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  1. Hey,

     I saw your posts on the blog and i have some questions.. 

    We moved into an old house, had to fix a lot of things a lot. But about a year and a half into living hear, new carpet, paint ect, i started having panic attacks at work, followed by ocd-intrusive thoughts, and anxiety . It gor so out of hand i had numerous mri scans of brain quit my job and lost myself . My husband has put up with it all but i have become mean and just not in tune. Fast forward, the beggining of this summer my 13 y o daughter after being sick said she has nightmares and harm thoughts and after finding a journal in her room, has had them since around the time i developed them. She said she didnt want to say anything. We did find mold in thier bathroom in which we cleaned. Litterally no mold in wall but was in a closet that couldn't breathe when the bathroom steamed up. Does this sound like enviromental? Im so scared. Everyone says im ancious but for both of us to go through this it doesnt sit right with me.

  2. How did you find a new doctor that would listen and did they want Cunningham panel everytime?
  3. Im really struggling. We saw a dr who is referring us to a rheumatologist. However we have been waiting forever form an appt. This is the longest wait ever. I asked my daughter if she noticed a diff on aleve, nac, and oregano. She said not much but i could tell a huge diff with aleve only. I took her off Nac because she got moody. Tonight she was like mom, i feel like im getting bad thoughts from the right side of my head. She said she shakes her head because she just wants it out. Said she wants her brain back. She also says she forgets things she is going to say and she gets so upset. She is nervous and figdety and gets mood swings like crazy. She wants to tell me everything bad or good and some of the harm thoughts make me cringe. What is this?
  4. What strength and brand of cbd oil? I used cbd isolate with no diff..sending back for broad spectrum.
  5. I have looked online and looked through the posts but dont see many. The one near me makes you write a letter then based on thst he decides if you are a good candidate. First appt 1200+... im trying to find an integrated dr..i found neurologist but he wants a referral but how do you get a referral if no doctor believes you. Im in tears everyday. This is rough. I have a ppo why would he need a referral?
  6. I wish i could trevel to see that dr. We are in texas. Paying 6000 in braces tomorrow for her.
  7. Not bombarded here just can use anything i can. Please any info is good info at this time. Dont know what doctor to go to next.
  8. Yes we just used a doctor thst didnt use my insurance...he just ran strep teiter thats it. Called my kid crazy and left. Im not totally against phych drugs but thats what drs immediately put her on because they dont know whats wrong. Frustrating!!!!! Ty so much. I know we will get thru but being in the storm is always rough
  9. After doctors appts, phych, and counselors I thought i had found a great pandas doctor. However when i called they told me I had to get a referral from the main doctor. However when i contacted the main doctor he said no. He said her teiters were normal and basically she has a mental problem in which he prescribed prozac. He said mental disorders are common in young girls. Says it was just a coincidence that she has been sick the same times the thoughts come and that since she doesnt have strep anymore that the thoughts should be gone. True she doesnt have strep, but she still has a nasty cough. There are several things thst I know have screwed her up, she had a flu vaxx last year in october, and she always gets strep. Im wondering now, is she just mental?? He asked her and her phyciatrist asked if she was abused, i just lost it. My husband and i are strict but never abused. Im trying to trust God in all of this but how does a young kid just become mental. Im so tired and scared. Sadly sometimes I hate hearing her thoughts and push her away. She has become very moody as well. I dont know what to do. I refuse to put her on prozac. Currently we are trying milk thistle, cbd oil, oregano oil, motrin and probiotics. What am o doing wrong? Advice needed!!
  10. So with my daughter. She has been taking oregano oil, and probiotic We got cbd oil today and since im having such a hard time finding a doc in houston, i have 10 days worth of penicillin. Should i try that as well. Im adding cbd oil and milk thistle tonight. Sorry for being so annoying. I know most of these threads are old and many people dont look at these anymore. Wish us luck! Shes becomming very clingy to me and her thoughts are brutal. Im doing everything known to man besides putting her on phyc drugs. I cant do that to my baby!!
  11. There is only 1 near me, he wants you to write him a reccomendation letter on why he should take you and 1st appt is over 1000 if he thinks your a good candidate. Im waiting to here froma nuerologist in katy . Dr doan.
  12. So blood work is normal. The doctor told me my baby needs a psychiatrist..im going to one today. But how does a honors student hide intrusive thoughts for 3 years and then suddenly get sick and have dental work and can no longer hide it and they get worse. Im nervous, and frustrated. If anyone has any advice please please let me know. I do not want her on meds.. even the couselor advised me to do everything as hollistic as possible.
  13. no, cant afford any vacation at this point ether..lol
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