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Has anyone used Methyl B12?


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Does anyone have any information using Methyl B12 for tics? My daughter also has inattentive ADHD. The alternative Medical doctor we are seeing said that if all the supplements we are using do not reduce the tics, he will start on her on Methyl B12. I feel like the supplements are helping her ADHD, but I have not seen any real difference in her tics. Anyone with any experience with Methyl B12?


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yes, my son uses methylB12 (1000mg a day) although not specifically for tics, but as part of his overall program


we honestly have not noticed any direct impact on tics, but then his are so mild now that they are at baseline


he does find that he gets edgy and irritable if he does not have the methylB12

We use the one by Jarrow

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