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Sorry Caz, just couldn't resist! :D


First download a free additive code breaker from Sue's site or the net. They are a must.


I make our own wholemeal speltflour bread in the breadmaker, the kids got used to it eventually!


They could have lettuce with Sue's chickpea dip, at the start I did use wholemeal flat bread, but you have to make sure the 282 preservative isn't in it there is a Lebanese one in Safeway thats OK. Some kids react to wholemeal flour.


Boiled egg as long as they're fresh. Find someone who has chickens.

The pear jam I mentioned was a failsafe recipe, but normally jam is out.

You can make raw cashew paste yourself. It's a bit rich for my kids and they didn't like it. But I found out there is life after peanut butter!

Plain chicken that you have cooked yourself. Sea salt is ok for flavour.


Stay away from Cooked chickens in supermarkets, they are almost radioactive with seasonings! and ham or processed meats. Too many nitrates.

Tinned Tuna and salmon were off the list, Butter is ok.


Arrowroot is used to thicken stuff, but buy from the healthfood shop Lotus brand is preservative free.

The supermarkets ones have 220 in them I think.


Rice cakes with golden syrup. Sometimes I make failsafe scones with the jam or Golden syrup for topping or pikelets.

Plain Smiths chips are failsafe I am pretty sure, white jelly beans are ok in Sues book.


Most Arnotts plain biscuits are OK like Salada, clix and savoy, but maybe check with Marina. Sometimes the companies change the recipe.

Sakata rice crackers are the only ones I trust.


All the recipe's I use are in Sue's cookbook or The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney has 2 cookbooks out that I think are failsafe- Sue works a lot with them.

I found a copy in the library of the first one and you can order it from the allergy unit. They have just released a new book, but I haven't got it yet.


There are plenty of lunchbox slices and cakes in Sues book.

Honey's out, but I use Rice syrup, golden syrup, pure maple syrup. My kids are ok with it, it is not as sweet as honey.


There is a nice lunchbox potato slice, rice and cottage cheese pie, asian style salad.

There is a pear chutney ( substitute for tomato sauce)

these recipe's are in the RPA book. I can give them to you later if you need them.


Don't forget to change your toothpaste. That usually has lots of colors and flavours in it.

I use Weleda, the plant gel one or the calendula one is quite nice. You can get it from health food shops, but beware of the other brands because most of them have some type of aspartame, sorbitol or sacchrin in them. Of couse they always say they are natural!


Since we changed diets. I now buy 10% at the supermarket and 90% of my drygoods through my co op, we get most stuff at wholesale prices plus 20% which includes GST. I was going through the health food shop, but it is too expensive, especially if you have five kids.

It sounds really hard, but keep trying and eventually it becomes 2nd nature to check all labels. For inspiration check the difference in your childs tics!



Check what pots your cooking in, I gave my kids aluminium poisoning from cooking in aluminium pots inherited from my grandmother. <_<


LOL Clare

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Guest Guest_Caz

I nearly died when i saw your pear jam sandwiches post!


I am about a third of the way thru Sue's book, and gosh, can I relate to her story or what?


Will read and reread it I think - there is so much to digest.


Thanks for all the handy advise. I'm sure I will have a million questions.


I actually thougth I was doing really well with additives etc, until I read about all the other stuff.


I guess only time on the elimination diet will tell.


Thanks again



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Pears, Pears & more pears!

My eldest doesn't want to see another pear in his life!

For most the choice increases. I still sneak the pears in. Pear crumble, being the favorite, and now add other fruits like mango & apples. The extras will have to go while on the elimination diet.


Caz, glad you got the book. The next one should be the Failsafe cookbook. Lots of good ideas.(Also more kid friendly)

You can also get the RPA new friendly food from Kmart for $20.


Lunch ideas: It is hard, but becomes easier when you get the swing.

eg: Lunch today for the kids included Chicken with lettue & grated carrot on flat bread, (I cooked two chickens, for dinner last night) and Smiths plain chips.

Pump water bottles from supermarkets are in!



Be careful, and maybe find a good dietician through the Fedup website contact list.

The only toothpaste recommended is Soul Pattinson Plain. A a chemist in Moonee Ponds, VIC stocks it, and pretty sure it's available online.

Most plain Arnotts biscuits are OK, but keep checking website for product updates.

Your first change should be preservative free bread. Bakers delight white OK.

Many kids react to wholemeal.

With my son, when he was 8, I repeated the testing 4 times to be convinced.

I basically could not believe what I was seeing.

I didn't tell the teacher when I was testing so that I could be sure it wasn't my imagination. The only time that we all agreed that the diet did not work was when I decided to up the nutrient content and bake all my own bread using No Knead wholemeal flour products. They assured me there were no additives.

We should try total gluten free, but I find that he tolerates white bread, and that makes life so much easier.

Still I'll have to answer the question mark at some stage.


I went through my notes from 2 years ago for the 12 year old.

After 2 weeks on min change, we also went dairy free and had great improvement. Much to my surprise, testing showed that milk seemed OK, and either the improvement was due to time or the elimination of the few remaining flavors in vanilla products. I'm not sure what the conclusion will be.


Use Checklist of common mistakes.


I'm planning to start the strict elimination diet in about 6/8 weeks, when the stress of a major competition in Perth that the twins are involved is over, and the 17 year old finishes his final year 12 high school exams.

Stress TOO high at the moment, and life must become a little more normal.



What's the role of Magnesium Taurate and is it available here?


I brought Magnesium tablets. Does the seperate Taurate compensate?


This site is addictive. This is my first time using a forum, but WOW what a great boost. Am feeling so much calmer and up beat.

Bad luck if dinner is late.


Thanks everyone.

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Yes I did once notice that strong perfume started a tic lasting one hour.

It happened when my 17 year old and his friends were getting ready for a party and there was enough deodorant sprayed to take care of an army coming back from a boot camp!


For the Aussies: What is it about teenagers and the Lynx effect !!!(in joke <_< )

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Before reading the Fed up book I thought I was doing really well. We never buy coloured lollies etc, but now I am looking at the margarine (which is dairy free - but has preservative 202 in it) and the oven fries (have antioxidants in them). Even the yogourt has annatto.


I know the book says that if you only do 90% you will not get 90% result you will wont get an accurate result at all, but as we are already gluten/dairy free, I don't know if I can add the salicytates and amines at the moment, my son already only eats a handful of things.


I think I will keep going on the gluten/casien free plus no additives at all for the next two weeks and see what results we get, then challenge with the gluten/casien first - I guess we can't do everything at once!



Thanks again for all the great info!!


PS One last question: How can an aussie kid live without vegemite?



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HI Caz,


sorry it's been a few days, I work night shift and sometimes lose days! plus I'm starting a new business, which is going like a whirlpool.


If your child is a fussy eater, as mine are. Read Sue's book and slowly bring in the veges that are low in Sals and amines.

It is to stressful for everyone to suddenly change from one diet to another.

There was no way mine would touch brussel sprouts or cabbage with a bargepole!

So I used to make a soup with lots of veges, and vitamise it,then I would increase the yukky vege while decreasing the ones they wern't supposed to be on.

I'd give them plenty of bread and promise them a great dessert if they ate first a couple of spoons then increased it gradually to half the bowl.


In the meantime I stopped buying a lot of conveinience foods and started to make my own. Yep they winged, but it was either eat my stuff or starve!

I also changed fruit bowl tactics and increased the amount of (more) yellow apples then red, and added pears while cutting out bananas.


I promise you that when the time is right for you to try the diet properly, even though it looks like they don't get enough vitamins and minerals, amazingly they still survive and even seem happier for it.


The main thing is to start practising reading the labels and trying to avoid the colours/flavours and preservatives. And get them used to your cooking!!!!!!!!!


My kids were addicted to Chris's hoummus dip, I started making it, but they won't eat it (Chris's has 320 in the oil they use) I'm seriously considering buying his container and ditching the dip, then putting mine in it. In the meantime I'm eating it all by myself.mmmmmmmmm


I'm not sure how accurate the test with casien and gluten will be if he still has intolerances with the other things that haven't been eliminated. Maybe Marina will know. ;)


My sick son has recovered from his Gastro with the help of homeopathic drops. His tics have almost disappeared again. Thank goodness.


You said you have five little cherubs Caz, have any of the others got symptoms?


Do you know of anyone in your family with it?


We couldn't trace it back, but our families are in Scotland and England and we rarely have contact, so someone may have had it.



I'll catch ya later, if you have any other probs, just write! I try to look at least every 2nd day.

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Guest Guest_Caz

Thanks for the tips on introducing the diet slowly. Now that I am starting to read the labels, I can't believe how many artificial things are in most stuff - even the healthy stuff! My kids love those twisty soy crisps, and I thought as they were from the health food shop they must be ok, but they have flavour enhancer on the list. Oh well!


We have been dairy, gluten and corn free for 2 weeks, and absolutely no difference!


On his IGg allergy test he only showed up mildly allergic to citris, and highly allergic to nuts, so we already avoid those things.


There is just about nothing the kid can eat, these days he prefers just to not eat! Its been school holidays, so I have just let me eat when he feels like it. Not sure what to do next week once school starts!



About my family - maybe my dad had tics, he used to do alot of throat clearing etc. My husband says that for a while as a kid he used to make funny noises, and his dad said the same thing about when he was a kid, but they both grew out of it!

So I guess my kid gets it from both sides, no wonder he seems to have got a double whammy dose - full on TS, rather than just a transient tic disorder etc.


Looking back, my dad suicided while I was pregnant with my eldest! What a stressful time I had while preganant! You have to wonder what that sort of stress and emotion does to a develping baby! I was on antibiotics for a chest infection when he was born, so what would that do to his gut? He had pyloric stenosis at 4 weeks, again quite stressful to a new mum! he was quite a difficult baby, had reflux till he was walking.


Looking back I wish I knew what I know now. Obviously allergies were a problem back then.


Anyway, I would have thought if it was milk or wheat or corn, then after 2 weeks I would have seen a difference in him.


On the allergies threat started by Claire, most said they saw a difference within a week.


My other kids


2 girls - no problems

2 boys - one at 3.5 is starting to tic, but has not had any of the other problems Josh had. Only now after a bout of tonsillitis and antibiotics, he has become psychoman.

The other is only a baby, is a terrible sleeper, but otherwise he is fine.


What a long post. Sorry for the rambling. I am trying to introduce a low salicylate/amine diet and will definitely try that.


My eldest's problem is only the tics - now after supplements like cal/mag/zinc and some chelating minerals and fish oils, he is so calm and pleasant. He is truly a joy to me, and such a great help with his siblings, no more meltdowns, or defiance.

Couldn't ask for a nicer kid!

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You are right that most others here saw the difference within a week. Jennifer M said on another thread that it took 2 months for her. However, if your IgG tests showed no sensitivity to wheat/gluten or milk/casein, then this may not be an issue. 50% of kids with autism have wheat/milk issues, so 50% don't have issues.


If it were me, given the IgG tests showed no issues, I would now reintroduce milk one day and WATCH to see what happens for a few days. Then one week later, add wheat and WATCH again. This is how rotation diets work--you test it. If you don't have 2 weeks due to vacation ending, try waiting 4 days between them.


For your 12 year old, have you ever tried (regulars please prepare yourselves for my broken record)...removing TV/computer/gameboy for a week? I know, I know, very very hard to do. But 9 of 10 of us who tried this noticed a significant improvement. Maybe best done after vacation when he doesn't have so much free time... I think this just gives you information--it doesn't have to be forever., if it works, you can switch to lower action games and an LCD monitor... Maybe this is the trigger and not diet. I think diet can be tougher than computer restrictions! At 12--would he rather tic than give up computer games for a week?




ps Have you done the spit test for yeast overgrowth for your younger son? Have your child spit FIRST thing in the am (before eating or drinking) into a glass of water and see if the spit floats or sinks. If it floats, yeast probably isn't an issue. If it sinks, or has stringers coming down, it is likely an issue. The Great Plains OAT test can confirm this.

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Hi Caz,


I agree with Claire about reintroducing the milk and wheat slowly and one at a time.


Do you do the supplements with your young lad? I know it's hard to get them to take them when they are that little.


I get my boys the low allergy Phillip Alexander multi vitamins called Formula Six, crush them and mix with rice syrup. The rice syrup is failsafe.


I also limit my kids TV because I notice a big increase in the tics if they watch it everyday.

We had them at a Steiner school, so they don't really bother with the TV much anyway.


School holidays they watch more and if they go to their nana's its full on. Then I have to detox them from that! :blink:



I think Marina must have gone on holi's! Lucky thing!


Catch ya later


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Flight leaves in a few hours! Yes am lucky.


Tics have reduced about 80%, but may all come back in the next week.


Ausclare, I started the Phillip Alexander tablets and magnesium on Saturaday. I found a very quick improvement. Hope it lasts.

The tissue salts are ready in my bag!

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Guest Guest_efgh

Ausclare and others


Which are the fruits and vegetables Failsafe suggests one to AVOID and which ones are RECOMMENDED for conditions like tics, ADD etc..



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hi Caz,


You brought up an interesting topic that has been lingering in my mind. Stress and drugs during pregnancy. I also was extremely stressed during my pregnancy to the point where my contractions started when I was only 5 months pregnant. I was put on bed-rest for the remaining period, I eventually gave birth to a full-term baby. Unfortunately, 2 drugs were administered to me during my bed-rest. 1. betamethasone (sp?) to help speedup the development of the baby's lungs incase I gave birth very early. 2. Ventalin - to reduce the contractions


They are both a form of steroids - and more research is coming out on the affects that this has on the developing nervous system - not good. At that time I had to do a cost/benefit - either give birth to a 5/6 month developed baby or take the drugs and pray for a full-term baby with no problems. Pray, I did every minute.


All to say, I know the practise of giving these drugs to pregnant women is still very actively being done. I just wonder how many women, years later, have children with neurological problems.... if so, perhaps the cost is too high and the practise should be changed/stopped.


You are right about stress also. It is so terrible on the body. I am sure there is a link to the baby's development.


In my case, my son's situation is compounded further by the fact that allergies are very prominant in my husband's family. My husband alone is allergic to practically everything - I just was hoping that my son would get my side of the genes on that one. Oh well.


He also had a bad gastro flu when he was around 2/3 years old where he vomited bile at one point - I wonder how his intestine's chemicals and makeup were imbalanced with that.



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the failsafe website is




look up checklist of common mistakes which is down the bottom section of the homepage after the newsletter.

There are no right or wrong fruits/veg for tics/ADD you have to find which ones are right by trial and error. It is a painful process for parents!


At the back of the failsafe cookbook is a list of failsafe foods


Pears, ripe,juicy and thickly peeled. Pears in canned syrup. Avoid all other fruits, fruit juice, cordials, dried fruits, fruit flavourings and toppings even when all natural.


Fresh or frozen vegetables- potatoes (large white, peeled thickly), swedes, brussel sprouts, green beans, celery, chives, garlic shallots, parsley, leeks cabbagge, canned or dried beans except broad beans. I would assume it is not baked or refried beans. garlic, canned or dried lentils. iceburg lettuce, mung bean sprouts, chokoes. Avoid all other vegetables, especially tomatoes and tomato products, vegetable juices, vegetable stocks and pastes flavoured bean mix dehydrated vegetables with preservative and potato chips cooked in oil with antioxidants.


These restrictions are needed in the first few weeks so that you totally eliminate all Salicylates, amines and natural MSG. After about four - six weeks you can start to reintroduce foods one at a time and with three days grace each. Some people take up to three days to react. If you introduce foods in combination or quicker, you will not be able to tell which one is the culprit.


Trust me when I say no child will starve to death on the restrictions!!!!


I can vouch for this by looking at the children who live on junk food and coke/pepsi and don't ever have a fresh fruit or vegetable pass their lips! You are doing it for such a short time these other children do it for years!


Hope this helps



Clare : :blink:

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Hi Evangelia,


I think you should start a new thread on the drugs, stress and pregnancy query. It would be interesting to see if there are links.


I didn't have the drugs, but I had a lot of stress with my middle pregnancy. My grandmother was dying during my fifth month and there were a lot of family issues with heaps of anger. A lot of this had to do with my father.


When my son was born, he would start crying if he heard my fathers voice. Even now 8 yrs later they are still wary of each other. This child is the worst out of the lot with the food allergies and had really bad reflux. :blink:

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