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My son is always up late, having a difficult time going to sleep. It doesn't help he has urinary tics where he has to go to the bathroom frequently. Usually notice this when he's trying to get to sleep, not as much during the day. I'm looking for something gentle to ease him into sleep. Camomile tea would proably be the best thing, but he doesn't like the taste, proably because I didn't put much sweetener in it. I figured that would defeat the purpose and wind him up. Some have given Epsom Salt baths, but I think it makes my kid tic more. Any other teas that taste better? He says his Calcium makes him tired, but not enough to put him out. Thanks for all the help.

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are you giving any magnesium at night. a magnesium supp or Natural calm or kids calm can really help soothe for sleep if your child doesnt tolerate the epsom salts bath (probably a reaction to the sulfate in the salts)


have you tried putting honey in the chamomille?


also take a look at www.nativeremedies.com as they have some gentle sleep aids

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Try the combination of 5 htp and melatonin. Start with 1mg of melatonin and work up. Most kids only need 1 or 2 mgs. That helps them get to sleep. Give 5 htp (tryptophan, the stuff in turkey that makes you tired) to keep him asleep. Many kids taking melatonin alone go to sleep easily but wake up in the middle of the night. With 5htp they sleep through

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I would suggest caution with doses that high of melatonin mixed with 5HTP


5HTP is very potent serotonin booster and melatonin is part of the serotonin biosynthesis pathway too plus it has hormonal attributes. over stimulating serotonin can lead to serotonin syndrome which can be dangerous!


my son is adult age yet 300 MICROgrams of melatonin knocks him out and anything more leaves him very groggy next day


I know individuals vary in their reactions but it really is advisable to start at the minimum dose on melatonin (300 micrograms and then only gradually work up if needed and only combine with 5HTP or tryptophan with caution. also never combine these with SSRI's or any other med or supp that also boosts serotonin

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