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  1. Dedee!! I just came to this website looking for help. We have been sent to every type of doctor and no one has been able to give us answers. I would love to hear what issues your child was struggling with and more on how you have been treating them. We are so confused on what is best for our 6 year old who has PANDAS. Luckly his tics went away the second round of antibiotics, but the OCD/behavior issues still come and go. Thank you for posting your information. You really have given us some hope that we can talk with someone(doctor) that knows what to do!
  2. I just foud this website and I would not wish this on anyone, but I am so happy to find others that can understand! My 6 year old son was diagnosed with PANDAS and I can not find anyone(doctors) who can tell me what to do. They have put him on a penicillian injections every three weeks for five years, have us seeing a neurologist/psychologist./ENT/ID, and basically said give him Paxil or Clonidine. His tics went away after a second round of amoxicillan, but the OCD/behavior issues still are coming and going. I am at that beginning stage of not knowing where to go and who can help us. His
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