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Danny gets adjustments 2x a week at the chiro He hasnt had any xrays .He also does other stuff im not sure (probably not a agood thing) He rubs on the top of his head I see him again on friday Ill ask. I did speak with the chiro (neurologist) last spring .I felt it was another longshot for the cure.I live in Nj but he was 1 hr away to go that distance 2x a week was to much.I have several chiro friends and relatives all of them do adjustments on there kids . Danny loves it it doesnt hurt we do it for the anxiety issues.Insurance covers it and I have a 5 $ copay .I think if you finf a chiro with good creditials that has a pediatric specialty its woth a shot . Our doesnt know of specific adjustments for Tourette syndrome . Melanie

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so flouride treatments are bad for kids with TS... We have been doing that for our kids for years....... should I NOT???




oops I forgot to add that this doctor also believes (as we all do) that it is best to keep the diet clean and free of artificial ingredients, etc. Kids with TS have such sensitive bodies anyway it is better to keep chemicals and potential allergens to a minimum. We were also talking about the dentist (I was sharing an experience with a great new dentist we are trying) and I told him that we were happy that they were not pushing fluoride treatments and left the decision up to me and he said that's definitely the way to go. I am heading to bed for tonight but will check back tomorrow to see if I need to give better detail to my responses. Good night :)
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Hi again :) He didn't take xrays. I didn't think anything of it because we've had chiropractic care before (from just general chiropractors, this is our first exerience with a chiropractic neurologist) and some take x-rays or the thermal scan up the spine and some don't. We go again tomorrow and I will ask him why he didn't do xrays. The initial testing this doctor did was 2 hours so for me that was a lot of testing and interesting to watch. Each appointment after has been between 20-45 minutes depending on what he is doing and how many questions I am asking him. :lol:


As far as the fluoride, I didn't mean to make a connection or a statement that using fluoride has a direct effect on TS. So sorry if that was confusing. From what I know and believe, anything extra (chemicals, additives, artificial coloring, etc) aggrevates my son's body and I am reluctant to add those to his body. We live in NJ and have the stupid state mandated flu vaccines and luckily my son just missed the cut-off date by 2 days last year. Whew! :) My other son who is 3 will be starting preschool this year... BTW my boys are 6, 5, 3 and 1. We actually have August/September birthdays for the first two so they will be turning 7 and 6 very soon. My 2nd oldest is the one with TS. So far I haven't noticed anything with the other boys but I am always on the look out. :)


Hope you all have a great afternoon!


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Hello, I just wanted to say that we, too, have been seeing a neurologic chiropractor. My daughter, 11, has been going for 3 months and he is using a lot of the same exercises which he calls Hemispheric Integration Therapy. He treats a lot of autistic chidren with the same therapy. My friend, who recommended this doctor, has a 13 yo daughter, who has had several developmental issues since she was born, but no TS. She has been going 3x/week for about 6 months and says she has seen a great improvement in her daughter's condition.


I have not noticed a drastic improvement in my daughter's tics, but I will say that what I thought was a "waning" has turned out to be the longest waning we've ever had since her tics started when she was 8. And her temperment has improved a lot. Her tics are minimal now (just like when she is in a waning part of the cycle), so I'm thinking maybe I should give more credit to our doctor. She has had rages in the past and been very oppositional during the bad times, and so far, that seems to be SO much better. But, as we all know, it comes and goes, so I can't say for sure yet that it has been the therapy she's getting. I think the test will be when the stress level goes up when school starts again. I will be happy to post again and say I when I know more certain.


I know our doctor believes in what he is doing and has helped others. He treats adults as well. One big drawback is that it is expensive and insurance usually does not cover it, therefore, we are at the end of our visits.


I don't post much, but I love this board. If I find anything that helps us, I will share it. I will post in September when school is in session.


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momof4boys, thank you for sharing this with us.

I think that finding the right health care professional is the hardest part, and once you find someone who's knowledgable and also cares about what he's doing and about the patient, you're on your way to improve.

This brings me to ask momof4boys, but also everybody else here: If you find the right doctor, and once you know and trust them, ask them if they know other doctors that they trust, maybe they met them in a conference, learned from or taught someone else their methods. Especially in other states or even countries. Then post the names here. This way, other people who live far away can try it too. Maybe we can open a new thread that will be a list of names and speicialty of doctors, homeopaths, etc'?

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