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  1. My son did months of oral antibiotics, months of IM penicillin and 16 IVIG treatments. Behaviors were still there and his ASO and AntiDNase B titers were as high as ever. We finally decided to try homeopathy and within 9 months the majority of my sons PANDAS related issues were resolved and for the first time in 3 1/2 years his strep titers were in normal range. So in our case, no, IVIG did nothing for my son but put his parents very deep in debt. I must say we saw some improvement around IV 5 and 6 but then it leveled off and never got any better, then while doing IVIG the things that im
  2. No, it was not Dr. Gupta. Please don't take Dr. K's brief email response personally. He is so busy but usually manages to get a quick reponse to us all. I would recommend setting up a phone consult with him and he can then really get into your case and talking is always better that writing. We just had another consult with him yesterday regarding low-dose ivig (vs 1.5 dose) and that it almost always does nothing for Pandas (I said ALMOST, so pls no bashing!). We are definitely staying with the 1.5 dose, waiting at least 3 months and then decide on another high-dose. I haven't heard a lot
  3. . Because of our phone call and several others from families having poor success with monthly IVIG he called the doctor who was prescrbing it, himself a brilliant, talented and highly regarded immunologist and convinced him to change his protocol to a single or infrequent infusion of at least 1.5 g/kg of IVIG. Dr. K told me the reasons, but it is not my place to try to explain them, even though I did that poorly on a previous post. Was the other doctor Dr. Gupta at UCI?? If so I wish someone would have told him that before we paid out of pocket for 16 infusions. We're still paying
  4. I think my kid is the exception here. We did 16 IVIG treatments and saw improvement around 5 or 6, then none after that. Around IVIG #12 his symptoms came back. We increased the dose for 4 more months and saw no changes at all so we stopped.
  5. Hey Ratlenhun, that's a lot of IVIG's! Worried Dad's son had several IVIG's, high dose Augmentin is what finally eventually made a big difference. Did your child have a good workup with an immunologist? (I don't remember much about your situation except that your child is autistic!) The other autistic kids on this forum (Peglem's, Melanie's) were found to have immune defiencies. Also, did you ever send blood work into Dr. Cunningham and what were the results? What dose of Azith. did you use and for how long and how much does your child weigh? What dose of IVIG did your child get? Was th
  6. Add dermatographism to our list of diagnoses. Grrr....just wondering if anyone else is dealing with this since it can be related to autoimmune issues
  7. I'll have to TiVo this. We've been battling PANDAS unsuccessfully for 2 years now. Dr. Trifiletti, any advice for a kid who didn't improve with IM Bicillin, Zithromax, Omnicef or 16 IVIG treatments?
  8. I think the problem would lie in what states he's licensed to practice medicine in.
  9. We've been with Dr. Bock for over a year. Switched to him from another DAN doctor. I think we have Bock stumped. I think we have a good yeast protocol in place and even increased it a bit recently. I'm almost wondering if gut bacteria is an issue based on signs in the BMs. I talk to Dr. Bock again next week I think. It can't come soon enough. The last month has been REALLY REALLY bad!! Kerrie
  10. Yes, he has autism, and before PANDAS hit he was well on his way to recovery. He was amazing with the way he was progressing and where he was. He had a full immune work up. We flew from NY to CA to see Dr. Gupta at UC Irvine. My son did IM Bicillin for 4 months. Cycle after cycle of Zithro rotating with Omnicef, and for over year now has been taking zithro 250 mg 2x a week. Any thoughts? Suggestions? the way he's been lately I'm open to an exorcism!!
  11. My son will be 8 in November. We paid for IVIG out of pocket. Insurance wouldnt cover it. Doubt we could get PEX covered and I have no idea what that would cost, but I'm sure it's not cheap.
  12. My son has had 16 IVIG treatments. He seemed to improve around treatments 5, 6 and 7, and then nothing. We increased the dose as his weight increased. No further improvement, and he even worsened back to the point that he was at before IVIG while still on IVIG. After increasing the dose, we gave it 6 treratments before we gave up and finally, we've stopped.
  13. How did it go for you? We own a half share in a chamber and use it for my son with autism. He did WONDERFUL in it until his PANDAS diagnosis. We get the chamber every 2 months. The first turn after his PANDAS diagnosis he started with bad vocal tics a week after we started the chamber so we stopped not knowing if the chamber was the problem since other changes were going on. We didn't use it for the rest of our turn. When we got it back again a few months later, same thing, and most recently at our turn in November, within a week the vocal tics and screaming went haywire after just 2 dives.
  14. Try the combination of 5 htp and melatonin. Start with 1mg of melatonin and work up. Most kids only need 1 or 2 mgs. That helps them get to sleep. Give 5 htp (tryptophan, the stuff in turkey that makes you tired) to keep him asleep. Many kids taking melatonin alone go to sleep easily but wake up in the middle of the night. With 5htp they sleep through
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