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  1. Psychosis

    If you were to listen to the alternative world, psychosis is a symptom of an overwhelmed liver. So yes, pollen can cause the "barrel to overflow". A good idea to try would be an enema, to relieve the liver overload.
  2. Empower Plus

    She does have others taking it, but I would not even ask who else is taking it due to privacy reasons. However, I discussed the issue of medicating my DD and she recommended this as a great alternative. I have ordered it and will report back if you like.
  3. Empower Plus

    Does anybody have experience with this vitamin Empower Plus by the company True Hope? It is supposed to take the place of psychiatric medications. Was recommended to me by a healthcare practitioner. Thanks
  4. Delusions

    Does anybody have any experience with delusional thinking? Possible lyme. DS is swearing to me that certain things he is saying is absolutely true, when I know it possibly cannot be. Like even some experiences concerning me..... Any suggestions for treatment naturally etc (on Zyprexa now, and very unhappy with the side effects....) Thanks
  5. I am sorry to hear about your troubles and wish your daughter a speedy recovery. Unfortunately, vaccines can cause serious injuries especially the HPV. There are many reported incidents regarding this vaccine. Definitely hold onto tightly to all medical records and if, unfortunately, your daughter might have some lasting injuries you should contact a lawyer and apply for compensation to the Vaccines Courts. Have the administrating doctor report this reaction to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System) as soon as possible. Hope you might find any other solution to help you.
  6. Discipline question

    I am taking a fantastic course relating to this very question. Although the course is not in English I think it is outlined in the book "Parenting without Power Struggles" available on Amazon. Another book explaining this method is "Motivating Kids". Also "Children - the Challenges" All of these are based on the Alfred Adler method. Basically, it explains how these explosive behaviors are a child's mistaken expression of love. If you accept it this way, you will remain calm, and get over the behavior real quick. It really works!
  7. Fulvic Acid

    Does anybody have any experience with this supplement? It is supposed to help with nutrient absorption. Wondering about it....
  8. Hallucinations, RADON?

    We did have her tested by some integrative practitioner. She mentioned a slight EMF sensitivity. Gave her some magnet/stone to help. She did tell me that the FEAR of EMF is more than the actual sensitivity. Looks we are headed into some anxiety etc..... Oh well...
  9. Hallucinations, RADON?

    Would relocating her for a short time to a different place be an option? Suppose you go on vacation for a week, and see the difference. Wondering about Canary in the Coalmine as well...... My daughter claims to have an EMF sensitivity and is having trouble in the workplace, with anxiety, headaches etc being triggered by it. No one else in the place is having this trouble. Wondering about it. Any input? (I ordered a toumarline (sp?) necklace from Amazon to neutralize this energy, but still..... And what else can we do? Avoidance of cell phones and computers are not really an option...
  10. After years of strep you will need a blood test, not a throat swab. You should look for ASO Strep Titers, and DNAse B (strep antibodies). If both are high, and you have not had a recent strep, this would be indicative of Pandas. There has been some speculation, including on this forum, that aluminum toxicity can cause high strep titers to cross the blood brain barrier, and thereby causing PANDAS. Dr. Horowitz recommends Malic Acid Chelate for Aluminum removal, and Selenium for mercury; if these might be a problem.
  11. I have posted this before, but it bears merit to repeat. Sometimes even though the supplements are good, and detox well, some kids cannot handle it. If the body is not getting rid of the released toxins fast enough, you will get serious issues (like what you mentioned before). I will refer to my grandfather, when in the hospital with severe liver disease, and talking a lot of nonsense, the doctors gave him an enema. As soon as his colon cleansed, he was back to normal, mentally. With our kids, we might no know how stressed their digestive systems, and as a result, their livers are. Making sure that they have a bowel movement AT LEAST ONCE A DAY is a must! Some kids might need more. You will see the difference immediately. I know I have. You can use enemas if necessary, but gentle colon cleansing is probably better.
  12. My DD is a pretty OK place now, but this is a new one. She is complaining about ElectroMagnetic Sensitivity. She claims to have a problem using her cell phone, or computers. Even Fax machines. We showed her Wikipedia on this that this an imaginary ailment. Meanwhile she is making a big deal and refusing to have anything to do with computers or cell phones. This is really affecting her life. Does her complaint have any merit? (We are choosing to ignore this saying we have no idea what this is all about)
  13. Desperate for Sleep

    Mountainmom regarding cortisol; they could be elevated at night and normal during the day, causing insomnia. Regarding a daylight lamp, I have used it for help with getting up in the morning. It did help, alot. We have not used it for getting to sleep at night.
  14. Desperate for Sleep

    You might want to check his cortisol levels. If they are elevated at night it could be keeping him awake. How is his energy during the day? If cortisol levels are low in the morning he would be extremely tired then. This problem, linked to the adrenal glands, is remedied with an adrenal support. (Vitamin C, healthy salts etc) Another suggestion that might be worthy to try is using a daylight therapy lamp in the morning to reset circadian rhythms.
  15. reference for Dr. H. F. NYC

    What is the full name of this dr. and what is his/her specialty? I live in NYC as well.