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  1. 906bell, we treated my son for d. fragilis about 9 years ago. We used a DAN/holistic/MD who tested him for other parasites too, and found he had c difficile and also yeast overgrowth. His tics disappeared when those other parasites were finally eliminated. He no longer has tics. My recommendation is to check for these other parasites too. Good luck.

  2. Phyl,I did a search on d. fragilis and found your name. I wondered if your 'journey' would provide any insight or helpful info. for our son. We are trying to have his doctor look into PANDAS. BUT last year he was treated for d. fragilis and we his other symptoms disappeared for a few months. Not sure what you have dealt with but any info would be appreciated.Out of letters!thx. jill...

  3. Hi, We used vision therapy when my son was in 4th grade, and afterward the headaches that he used to get while trying to read completely disappeared. He need to learn to have his eyes track, change focus from near to far smoothly and work together binocularly so I did daily exercises with him which were prescribed by the doctor for about 13 weeks. It was very hard for him, but we found it to be well worth it. I think that it depends on your doctor as well as whether the child has other issues going on. Phyl
  4. mylittleangel, I think that you will have success more quickly than we did, because you are starting with the right things more quickly. I said 3 years, because that's from the start of when we learned the results of the first microbial OAT panel to when he no longer had those issues. Our first doctor wasn't really trying to rid of him of the yeast and clostridia, but rather wanted him on omega 3's, lots of magnesium, zinc and other supplements. We were trying to figure out where the issues were and what was important to work on. My son used culturelle for a long time too(about 2 years), b
  5. The Microbial Organic Acid Test by Great Plains Laboratory is the one that we used also. It is a urine test and so is pretty easy to do. Some insurance companies accept billing for this test (at least Blue Cross Blue Shield used to do so) from this lab which is a big help. As far as I know, though, this test needs to be done through a doctor - you cannot simply ask for it yourself. Colleen, I believe that my son picked up the parasites also through years of antibiotic use for ear infections before he had tubes put in. I wish I had known then... mylittleangel, my son also used to go th
  6. It seems that most people do use a special diet to get rid of candida, but my son's doctor did not suggest that. I believe that Chemar's son and several others here did use a no-yeast diet. My son's allergy test did not show him to be very allergic or sensitive to any particular foods, so that was not an issue for him. I know that there are now some good cookbooks available for children who are on special diets. Maybe you can find one that will be helpful so you'll be able to find foods that your son will enjoy while you are working on his health. I don't know anything about a correl
  7. Do you have a doctor to advise you? My son also had candida, clostridia overgrowth and leaky gut back when he was younger. It took years of work for him to get better, but we did finally remove the overgrowth of candida and clostridia and heal his gut with the help of a good doctor (and then both his vocal and his motor tics also went away). The good thing is that we were able to check the progress of his treatment by repeating the OAT panels, and as his tics diminished, the results on the OAT panels kept improving too. We tried to use Nystatin, and went through several rounds of it, but i
  8. In answering a question to someone, I recalled a suggestion that I wanted to make for anyone trying to help their child or themselves with tics. Keep a "tic log" to try to see any progress and any triggers. When my son had tics, upon a friend's recommendation, I was very consistent about keeping a log in one of those hard composition-type notebooks and that is how I could see which foods and environments were triggers for him. Eventually I could also see how much better he was getting with treatment. Truly, I had forgotten some of the horrible times he had, and so the log was very helpful
  9. My now-16-year-old son had severe tics that started as throat clearing and eye squeezing in 1st or 2nd grade. These came on gradually just after we tried him on 10 days of the stimulant Ritalin for attention deficit problems. He developed both small tics like jaw stretching and finger to thumb rubbing, and full body tics, like doing pirouettes while walking and painful stomach tics. One of his most difficult verbal tics was when his speech became interspersed with "t-t-t-t's". Most all of his motor tics, however, were bilateral - he'd do them on both sides of his body simultaneously and sy
  10. Hi again. After reviewing lots of information, we did decide to start the Dore program for my 15 year old son who has mild inattentive add. (He no longer has the tics which I wrote about several years ago on the ACN forum). He began the Dore exercises in August. Within about 4 weeks his organizational abilities have amazingly improved - he has been cleaning and organizing his room and he's kept his notebooks way better organized than last year. Is this from Dore or just maturity, I don't know. It's still the beginning, so we'll see. He complains but has been good about doing the exercis
  11. Has any one here had any experience with either the Dore program or Learning Breakthrough program?
  12. Kim, Yes, they both did have high markers for Candida, especially my younger son who had taken a lot of antiobiotics as a toddler for fluid in the ears. He also had very high markers (metabolites) for Clostridia bacteria - I think that was elevated DHPPA-like Compound, which Dr. Shaw from Great Plains Lab links to tics. A few years ago we treated for both the Candida and Clostridia, and had repeated Microbial Organic Acid tests. As the levels of the metabolites went down, so did the levels of tics for my younger son. Since then, I only very rarely see any tics. The correlation for him wa
  13. Kim, Hi. You asked whether anyone who took the Organic Acid test didn't show low glutathione. Both of my sons had this test, several times. It was my older son, who didn't have tics, who was very low in glutathione. He did, however, suffer from ocd. My younger son, who did have tics for several years was in the normal range for glutathione. Our alternative doctor was much more concerned about my older son's issues and after almost 2 years of supplements (alpha lipoic acid and other things) he squeaked into just normal for glutathione the last time he was tested. Phyl
  14. Kim, If you do the Great Plains (urine) OAT test for yeast, there are several fruits that need to be avoided 24 hours before because they increase arabinose. From memory, I believe they are apples, grapes and cranberries, but I can't find that for sure now though the directions are clear on their instructions. This page, from Great Plains re: their OAT panel http://www.greatplainslaboratory.com/Organ...-Acid-Test.html describes some information about their yeast sensitivity test, and how it differs from tests offered by other labs, including Labcorp. I think it's an important test, be
  15. Hi Dara, We live in Massachusetts. I don't know of any books to recommend on all this except for the yeast book that Chemar recommends by Trowbridge(?) You are the first person who I found who also has a child also diagnosed with an overgrowth of clostridia as well as yeast. I suspect that my son had these issues because he was prescribed so many antibiotics when he was little for ear infections. He was on a prophylactic dose for about 8 months. Did your son have a similar history? Dr. Shaw at Great Plains Lab (where we did the Microbial Organic Acid Tests that showed these overgr
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