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We are now having major problems with dds yeast issues due to almost 5 months on abx. I think the main problem is a leaky gut, and even a small amount of probiotics or yeast killer sets off such a bad reaction as the toxins leak into her system that we get a massive inflammatory response. The abx is a must at the moment due to infections and low white blood count.


We have just tried Candida Clear (tiny amount), used salt baths, Lemon drink etc but she still exploded with tics. Tics stopped with advil and abx, but my main concern is she's now getting those drunk symptoms from the amount of yeast. DD is unable to even read at the moment as her focus has gone, and now she's just starting those flapping hand movements and eye control is all over the place.


Cannot afford to see DAN yet, but last time we visited this problem the DAN supplemented to heal the gut and then attacked the yeast. I was going to do this again, but I feel that the abx will stop the gut healing process.


I've ordered Milk thistle to support her liver, and I keep looking at the clay to remove toxins, however I have fears about this product without DAN imput and she's a small 7.


We have been talking about the yeast diet now, and are going to slowly change her diet to stop feeding the little beggers, but I even think this will cause problems. Our main Drs do not believe in leakygut/candida so I'm quite desperate for some help.


I know if we stop the abx we have an infection issue and at the same time the abx is knocking her immune system so we are going in circles. I just don't know which is the best path to follow which will be positive for my little one.


Thankyou for any help

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Hi Jules


sorry you are having to deal with all the problems intensifying


as you know, I am not a big fan of longterm antibiotics and prefer to tackle infections via more natural ways.


but that doesnt help with where you are at now.


it may be that due to her sensitive reactions, you should rather just focus on one thing at a time. If the infections are severe and you feel you need to continue on the antibiotics then maybe just try to keep the yeast issues as much controlled as possible by careful diet and do the candida eradication after the antibiotics are over


sometimes doing too much at the same time can put too much strain on the system, especially in very young kids


i know acupuncture has always really helped my son with any detox stuff but not sure if your little one would handle it, even tho there is no pain with the needles

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Thankyou Cheri,


The stress on her little body is a big concern and we see this with die off as she get a very high fever, sweating and shaking. Dh mentioned O2 therapy, but I need drs imput for that one. We tried acupunture to help with allergies a few years ago and dd was not amused to say the least. But maybe now that she's older we could try again.


I have found some detox patches that you put on your feet overnight, but they do not mention an age range. I was thinking of homemade ones but have to be careful with reactions (bandaids make her blister).


We are going to give the diet a try, starting slowly and supporting her liver. The abx are a must due to the type of infections in her kidney and even when we lower the dose we see high fevers again in days.


Ped is looking at a long dose of nystatin after infection is resolved due to advice from allergy specialist, but as prescripton is full of chemicals, E's etc we are going the natural way.


The diet that I've found states that she can have fruit, but the one we were given has ruled out fruit - very confused!


I also use a probiotic that contains yeast (SB), for tummy upsets caused by abx, do you know if this is ok to carry on? Sorry for all the questions (you'd be very rich if you started charging) ^_^




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Jules we only ever use natural probiotics like plain kefir and yoghurt (must be real cultured yoghurt, not this artificial store stuff)


epsom salts footbaths have remarkable detox ability too


if by oxygen therapy you mean HBOT(hyperbaric oxygen therapy), I have heard some very good reports on that

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We do have a foot spa that she loves to use, so will add the salt. She is DF so having trouble with Kefir, but we are starting the yeast free diet. I think at this time we can't really do much apart from not feed whats growing.


DH wants to try HBOT as he used to be commercial diver and said he never felt healthier or more alert than after his sessions. Its the lack of alertness that I can see with dd when yeast is taking over. Hopefully the milk thistle will arrive soon to help.



Once again many thanks for your help.



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FYI, I have found that getting on the oxygen concentrator for 2 hours helps with a variety of issues of the day, some of them headaches which are likely yeast die-off. So, I do believe oxygen can help, whether hyperbaric or concentrator. For me, I think the antifungals and probiotics are helping a lot more, but I guess it's hard to say as I've been doing the oxygen daily from before I started antifungals.


Don't know if you have access to it, but nystatin can be obtained in just the pure yellow powder. Likely more pleasant how I take it, compounded with no chemicals/colors/sweeteners, but with stevia to sweeten a little. Not sure if you have access to either of these methods, like you say, it does matter how it is prescribed. The fungus can be just so hard, and I was getting almost nowhere without the antifungals, even doing a lot of the "natural things". Plenty of people have had great success that way, but perhaps the fungi get so out of hand that the natural approaches just aren't enough. Before I went on abx, I was taking about 5,000,000 units of nystatin per day, which is a fairly large dose, along with some fluconazole ("diflucan") for systemic and ketoconazole nasal spray. Now, my last dose of 1 month of abx literally tonight, I am taking 11,000,000 units of nystatin per day, and taking about 30,000,000-40,000,000 probiotic bacteria every couple hours (10,000,000 of which saccharomyces bouldardi, I believe much less likely to be killed by abx). These large increases, just to keep things at the level they were at before starting abx.


It's seems a lot like a situation where you look at doing as many different things that you can, and hope it is good enough.


Incidentally, on the diet, I stopped eating grains about 10 days ago (not easy for a vegan), and that has also helped a bit. Grains are supposedly full of fungus related mycotoxins. I had already been eating no sugar and no fruits and no sweet vegetables...


Hoping you can figure something out!



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Hi Michael,


Thankyou for your comments. I think that we're on the same page with this issue. Her gut wall was previously damaged due to abx/yeast/allergy which has resulted in flora damage and the onset of small holes in the lining. This I feel has weakened her immune system and allowed infections to flourish and her body not fight them. The result is massive inflammation in body (and brain). Then given more abx and the problems increase, so we are now in a place of needing abx to fight the bad bacteria in her body but the abx are knocking her natural immune system to a dangerously low level. (hence the low white blood cells).


I now feel that the toxins of the yeast are causing just as much damage as the infections with regards to inflammation in the brain. I've tried the advil route on a number of times and see a clear pattern that reducing the inflammation reduces the symptoms that I see in her pandas dx, and the toxic byproducts of candida. We have slipped backwards from 3 years ago after healing her gut, and are back with the leaky gut issue, toxin overload and the need for abx due to immune system damage. I think I relaxed too much after a long spell of no infections and didn't carry on supporting her gut health/immune system like I should of. It's a must to keep on top of gut health. We also used liquid 02 during healing the first time round in order to kill all fungus in the body. We had a great result.


Until we resolve the ongoing infections (just don't know how without damaging the immune even more) I can only try to reduce feeding the yeast problem.

Started the diet today and fingers crossed it will help. We think that going down the HBOT route may be a good idea as it saturates the whole body. Its very expensive but dh has quite alot of contacts.


Focusing on natural anti-inflammatory methods/diet and immune support, and not going down the route of probiotics/medicine until her body can cope when we (hopefully) win the infection battle.


I can get pure nystatin from the DAN ($100) but I need the Ped to see if it's becoming a systematic problem now. We also need to push Dr to look at the whole picture of other infections to rule everything out.


If I come across some "wonder" yeast killing result I'll post and let you know.


Thankyou for all your help, and I hope that you're feeling much better too.



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