books on hold at our library and will go get them today.
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