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  1. My son has white lines across his fingernails for years now, and they grow out. Doctors have always said that it happens after an infection or insult on body...they are not spots but white horizontal lines. I actually was worried about this way before I was concerned about all the tics. Our organic acid test indicated a zinc deficiency, but we are going to run more test when we go to Pfeifer in April. I'll let you know more after our visit. Does anyone else have these white lines that grow out then come back...etc??? Natalie
  2. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing such a sucess story. It really gives me and I'm sure everyone on this forum a boost to know that things really can turn out just fine...not perfect...but good! All we really want is for our kids to lead happy lives, and it sounds like your son did just that...you must be an incredible mom! Where did you find an allergist such as Doris Rapp around you? That is amazing you discovered all this so long ago. I think sometimes how hard it must have been before the internet, going to libraries, no support groups... Congratulations on becoming a grandmother! God Bless your family! Natalie
  3. We finally have received our test results for heavy metals an organic acids from The Great Plains lab. Hair test from Doctor's Data: High: High aluminum Antimony High Arsenic high Bismuth high Silver high Tin high Sodium high Potassium high Low: Magnesium low Zinc Low Iron Low Manganese Low Cobalt low Selenium low Organic Acid Profile(The Great Plains Laboratory) Elevated yeast metabolites Increased HPHPA, a metabolite of tyrosine Increased Citric Elevated HVA Low vitamin C Low Pantothenic Acid Elevated Hippuric Urine Amino Acid High Creatinine EXTREMELY HIGH Ammonia (what does this mean????) High Argenine Low Lysine Low Taurine Low Proline Low Cystathionine Low Alpha-amino-N-butyrate I have three and a half year old who has many tics and some mild ASD behaviors. We are really struggling with aggression issues right now. The doctor that ordered these test is a DAN doctor in NC, but we are considering going to Pfeiffer in Chicago for help. I don't really know whether I should pursue more test with the dr. here or just go to Pfeiffer. We are on a very strict diet including Feingold, gluten and caesin free, and have eliminated corn (serious allergy) and dust mite proofed our house. Our son still has numerous facial tics, body tensing many times throughout the day, and getting "stuck" vocally a lot...we are never tic free it seems. Certainly allergies and illnesses factor in to all this, and increase these behaviors. He has gotten so much better with diet, elimination completely of TV (seems less moody), and has OT. However we still struggle so much...if anyone has any insight...please let me know. Natalie:)
  4. Just wanted to let you know that I also have a child that is three with multiple tics and possible ASD. He does mainly facial stuff and body tensing. I have gone to the ends of the earth trying to find out what causes them, and although I haven't got it completely figured out, I know that dust (he is allergic to dust mites), and and many foods make it much worse. We are currently on Feingold too. It is an amazing diet, and I would encourage every family (probs or not) to do this...no one should be eating that artificial stuff. The hard part of the diet for me was the stuff that is supposed to be so good for you. We are completing our fouth week of elimination of salicylates, and it seems to be helping a little. My son is allergic to corn so we elimintated all the artificial stuff long ago. We are also gluten and caesin free which helps us. There is so much to try...don't get overwhelmed with information and try everything at once. Feingold is a beautiful place to start. One step at a time. You will find very helpful people of the forum who will support you. The great thing is that our kids are so young...maybe we can help them before all these social pressures arise...we have no reason at all to medicate at this point. Their not even in school yet. This is the time to try diet, supplements...etc. Natalie
  5. Thanks for the advice. I really want to split up the MMR, but my doctors says that they don't have a way to do it. Where could I find information about where I could get this done?
  6. I'm am having a hard time making a decision about my daughter's MMR vaccination? She is eighteen months, and now do for more immunizations including the MMR? My son has had numerous problems from tics to maybe some form of ASD...he does have problems with metals that we are trying to work with right now. Parents that have had similar issues with metals, Would you vaccinate all over again? Please offer some advice! Thanks.
  7. Jennifer, Just a few quick questions. What brand of zinc would you recommend? You have your son on a B6/Zinc combo? I am going to add Vitamin C from the place you recommended and Zinc to start adding back. My son is 40lbs. How much does Pfeiffer recommend??? Thanks for all your help. If you want to email me personally, that would be fine too. ntbowen@hotmail.com. Natalie
  8. Hey...I just called the Maxam company. They are really nice. They also recommended the PC3X for Cameron for detox...what do you think? Wouldn't all this be a miracle if it worked..it's hard to believe? These detoxing sprays are so expensive I wanted to check first. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the info...I will look it up. What probiotic did Pfeiffer recommend...this one? I really feel like Cameron needs the P5P to utilize the B6. He really responds to it so I would worry that he would not be able to use a precursor. What do you think about that? Since we have started over that only thing he is on is the Flax seed oil from Body Bio. Since taking him off vitamins, moving, new paint, we are having an awful time. He has been very aggressive with me and his sister. It's pretty disturbing. He has always been a child who is impulsive and needs to be watched closely on the playground, but now I'm scared to take him anywhere. He is also have a terrible time with transitions (won't get in the car, then won't get out of the car)...total standoffs just like before we discovered all the allergies and started vitamins. I thought the next step would be the digestive enzymes because he stools are showing he is not breaking down food very well, and this may alter the vitamin course. I ordered Houstons (three of them) and will start them next. I will also be doing the probiotic and flax oil. What do you think I should do after the digestive enzyme? B? C? We have an appointment in another month with a DAN doc but we have to get him back on vitamins because he is so hard to live with right now. I do want to add one thing at a time this time though that's why I am hesitant about the SNT even though it really did improve his mood. However he could have had bad reactions to other ingredients because it didn't do anything for tics or stimming behaviors. Thanks for listening. Natalie
  10. Thanks for the info...I will look it up. I really feel like Cameron needs the P5P to utilize the B6. He really responds to it so I would worry that he would not be able to use a precursor. What do you think about that? Since we have started over that only thing he is on is the Flax seed oil from Body Bio. Since taking him off vitamins, moving, new paint, we are having an awful time. He has been very aggressive with me and his sister. It's pretty disturbing. He has always been a child who is impulsive and needs to be watched closely on the playground, but now I'm scared to take him anywhere. He is also have a terrible time with transitions (won't get in the car, then won't get out of the car)...total standoffs just like before we discovered all the allergies and started vitamins. I thought the next step would be the digestive enzymes because he stools are showing he is not breaking down food very well, and this may alter the vitamin course. I ordered Houstons (three of them) and will start them next. I will also be doing the probiotic and flax oil. What do you think I should do after the digestive enzyme? B? C? We have an appointment in another month with a DAN doc but we have to get him back on vitamins because he is so hard to live with right now. I do want to add one thing at a time this time though that's why I am hesitant about the SNT even though it really did improve his mood. However he could have had bad reactions to other ingredients because it didn't do anything for tics or stimming behaviors. Thanks for listening. Natalie
  11. Jennifer, What type of probiotic do you use for you son? We have been using Kirkman's Pro-Bio gold and giving one per day. I am just running out and am about to place an order...what would you recommend and how much? Also do you know of a good B complex brand that would have P5P in it? I really want to do all the vitamins separately this time so I can know how he reacts...although his mood is SO much better on Super Nu thera! I miss it!
  12. I know a lot of people here get them from Cardiovascular Research...you can order online.
  13. Claire, God Bless you for all your help! You should be paid!!!!!!!! Natalie
  14. Robin, We have a Friends school here to, and I've heard it really good. I love their philosophy. I keep reading on their website that they have little support for special needs so I have been hesitant. They have an early school my son can go to. I have been really trying to find some more outside help. I am just spent lately, and so tired. My son has been so angry and aggressive lately. It just scares me...he's only three and a half! We had friends over last night, and it was so embarrassing. I'm not sure if they will want to come back. I am feeling so isolated. I've never been sucessful with playgroups (he pushes and hits, and constantly needs to be touching or mad because some else is in his space) and I watch him like a hawk at the playgrounds because I am really afraid he will push someone off...it is crazy sometimes. My husband and I were thinking maybe we should get some type of behavioral therapy before someone gets hurt...and his poor baby sister. Do you have any recommendations for this??? How old is your son. Cape Fear academy is a good school, and they have a decent amount of support but WAY too high pressure. My one cousin does great there...he is very NT. However, my other cousin should not be there. They are NAZI with the academics. Not good for our kids. Natalie
  15. Oh yeah...we are seeing Dr. Robert Taylor. He is a DAN doctor we got from this site. He said he used to have a lot of patients with autism....all kinds of spectrum kids but has really limited it now. He is an ENT and he really wasn't doing ENT anymore, and it got to be too much. He was perfectly willing to see us so you should give him a call. His number is 919-220-0691 in Durham, NC near Duke. He's really nice.
  16. Robin, I have a lot of family in Wilmington, and they have told me that there is a small health food store there...don't know the name though. I can't believe they have not opened a Whole Foods there yet...it's probably a matter of time. In Raleigh, Cary, Durham, and Chapel Hill there is a Whole Foods where you can find ALL the good stuff! Also in Chapel Hill there is an Earthfare opening up soon. It's a great store. They opened up in Asheville, NC and now have many stores in the Southeast. I am really excited because they don't allow anything on the shelf that has corn syrup (my son is really allergic to corn). Whole Foods is the best bet for everything though. We have a few other stores here in my neighborhood that are community owned that sometimes I find unique stuff, but if I want to do a major trip, I always go to Whole Foods. The Whole Foods in Raleigh would be the closest to you. It's right near N.C. State on Wade Ave. It's definitely worth the trip to stock up! Let me know if I can help! We are in Wilmington at least a few times a year. My best friend lives there and lots of family! What school does your son go to??? My cousins go to Cape Fear Academy there. Natalie:)
  17. Claire, One more question since we have similar experiences with dust mites...what type of filter system do you use in your house? We have an air purifier in Cameron's room, all the beds and pillows covered, but that's it??? Can you recommend anything??? Thanks.
  18. Thanks so much for the info. I will definitely try to car suggestions. We did just have are house painted!!!!!! We aired it out pretty well, but I still smell it when I come in from outside. I have suspected that...I didn't know about the special paints! I guess there is not much we can do about that now??
  19. Claire, We have had a horrible time today with Cameron! I have no idea what triggered his behavior this time, but he was so moody, wouldn't get in the car, wouldn't leave the store...it was awful. We took him off all vitamins to start over, and are avoiding salicylates...it's our last food answer hope! We have never been completely strict with the natural stuff according to Feingold so we figured we needed to try. We have always avoided the other stuff though. Who knows??? We have a dust mite allergy so I figured you would be the best person to ask the vacuum question to...we have all hardwoods now with area rugs (oak downstairs and pergo upstairs). What vacuum would you recommend. We just moved to Chapel Hill, NC which we love and are finally in our organic paradise! It makes things so easier. Another side point....everytime Cameron gets in my car he start the facial grimacing stuff. My car really needs cleaned after the mood...it's pretty bad. I wonder if it dust mites or if he just feel more comfortable back there releasing...he knows I see him though. Any thoughts??? Natalie (not Nancy...made my husband laugh though)
  20. Sorry for my delayed response...food is huge for us but we believe it makes a major impact on our lives. 1. CORN, gluten, and dairy. 2. Minimal TI- lots of facial grimacing, tensing (arms and whole body), jumping, echolalia. 3. Significant behavior difference with CORN eliminated. We have a "true" corn allergy shown on a scratch test. When completely eliminated (which is very hard to do), diarrhea, asthma, and "drunken" behavior we call it disappeared. His eyes would get red, pushing people, completely unable to control his behavior, woke up unconsolable from naps. If he gets corn, these things return immediately...we always know when a mistake has happened. Gluten elimination makes the echolalia better. He acts so out of it (spacy) when he eats gluten. Dairy is hard to say except all milk has some sort of corn derivative except I believe one which we never used (we didn't know at the time). He had intense cravings for dairy and gluten...he would have eaten nothing but milk, yogurt, cheese, and bread if we let him. He is a great eater so this was not hard, but he did go through withdraw initially. 4. Immediate difference...even better within a few weeks. 5. Still tics significantly and I really believe food makes much more of a difference with him as far as behavior and mood instead of impacting tics. We'll take what we can get though...we wish it would help the tics more. We are still exploring sals and sugar which really do seem to make tics worse too. Sometimes I think he has bad reactions to sugar because his body is not use to them. Yesterday I gave him some Rice Dream ice cream after not really having sugar in a few weeks and he had bad tics.
  21. That was very informative. We have our son on a nightly benedryl right now (1/2 tsp) while we are at my parents house. Their house has a ton of carpet so it was completely necessary. I had this Benedryl compounded, and it seems to help. If one has high histimine levels, wouldn't it be could to have them on a low dose histimine. One woman I spoke with told me that her sons tics decreased 90% with Singulair. We can't take Singulair or hardly anything that cannot be compounded (which is why Benedryl is what we take) because of the corn issues, but this just got me thinking. I haven't seen the 12.5 mg Super Nu Thera...I will definitely look into that. What multivitamin is your son on (Claire and Jennifer)? I have a normal multivitamin from Kirkman but it doesn't contain any P5P. However, I have P5P by itself but it only comes in 50 mg tablets that I've found so it's hard to administer. Is Folinic Acid different from Folic Acid? I was thinking about the TMG we were on which does have folic acid and many of the multivitamins have folic acid as well. What affect does TMG have on your son? What form of Zinc is best to give if I gave it by itself? ONe more, what brand of Evening Primrose do you use and how much? Sorry to keep pumping you with questions...hopefully I can give back someday!
  22. I have copied my original post below that gives some of our history. We are now working with a DAN doctor and having some metal and yeast stuff done. Our developmental pedicatrician told us this is Tourettes, but we still think maybe we have some mild PDD with tics...in my opinion we certainly don't fit into a perfect category which is maybe why this seems even more diffcult. We have always had tics though from seven months old. We also have some genetics there if you read below. Our DAN doctor says that it is probably a little of a lot of things and people don't fit into these neat categories. Thank you for mentioning other disorders though. I really do think about that sometimes... Hi! I am brand new to the forum as of yesterday. My son who is three years old was just diagnosed with Tourettes and I am desparate for help. He has had tics that I know of since seven months old. He started with arm extensions at this point and tensing his body in a bearing down kind of motion. Even at the young age, he would do it many times throughout the day, and then none. As he got older he started the sniffing, then facial grimacing, jumping up and down, elongated vowel sounds, repeating phrases over and over again getting stuck...etc. These happen all at once sometimes. He was five weeks early, and in the NICU for three days on room air an antibiotics. He had terrible acid reflux until we finally put him on Prilosec. His dad has a few mild tics that I have just found out about. They are so mild that he has hid them from me for seven years. ON my side we have bipolar, maybe undiagnosed OCD, ADHD, lot of drug additions. My son is has trouble with sensory integration which we work with an OT on. He has a need to touch, and this can make others think he is aggressive which he is sometimes. On top of that we knew he had dust mite allergies for some time, and treat him for asthma, but we found out he has a corn allergy by a scratch test. We have eliminated all corn from his diet along with Milk and Wheat (because he had abnormal cravings for these foods and were desparate to try something). He finally has had normal stools (the first in his life) after this dietary change. He is definitely sensitive to food and his tics are worsened by foods (especially chocolate). When he gets corn, he is literally drunk, hitting, won't transition...etc. I have also put him on a vitamin (hypoallergenic Super Nu Thera from Kirkman Lab) that is a basic multivitamin with an very increased B6 and Mg. It hasn't really helped the tics, but he is calmer and for the first time he will actually play by himself. He has been on these vitamins for two months, and they definitely make him more content. That is really all I can say for them now. I didn't know about Bonnie's until now. I think I should try to fish oils too. Because he is three, he can't swallow the fish capsules...does anyone know a hypoallergenic liquid form I could add to drinks. I can't help but think because we do see a difference this could have something to do with vitamins. He tics everyday, but some days worse then others. I ordered the Pyroluria kit to try. Should I take him off these vitamins for the test? Bonnie doesn't endorse these vitamins because she thinks the B6 is too high. I think he gets about 125 mg a day of B6. He has always been a big kid despite his prematurity (90%). I greatly appreciate you listening. Anything you can suggest would be greatly appreciated. We live in Myrtle Beach, SC and there are NO resources here that I know of, but we are moving back to Chapel Hill, NC in January. If you know of anyone to test for vitamin defiencies, I would be so happy! I feel like we need to do this! Thanks. Natalie
  23. Jennifer, thank you so much for taking the time for such a detailed response. We did treat for yeast with Kirkman's Yeast Aid and two probiotics for two weeks. Now we just do one probiotic a day. We are currently being tested for yeast so we'll see if it's still a problem. We haven't got the results back for the heavy metals, but we sent the hair test off. The DAN doctor we are seeing seems pretty good, and is all about going slow as well. I guess before we actually saw him, I really wanted a quick fix trying everything. We did use Kirkman's Super Nu Thera. At first we were blown away. For the first time ever, he would play by himself, was sort of at peace playing with his toys..etc. However, I would notice that after about four hours of taking it, he began jerky arm and body movements that I had never seen before. When I stopped it, they stopped. However, I am seeing a little of those same movements now so who knows for sure but they did increase his tics. I loved his mood on them though and wish we could take them. The Mg is interesting though. We don't have him on Mg. We have Mg Taurate from Bonnie left over from that program. I am considering adding it although her TS PLUS Control, we will probably never try again. How much Mg Taurate should I give him if it's his only source of Mg? He's 40lbs. Our TMG is also from Kirkman and contains folic acid. What does the B12 do... ours doesn't contain B-12. We can never use Kirkman's Flavored liquids because they contain corn derivitives. Cameron is currently on Spectrum Complete by Kirkman which does contain P5P (very small amount though...5mg and then 5mg of regular B6). It's seems like a good multivitamin. It I agree with you about P5P. I am convinced that my son needs the active form of B for his body to utilize it. The vitamin also has 10 mg grapeseed extract, 15mg of inositol, 25 mg of DMAE, 15mg of Coenzyme Q and 100 mg of Taurine. If you have the Kirkman catalog, you can check it out. If he is getting 100 mg of Taurine this way, does this affect the Mg Taurate dose I should give him? This vitamin seems pretty benign. I don't see dramatic things like I did with the Super Nu Thera, but he is certainly not aggressive and unmanagable like he was with Bonnies. We do have him on Kirkman's digestive enzyme currently (both their Enzym-Complete/DPP-IV and Phenol Assist), but I am definitely going to check out Houston. Do you think their better than Kirkman? The DPP-IV part of Kirkman was supposed to help with the gluten/dairy. I would love to not have to stay on the gluten/casein diet forever. However, being truly allergic to corn, finding things is still hard. Thanks for you input! Natalie
  24. Jennifer, below is one of my original posts. I would love your advice since our situation does sound alike. I did the pyloria test from home and it was negative. think it was a three or something like that. I have to recheck. Do you also give fish oil? We are not doing flax seed right now. How much do you give your son? Maybe we should add primrose and flax seed to our daily fish oil. Also how much TMG do you give per day? We were giving one until we ran out. My son is getting stuck so much these days. Everytime he gets excited about a toy or cooking with me, he can barely do the task because he is facial grimacing, making elongated vowel sounds, repeating things, and then he just sort of snaps out of it. I feel sad for him because he is just so excited to help, but it seems to interfere with what he is trying to do. He also just walks by his sister with his arms spread with no control over knocking her down. He doesn't really want to knock her down, but he just does. It's a control problem. The high vitamin B was helping this tremendously (calming him mostly), but increasing his tics later it seemed. Anyway, if you have any ideas I would appreciate it. Thanks for the advice. We live in Chapel Hill, NC and there are tons of Montessori schools here. I will check them out...thanks for the advice. Hi all! I really need some advice. I posted last week as a new member. My son is three years old, and I believe we are the youngest case of Tourette's ever! Maybe not, but I haven't met anyone dealing with these tics so young. In my previous post, I noticed tics since he was seven months old. He did this arm extension tic where he would tense his arm and bear down sometimes all day long sometimes not at all. He had TERRIBLE acid reflux as a baby, spit up all day long, and we thought even back then that the movements were due to the stress of the reflux. As he got older he did some sniffing, facial grimacing, whole body tensing, jumping up and down when excited or stressed which can happen all day long. In fact, we have not ever had a tic-free day. The vocal tics started when he was about 2. He talked in full sentences when he was two, but a lot of repeating his own words and others. However, he did have his own sentences, he would just get "stuck" a lot. I found that distraction could break the repeitition, but then sometimes he would get stuck on the distraction. He has always been extremely moody as well, but when he's happy he is great fun...everybody loves his personality. He is also incredibly smart, and was just tested with a verbal IQ of 140. At first they thought maybe Asperger's, but definitely not now that they have seen wonderful social skills. His biggest problem in the social arena is his need to touch, and sometimes aggression with other kids especially his younger sister. However, we just had him tested six months ago for allergies and he was highly allergic to corn and dust mites, and eliminating that has been such a blessing. We took ALL corn and corn derivitives (thanks to the corn forum) out of his diet, and covered his beds..etc. His mood has dramatically changed. He used to wake up from naps unconsolable, he wouldn't let you touch him, difficult with transitions...it was so hard. He only had a scratch test, but was not allergic to milk or wheat. However I thought for sure milk would have showed up (I am going to have the IGg done soon) because the child would drink milk and eat nothing but yogurt all day long if allowed, his terrible reflux as a baby. He was exclusively breast fed until eight months, but I never eliminated anything from my diet (terrible mistake listening to doctors). Nevertheless, his disposition has changed dramatically since these dietary changes. I don't know if the wheat has any real affect, but definitely the milk and corn. We also don't do any artificial flavors, coloring, and if any of you have also truly elimintated all corn dervitives, you know that it is easy to eliminate all perservatives because you can't buy anything processed whatsoever. Our diet is extremely limited. We eat meats, fruits, and veggies, and I make soups. That's it. I make all my own bread. Last week, we eliminated screens for a week. We never did a lot of TV in the first place, but we didn't see any difference. However I will say that he is much fussier if he watches TV. We used to let him watch a morning TV show before school, but I stopped this long ago because he would get so grumpy. This happened long before I knew anything about TV and Tourettes. We only let him watch one hour of TV on Fridays as a treat. We have just started trying to eliminate salicylates this week. He used to eat tons of raisons, grapes, tomatoes so we'll see if this makes a difference. How long should we do this before we see if it does? We also started Bonnie's Vitamins four days ago which is the real reason for this email. Does anyone know what the sources of cellulose and silica are??? Sometimes these can be corn-dervied and yesterday my son has some diarrhea. As anyone with a corn allergy knows, things can be corn-free but almost everything is dervied from corn. I need to know the sources. I will email Bonnie unless someone knows here. Before Bonnie's we had him on Super Nu Thera by Kirkman (these are a multivitamin which large does of B6 and Mg), and instantly we saw a more content child, but it did little for the tics. Sometimes four hours after taking the vitamin I would notice his tics being more jerky which concerned me. That is why we decided to go with Bonnie. Bonnie's actually contain less B6 than the SNT. So far (only four days later), I haven't noticed in decrease in the tics, but maybe an increase in vocal things (lots of vowel sounds, getting stuck). Because my son is only three, we have been using flax oil from Spectram Naturals (one T per day) instead of the fish oil. I just found some liquid fish oil from Kirkman that I am going to try now. The only other thing he gets are a probiotic (one in the morning). Should I do anything else for yeast? He has been heavily dosed with antibiotics since his premature birth. My son weighs 38 lbs. We can go up to 10 pills of Bonnie's per day, and are doing six right now. I am really worried about his vocal tics right now. We have an appt. with an allergist Dec. 1st who will do the yeast, glutothione, mercury, IGg tests...etc. I want to get that done. I also have a pyroluria kit now that I will do. Does anyone have any suggestions?? My sons tics are at their worse. Should I try carnitine??? Everything we try has to come in capsule form and broken into a drink. We also are doing Rice Dream, but it contains so much sugar that sometimes I think that makes his tics worse. However, I have to be able to give him something to drink to mix his pills with. My family thinks I'm totally nuts and overboard so I need some support and help from you all! Thanks so much, and I really apologize for making this so long. I just thought the more details you had, the better you could help! Natalie
  25. We are trying to start over. We have a three and a half year old, and we have done everything it seems except adding one vitamin at a time. We have eliminated all foods, we do nothing artificial, no gluten, dairy, or corn. We only watch TV once a week for one hour. We have treated for yeast and he is getting tested. They are also testing for heavy metals now which we should find out soon. This has all helped, but we would still like to see more improvement. He still has many vocal and motor tics all day long,and can be touchy and pushy with other children. We tried Bonnie's program and it made him so moody and aggressive that after a month we couldn't take it anymore. We have decided to add one thing at a time. I am looking for some guidance. I don't want to use Bonnie's because I am convinced their must be some corn in their products after our last attempt. Does anyone know of a company that makes Mg Taurate that is also Hypoallergenic? All he is on now is a multivitamin that contains a small amount of P5P. It's called Spectrum Complete by Kirkman, calcium supplement, fish oil, daily probioitc, and a digestive enzyme with meals. He also takes phenol assist once a day. I would like to start (one at a time) the taurine, inositol, 5Htp maybe. He is 40 lbs. Can anyone give me some recommendations on how much? My son does not deal well with high vitamin B's...although it improves his mood graeatly, it increases his tics. Thanks.
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