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  1. A few weeks ago my doc diagnosed me with this. He told me monolaurin would take care of it.
  2. Feels like it forgot to mention the influence the pharmaceutical industry has on the selection of articles, that where they get their money can influence what they publish.
  3. lyme mom -- I've got a question for you about mold remediation, we're getting down to it very soon, was hoping you could help with a question, I see you can't take PM's ... are you still around?
  4. I agree as well with the above posters. All I had with IGeneX was 39 IND and 41 positive, and that has shown to be a correct diagnosis.
  5. I hear Dr. K. recommends the Austin Air, and we are considering that one.
  6. I used that some months ago. After the series of increasing doses, they also have a 1M and 10M to look forward too!
  7. Mine was high and so now I believe it was from lyme, as clearly I had lyme (and maybe still do). Is it still the case that you can no longer get the test?
  8. I have a couple more questions that hopefully some will have some thoughts/experiences on. We live in hot and humid Florida and are wondering about how to deal with mold/potential mold in the garage. The garage opens up into the attic that I imagine has had a chance to build up mold just from being hot and humid so much. The garage is also not air conditioned. The garage also opens to the living space of the home, first via a small laundry room that also has our hot water heater in it. We could give the added time and expense to remediate the garage too, but would it be worth it? Let's assume it's contaminated, but, by "worth it", I mean, will it just be re-molded simply by being in a hot and humid climate and not having air conditioning? It is going to be impossible to not expose the house to the garage air sometimes--plumbers, electricians, someone delivering a new washing machine, etc. etc., it is going to happen, so I feel like I want the air good, but not sure how realistic it is... (Any thoughts/suggestions?) Also, when doing mold remediating, I know it can be a deductible medical expense if doctor prescribed. How detailed a prescription have people been getting. "Remediate mold in home" written on a prescription pad? "Remediate mold per XXXX plan attached, written by XXXX dated XXXXXX?" What seems reasonable to get a doctor do write, given it is a significant process with many pieces, it seems?
  9. Red -- I have been puzzling over making a plan for remediation. The part I don't understand is, I hear some people emptying one room of the house, cleaning it, and then one-by-one bringing in items into that room. Not sure if they are cleaning just before bringing them in, or just after. Either way, how to avoid cross-contamination. I read one write-up from someone in the remediation industry saying best results are to really take everything out of the house, clean the house, then bring things in after they are cleaned. It makes sense that's the best, of course, it's probably also the hardest. Our home has a few small bedrooms/bathrooms, a hallway, and then a fairly larger living/dining/kitchen area, and that whole area has no doors and opens to the hallway as well. Realistically, it seems harder to clean things room-by-room in this circumstance, without greater cross-contamination risk. Any thoughts on this? It occurs to me to ask you as I read what you wrote about the laundry. You were laundering clothes in the old moldy location, then bringing to the new location? You felt cross-contamination risk was minimized to acceptable by taking them straight from machine into plastic bag?
  10. I've heard that story and believe it, though I haven't read that book, just heard it from other places. There is no question this is why it is more of a problem in the CT and Long Island area. There is a reason it is called "lyme". That research facility was just across the water from Lyme, Connecticut. I'm sure vaccines and other influences affect how it presents and spreads and so on. But, the geographic explosion in that area nails that research down as key component, unless some other influence was coincidentally just there. (Vaccines weren't just done in CT and NY, to my knowledge.)
  11. We're planning a remediation as well. Can you explain these difusers and the process? A link to where one would buy one, or local in a store. Also, what does difusing these oils into the air do to the air. Is it a thick cloud which will settle on all the electronic equipment, TV screens, and get inside the small openings this equipment has to allow for air exchange? Something that would affect breathing? Or is it really much less than that, that one would barely notice, yet still effective (I have read it's effective)?
  12. I still found it helpful, even when I took fluconazole and nystatin. The same argument could be made to not bother with probiotics when someone is taking abx, since the abx is going to kill the probiotics, just wait until the abx is done and then do it. People have died in hospitals based on hospital MD's using that logic. It's kind of a defeatest/perfectionist attitude that could leave one functioning incredibly poorly (or worse) in the meantime. I think these things are important to take during these times.
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