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  1. Anyone used L-tryptophan for tics? Does anyone know if it would work? Read something somewhere, a woman used it for her tics. I know it can be powerful stuff, and should be used with caution. Just wondering if anyone has any knowledge about it?
  2. Ordered Kids Calm, to help my son at night. It's a orange flavored drink I believe. Cheri is this what you give your son? Or is it a tablet? Also, as far as the L-Carnitine, I bought a bottle called Carnipure L-Carnitine from the Vitamin Shop. On the back it says, L-Carnitine, (as L-Carnitine L-Tartrate). Is this the right stuff Cheri you were talking about you used to give your son? Starting at 250 milligrams a day, at first. Also, would it be better to give him magnesium and taurine seperately, the way you do it, instead of giving magnesium taurate? I forget what you said the taurine was for
  3. How much L-carnitine should I give a 90 lb. boy, and should I continue giving the magneseum taurate? Also where do I get the Natural Calm. He could sure use something to help him go to sleep at night. Thanks
  4. Bradley pretty much tested negative to allergies, food and enviromental. He has some food sensitivities that we've been avoiding for a few years. We did the blood test, I forget the name of it, where his blood is put into reservoirs with various foods to see if it has a reaction. My husband just told me it's "Immuno Labs" His tics pretty much change over time, he'll have one or two for a while, then maybe go to something else. He's not had anything considered major, but I worry with him getting older and starting puberty, if things esculate. If anyone knows what would be good to give a 90 lb.
  5. My 12 year old son has started having more vocal tics. Diet and magnesium taurate used to control it. He receives 125 mg. of magnesium taruate in the morning and 125 mg. at night. He also gets 2,000 mg of Flax Seed Oil a day, 1.000 mg. of Ester C, and 1,000 mg of Calcium 500+D. Could anyone tell me if these are the right amounts for a 90 lb. boy? Maybe they are way too low, or too high on some. Maybe its time to start upping things because I think he's getting close to starting puberty? I've noticed he's starting to get bodily changes, including some blackheads and a couple of pimples, etc.
  6. My son is always up late, having a difficult time going to sleep. It doesn't help he has urinary tics where he has to go to the bathroom frequently. Usually notice this when he's trying to get to sleep, not as much during the day. I'm looking for something gentle to ease him into sleep. Camomile tea would proably be the best thing, but he doesn't like the taste, proably because I didn't put much sweetener in it. I figured that would defeat the purpose and wind him up. Some have given Epsom Salt baths, but I think it makes my kid tic more. Any other teas that taste better? He says his Calcium m
  7. CSP, thanks for the tortilla recipe. Where did you purchase your tortilla press? Thanks
  8. Can magnesium taurate cause hyperactivity and more tics? My son seems wired after he takes it. His eyerolling tic was gone for a year, but the last few days he's rolling them a lot!
  9. I've been giving my eleven year old son magnesium taurate for a year, which really seemed to help with his throat clearing, but lately sometimes I think I see more tics after giving him his magnesium and calcium. And the further away from the time I gave it to him, he seems to have less tics. Maybe he's getting older and needs more? Or maybe none? Still want to try organic flax seed oil to his supplements. Anyone had any negative experiences with flax seed oil?
  10. My son has had a stuffed up nose since he started swimming this summer. I was wondering if Zyrtec or some allergy medicine would be okay to give a child with tics? What medicines does everyone use to help with colds and/or allergies? My son hasn't been sick since he started ticcing three years ago, except for the sniffles. He's nose twitching with this stuffed up nose though.
  11. What is the best supplement to give a child with tics, who also has focus/attention problems? He can't have fish oil. Would flax oil be the first thing to try?
  12. Anyone heard of gluten free oats? My son tested a 1 sensitivity to oats, a one to wheat, and a two to Quinoa. I'm assuming it's the gluten in all three, since all three have gluten in them. I believe. There's a website you can buy gluten free oats and I was wanting some for cookie making if it would be okay for my son!
  13. My son had a mouth wiping tic, that made his mouth very red and chapped. I told him when he had the urge to wipe his mouth, just touch or gently wipe the area with one finger, instead of his whole hand. This helped greatly and having him apply something during the day that wouldn't "burn his raw lips" when he put it on. I've also given him chewing gum as a "distraction." It seems that when he's chewing gum, it gives his mouth "something to do" besides wiping his mouth. There's some good natural gums at some health food stores.
  14. What is the best flax seed oil to buy? Are they all equal? Anyone recommend how much to give an eleven year old? My son couldn't tolerate fish oil. Anybody react negatively from flax seed oil? Doesn't it have other good properties like helping with ADD or ADHD? Sorry so many questions, but thought I'd ask the experts. Thanks.
  15. In my son''s hair heavy metals test, the test said he is high in arsenic. We have a doctor's appointment this coming Wednesday, to talk over the results. I feel the need to get our well water tested, does anyone know who to contact to come out and test it for us? We live in the Galveston, Texas area. Does anyone know any other things we could check out that might be the cause of high arsenic levels? Thanks.
  16. Does anyone know if enzymes, I guess they're called digestive enzymes, have any traces of MSG in them? Just something I read on the internet and wanted to get people''s opinion who use them. Thanks.
  17. What is the best calcium to get that is 100% natural and highly absorbable? I'd like to go get some for my son to balance out his magnesium.
  18. Found this on www.truthinlabeling.org. Just wanted to know everyone's thoughts that enzymes may have some MSG in them. I hope not as I was thinking of using them. Maybe someone who knows a lot about enzymes can weigh in. Thanks.
  19. I have been studying enzymes lately, thinking to give them to all my family and hoping it'll improve my son's tics. What type of enzymes did you use and how did you figure out what type he needed? Sodium benzoate is something to avoid, as I'm sure other parents will tell you. My son used to love his Sprite, but now I buy Hansons soda for him at Kroger or HEB. Also had to stop because of the high fructose corn syrup in it!
  20. I'm thinking about giving my son grapefruit seed extract. It's supposed to be a natural antibiotic. Of course there's conflicting reports. One says it's good for everything from strep throat to helping lose weight, and one source says nothings "been proven." I definitely want to try it for myself, just made a mistake getting the liquid, because it's so bitter, even diluted. It's supposed to be good for Candida which I believe I probably have myself. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if it contains "salicylates," I hope I spelled that right, that makes some of our kids tic more? Now tha
  21. I learned frequent urination is a symptom of Pandas. My son started this two years ago. It has been better the last six months, at least the frequency slowed down some, but the last couple of weeks he's been going very frequently again. As far as I know my son has never had strep. What should be my course of action regarding this in everyone's opinion? How do you get his, titers? checked, and/or should we look at other causes, maybe something he's eating, or some mineral/amino acid he's deficient in? He's had pictures taken of his bladder, etc. and everything appeared normal. (After he
  22. Can you all please tell me what kind of test you got done to test for Candida? Is the blood test for Candida sufficient? Isn't there a more accurate way of testing for Candida? I'd also like to get my son tested for Clostridia. Thanks
  23. Could you tell me how much L-carnitine you gave your son? My son is ten. Thanks.
  24. Hi, there is B Fresh Gum that is Vegan and Gluten Free, that is sweetened with xylitol. I get it at Erma's, a health food store in Texas. It's expensive though, $2.79 for ten pieces! Also there's a website, an online store I went to during Christmas and got my son all natural gum. I'll try to remember its name.
  25. Who has had success using enzymes, either with tics or behavioral issues? What kind of enzymes are you using and how did you know what to use?
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