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3 year old with gasping tic

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Dear lherbert,

We found out about the yeast and clostridia through elevated markers for these that kept showing up on Microbial OATs urine tests (microbial organic acid test) done through The Great Plains Lab with Dr. Shaw. Clostridia is an anaerobic bacteria that inhabits the GI tract. We also used an environmental doctor. Good luck!


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Guest ErikaH

Both of my sons had a gasping tic. It was one of the first of tics. They are 2 and 4 years old. It lasted a couple of months. I do not hear them doing it anymore. It was mostly my 4 year old. I think the 2yr old did it because his brother did, but I'm not sure. I had reasearched it at the time and recall a child who actually choked on his food, so be careful. I watched them carefully when they were eating. Be careful and good luck.

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Guest Guest_Janet

I was interested to read about the "gasping tic" which my son, now 14, has had for a few years now. This tic seems to involve a diaphramatic spasm as well as a gasping sound. Sometimes he lives with this day in an day out. We thought he was the only one, or that it really wasn't a tic. We've been to many, many doctor's appointments thinking it must be asthma, etc., but always came out negative. This tic makes it very difficult for my son to breathe or concentrate at times, both at rest and while exercising. He also describes a "choking" sensation or a "clog" in his throat. Anyone experience this? He is currently on a pretty restricted diet, in part due to a very "sensitive" stomach and basicly eats

no junk food, but does love fruit--wonder if this makes it worse? I'll check out the Feingold diet. How do I go about finding an environmental doctor who could check out yeast/Clostridia? I'd REALLY appreciate any help we could get regarding this mysterious and frustrating gasping/breathing tic because it certainly interferes with his life in a big way. Thanks.

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Just wanted to let you know that I also have a child that is three with multiple tics and possible ASD. He does mainly facial stuff and body tensing. I have gone to the ends of the earth trying to find out what causes them, and although I haven't got it completely figured out, I know that dust (he is allergic to dust mites), and and many foods make it much worse. We are currently on Feingold too. It is an amazing diet, and I would encourage every family (probs or not) to do this...no one should be eating that artificial stuff. The hard part of the diet for me was the stuff that is supposed to be so good for you. We are completing our fouth week of elimination of salicylates, and it seems to be helping a little. My son is allergic to corn so we elimintated all the artificial stuff long ago. We are also gluten and caesin free which helps us.


There is so much to try...don't get overwhelmed with information and try everything at once. Feingold is a beautiful place to start. One step at a time. You will find very helpful people of the forum who will support you. The great thing is that our kids are so young...maybe we can help them before all these social pressures arise...we have no reason at all to medicate at this point. Their not even in school yet. This is the time to try diet, supplements...etc.



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