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  1. Oops I just reread your original post and I assumed you were rolling UP but now I'm not sure. Try to determine which direction your are ticcing and then do the OPPOSITE for the exercises if you choose try that route. So if you are ticcing to the left, do everything to the RIGHT or vise versa. Good luck!
  2. My son's doctor has him do eye exercises which seem to help him. If you are ticcing/rolling UP, then you should try to strengthen the eyes by looking DOWN at a fixed target and try to hold them there for the count of 20. Go in the opposite way your are ticcing. For example, if you are sitting in a chair, place something on the floor by your feet and sit with your head straight and then *without* moving your head, force your eyes to look DOWN at the target. Repeat the exercise throughout the day but if you are getting fatigued, don't push it. Only do what you can without putting strain on you
  3. Hi again He didn't take xrays. I didn't think anything of it because we've had chiropractic care before (from just general chiropractors, this is our first exerience with a chiropractic neurologist) and some take x-rays or the thermal scan up the spine and some don't. We go again tomorrow and I will ask him why he didn't do xrays. The initial testing this doctor did was 2 hours so for me that was a lot of testing and interesting to watch. Each appointment after has been between 20-45 minutes depending on what he is doing and how many questions I am asking him. As far as the fluorid
  4. oops I forgot to add that this doctor also believes (as we all do) that it is best to keep the diet clean and free of artificial ingredients, etc. Kids with TS have such sensitive bodies anyway it is better to keep chemicals and potential allergens to a minimum. We were also talking about the dentist (I was sharing an experience with a great new dentist we are trying) and I told him that we were happy that they were not pushing fluoride treatments and left the decision up to me and he said that's definitely the way to go. I am heading to bed for tonight but will check back tomorrow to see if
  5. This doctor understands how TS works with the brain. For example, with my son's eye tics, he knows the brain anatomy so well (from his neurologic background) he will say which part of the brain is misfiring based on the the ticcing my son is doing in front of him. He will double check it with the VNG camera. He will show me an exercise to do at home that will stimulate that part of the brain that needs to improve and we will work on that. Then he will recheck him with various tests at the next appointment to see if there are improvements. He is always checking to see if it is the right or l
  6. Mary, sorry you didn't have success with the doctor that was referred to you. As far as my son's diet, we try very hard to limit artificial colors and preservatives. He is anaphalaxic for peanuts (level 6 on RAST scores) and has lower levels for other tree nuts (level 3 and below) Most of what we eat is organic (all meats, dairy, fruits and veggies) It has been harder for me to find snack food for his school lunches (many of the organic snack packs are still processed in plants that have peanuts, etc) but I do pretty well finding conventional snacks that don't have as much junk in it. I ju
  7. I want to share what has been working for my son We have been seeing a chiropractic neurologist for about 6 weeks (started in late June) and have seen a dramatic improvements with his tics. They are almost non-existant at this point. My son will be 6 in September and has been ticcing since the age of 3 but was officially diagnosed in March with TS. He is also fine motor delayed and has speech issues. He will be starting kindergarten in September (he has an IEP) and will be receiving OT/ST. I was not aware that the field of chiropratic neurologist existed until a facebook friend saw one
  8. Has anyone used a chiropractor neurologist to help relieve TS? My son used to go to a general chiropractor and although I know it improved his spine alignment it didn't show much improvement for his tics. A friend referred me to a chiropractor neurologist and I am going to call their office to get more information and find out about the cost, etc. (they don't participate with insurance) Anyone have anything to share with me that would help me make up my mind? Thanks so much!
  9. Thank you Michele and San for your feedback! I feel so much better reading your opinions because you have already gone thru the kindergarten years... I will talk to my son's case manager tomorrow and ask some more questions. The impression I got from the principal today was that they need to know ahead of time about the aide because if it is something that will be included in the IEP, they will have to hire somebody to start for the new school year. I guess that means that if he's doing poorly there is less of a chance of having an aide added a few months into the school year by revising
  10. My son is transitioning into kindergarten in the fall and I just had his re-evaluation meeting for his IEP. He is now officially classified as "other health impaired" because of his Tourettes. (in preschool, it is a generic classification of "preschool disabled" and now he is moving onto the elementary school. We live in NJ) He will also be receiving speech therapy and OT in kindergarten. I am trying to make sure his transition is smooth and had a meeting with the Principal at his new school today to explain a bit about him and his Tourettes and some of his other medical conditions (severe
  11. I'm unable to make the conference. Does anyone know if the information will be video taped? I'm in NJ and have 4 small boys and it's too far (and expensive) for me to travel over the holiday weekend in May.
  12. Hi! WOW ~ when I read your post I see exactly what my son is going thru (except he is much younger... will turn 5 in September) He started at age 3 with the eye rolling and slight mouth grimace... went on to cough tics, sniffling tics, etc. They would wax and wane depending on his daily activities or if he had a head cold, virus, etc. In June we saw a horrible head bob that would really interfere with his ability to sit and watch a movie, speak clearly, etc. It was really scary for us and we changed pediatricians and had a whole bunch of bloodwork ordered. I was sure something would turn
  13. As far as blood test, OMG we did a whole bunch. Our pediatrician was wonderful. I posted a thread about 2 weeks ago asking what type of bloodwork to run and some of the moms gave me good ideas. They took 5 viles and honestly, I can't even rememer what half of them were. Of course there was the cbc/diff and metabolic panels. They did the strep test for PANDAS. He ran the lyme and EBV test. Something called an ASO? My son also has mastocytomas on his skin (mast cells) and they are checking for mastocytosis in the blood... I think the test was serum tryptase. I should get the full report
  14. ((((((Jeanne)))))) I'm brand new here...I'm a mom of 4 boys and I can totally relate to how your anxiety kicks in when you watch your son with his eye tic. I am going thru the same thing with my almost 5 year old. We're awaiting blood results which should be available tomorrow. Hang in there. I have found a lot of great ideas and encouragement reading thru the different threads. It is so hard to watch our kids go thru this when we can't make it stop for them. Keep us posted and let us know how he is doing!!!
  15. Hi! I am brand new to this forum and am excited to learn more about tics and tourettes. Quick history here, my second oldest boy (he will be 5 in September) has struggled with a transient tic disorder and it is getting worse and I am suspecting a diagnosis of tourettes. The pediatric neurologist can't see him until August 1st but my son is struggling greatly and looks terrible. He is in a special preschool program because he has fine and gross motor delays and he has a long list of allergies, both food and seasonal. He is the sweetest little boy but just seems to have so many mysteries su
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