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  1. Hi there, I have been contemplating having my son do the program, a person came over and assessed him for the program and he fits most of the list. I didn't even realise he had ADD until she asked the questions! We were concerned about his dyslexia, then it hit me like a wall that ADD would be why he cannot follow simple instruction to go and get ready for school. He has to walk through 2 rooms to get to his bedroom and always gets distracted on the way. I had just got used to his air headedness! The program in Australia costs us about $5250 and every 6 weeks we would have to drive
  2. Hi Gina, I haven't been on for months and I feel a bit guilty, so you may not know my story, but let me give you major hope. With the help of the fantastic people and advice on this site, our family has been able to overcome 99% of the tics. Without this site I would have been on some sort of antidepressant and my kids would not have had a very good quality of life. I had three boys who ticced. One the 8yr old was so bad with the vocal tics I had to take him out of school and homeschool for a year. The oldest who is now 10yrs also had OCD (absolutely no sign of this now) and if you
  3. dear efgh, Using a common sense approach to immunising. In the case of Diptheria and tetnus. These diseases are a threat in places where sanitation is poor, with inadequate sewerage systems and dirty water supplies. Nutrition is poor, no fresh fruit and vegetables or no food at all or clean water. Or where your childs immune system is very low and they continually catch every cold and flu that comes along. Yes you can still get tetnus and it is usually in the soil or can be caught from rusty nails and tin, but please remember the risk is very low, especially if you use antisepti
  4. Thanks everyone for your replies, I think I might give it a go. but I'll have to ask Heather where to get it, I always have yeast problems after Easter due to the copious amounts of hot cross buns I am ashamed to say I indulge in! 1 month of bliss 11 months of trying to fix it! This year I felt it also affected one of my sons who has as much self control as me! I thought we had both developed severe candida symptoms without the thrush, they included being fog headed, tired, wanting to sleep all the time, unable to motivate to do the smallest task, cramping windy stomachs, teary
  5. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has had success with the threelac product and how long you tried it for. Did it get rid of the candida altogether and did it have any effect on tics, good or bad? I have been looking at testimonials, but I'm not sure if they are real as they seem to come from people who have a vested interest in selling the product. If anyone knows any info I would be most grateful. Thanks Clare
  6. Righty oh there guys, I just jumped on at work to see what was happening and I came across this. Hope you all had a great Easter, without to many tics! We specifically asked for no chocolate for the children, and suggested books and things, but the relatives just can't help themselves, they only bought bags of eggs with about 30 M&M egges each! Then of course there were the usual tears and tantrums and that was just from me! Thanks Claire, for that info, it is good to see you back. Caz and Marina, I have to start from scratch with the diet again, my middle son was today diagn
  7. Angibrandy, here is a site that may help you, on the USA site go into lawyers and click on excemptions (?spelling!) Here is a USA site Australia United Kingdom New Zealand I hope these come up all right. Clare
  8. Hi Angibrandy, I will never get another one of my children immunised again. I have thought about this time and again and I ask myself what if they catch a dreaded disease and are maimed or worse? After a lot of soul searching and by educating myself, my answer is that as long as I am vigilent in building up their immune system with the right food and supplements including heaps of bioflavinoids and giving them plenty of excercise and using copious amounts of common sense, then they should remain disease free. I can of course cope with the odd cold and bit of Croup! A lot of my reading
  9. Wow Chemar, I learn somethng everytime I open this site. For years my son has driven me crazy with having to cut off the labels, and just today he was complaining about the seams in his socks. I had never thought that this was a known problem. I just thought he was whinging about anything he could to get my attention. He also has problems with noise levels and this was part of the problem at school. It was the background noise that bothered him. He has also had reoccurent ear infections and lost his hearing at one stage. He has had 2 sets of gromets, but is fine now as long as he wears
  10. Hi Lorraine, One of my sons who is nearly 8yrs was the same with uncontrollable rages at home. His teacher didn't believe me either and I used to dread the 3pm pick up. He is also very bright, at first he used to tic at home all the time and not at school, but then it got harder for him to hold it in at school and this would cause him the frustration, which ended with the rages at home. I ended up taking him out of school and homeschooling him for most of this year. He had a younger brother at home to play with, so it wasn't too bad with them. His tic has almost completely disappeared
  11. To Simon, The vitamins usually make me calmer, but it didn't stop it fully, if I don't have the vitamins it comes back all the time. To Dylan, The movie called Incredibles has not started yet, but I am hoping to see it with my friend Stephanie. I have got the Egyption God Cards. I have three winged dragon of Ra, two slifer the sky dragons and two obelisk the tormentor. Tomorrow I am getting another deck, because my friend Tyson got a new deck, and in his new deck he got two of the Left leg, one of the left arm and a right arm. And he got the five headed God dragon. And he go
  12. Hi Dylan I got your message but I have to go to bed. I'll write more tomorrow. from connor
  13. Caz, Where is the enzyme derived from? Is it OK for vegetarians? What brand are you using and is it via Naturopath only? Thanks mate!
  14. Hi guys, just letting you know, I'm still reading sometimes, but am doing 2 jobs and have just moved house. Hubby lost job today, so now I'll have to work harder! Kids are feral, and haven't even started the Christmas shopping yet! Oh well, I wonder what new doors will open in the next few weeks! I'll try to keep you posted with the tics. Merry Christmas Clare
  15. Hi Heather, I have to tell you that before your Dr tells you he needs an operation, look into chiropractic or kinesiology to try to fix the problem. I remember talking to one of them about specialists that like to operate, but that it can be fixed relativly easy with other methods. I can't remember which one (sorry) As you know I am wary of "normal" Dr's opinions!
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