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Lymes borellia pandas help

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So we have had a long road and rough road.

if you go back to our stories, my daughter has gone through doctors and finally been stable with her doctor for almost 6 months. IVIG for 4 months. Her dr paid for my daughters Lyme test and it came back positive. 
her intrusive thoughts are worse than ever. We have an appt with a holistic lymes dr but all of this is non affordable. My son also has this and so so I. Any advice? I have been looking Into the buhner method and I’m just all over the place! 
I pray for all of you out there struggling and thanks for all prayers for us as well❤️

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Have you seen the book "Toxic" by Neil Nathan.  Lots of advice in there, some that you can try without practitioners.  But, be careful.  


I think some of the prescriptions for Lyme might be covered by insurance...but we don't have Lyme so I have not looked into it as much.  


This alternative stuff is so expensive.  

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