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  1. YES! I heard about this on Del Bigtree's highwire show and was astonished by it. I know several people who are DESPERATE to try this! Can you share how you went about this; contact information etc. Price, where to call, anything else you can think of?
  2. I have had very good success with Daktarin. It is readily available in Europe as an over the counter gel for oral thrush. It even has a good taste.... I have a friend that brings it from England and have used it for my nursing babies with excellent results.
  3. I watched a documentary this winter called "Healing From Vaccines" . It was available online for free while running but you might be able to get it still. That gave me the final push to do homeopathy. I believe my DD's problems are vaccine related too although I cannot prove it. Her issues were executive function related, which are very painful for a bright kid like she is. And she did have intrusive thoughts at one point too.... I have stopped vaccinating about 7 years ago, although I was coerced into giving the MMR due to the outbreak in NYC. And YES I have seen reactions. And now we have lost the religious exemption here..... I will not put my younger kids at risk; looking at my options. I would advise you to stay away from ALL vaccines for your entire family. Perhaps have this reaction reported to VAERS, or at least put into her file. Risk of a flu or even measles is just not worth what we are going through. To quote, "It takes a of a lot of money to get rid of what a free vaccine did".
  4. Was there a recent vaccination that could have caused any of this?
  5. We are having good success with homeopathic remedies. I've been to a homeopath 4 months ago. She put DD onto a annual program, with the remedies being changed about monthly. We are currently moving onto month 4, and thankfully seeing good results. This is not a quick fix though.
  6. This might possibly works, its true. But since they abolished religious exemptions, we will now need all on the recommended schedule. I doubt we will show titers to all.... I do know that children who have had the measles here and went to check titers, now show immunity to Measles Mumps and Rubella leading to believe that the measles was vaccine induced.......
  7. As some of you might have heard or seen, NYS assembly repealed the religious exemptions for vaccinations yesterday. I am truly at loss with this. I have been dealing with PANS and/or lyme with the whole story that comes with it. I have stopped vaccinatng my children for several years now, and have definitely seen the difference with my younger kids vs the older, vaccinated ones. They are more alive, alert, social and understanding. Vaccinating is not an option. Homeschooling is not an option. And a medical exemption for the younger kids probably would not be an option either. I would like to reach out to the California parents who share this problem with me now. Can you share what you did to get out of this problem? I know there are activists who will fight this breach of first amendment in court; but I need to be prepared. I have already gotten an email from my school to get my kids the first dose of everything within 30 days, or be sent home.
  8. What is your issue with a blood test? My DD is extremely needle phobic. We are have trouble with blood tests as well. Insisting won't help in any way......:) I did search online and found a prescription patch that works very well in numbing the area, and related brain pathways. It is called Synera. I would love to know people's experience with this. OR any other suggestions. (We would need to do a standard blood test soon, and can't see how it will happen. Last blood test we had 3 people holding her down......Not going that route again....)
  9. I have several friends who have checked their or their kids titers due to the measles outbreak in NYC. One who was fully vaccinated as a kid, had zero immunity. Another who was totally unvaccinated has immunity of 300 (which is considered normal if the child had wild measles) He did not have the disease, but might have been exposed. I don't think these titers mean much with respect to behaviors. Perhaps I am wrong. I would hypothesize that the adjuvant, if vaccinated, would be more of the problem. Meaning that the aluminum in the vaccine, which holds onto the viral antigen, can cause trouble with behaviors.
  10. Can anybody explain to me the difference in OCD and OCPD? And what would be different in treatment? Thank you
  11. We used Methyl B12 from Jarrow. It does not have folate however.
  12. Has anybody ever tried the therapy outlined in the books "Brain Lock" or "You are not your Brain?" Supposed to have very good long term effects with OCD, anxiety and intrusive thought. Just wondering on feedback.
  13. I have needed to threaten my kids with bloodwork, if they won't open their mouth for the swab. You can just check strep titers to detect a strep.
  14. You are correct with this observation. I never mention my vaccine position to anyone. Once, I have had a local medical center confront me about my not vaccinating, but they were very respectful of my decision to my surprise. The only place where I adamantly refused to get a vaccine with my mouth wide open, was prenatally. Otherwise I always say, "not at this time, thanks."
  15. What are you going to do if the culture is positive? (just to note the value of fighting with him...) Hard to believe it will be if he is on long term antibiotics. Hives could be a virus as well.
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