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  1. What is your issue with a blood test? My DD is extremely needle phobic. We are have trouble with blood tests as well. Insisting won't help in any way......:) I did search online and found a prescription patch that works very well in numbing the area, and related brain pathways. It is called Synera. I would love to know people's experience with this. OR any other suggestions. (We would need to do a standard blood test soon, and can't see how it will happen. Last blood test we had 3 people holding her down......Not going that route again....)
  2. I have several friends who have checked their or their kids titers due to the measles outbreak in NYC. One who was fully vaccinated as a kid, had zero immunity. Another who was totally unvaccinated has immunity of 300 (which is considered normal if the child had wild measles) He did not have the disease, but might have been exposed. I don't think these titers mean much with respect to behaviors. Perhaps I am wrong. I would hypothesize that the adjuvant, if vaccinated, would be more of the problem. Meaning that the aluminum in the vaccine, which holds onto the viral antigen, can cause trouble with behaviors.
  3. Can anybody explain to me the difference in OCD and OCPD? And what would be different in treatment? Thank you
  4. We used Methyl B12 from Jarrow. It does not have folate however.
  5. Has anybody ever tried the therapy outlined in the books "Brain Lock" or "You are not your Brain?" Supposed to have very good long term effects with OCD, anxiety and intrusive thought. Just wondering on feedback.
  6. I have needed to threaten my kids with bloodwork, if they won't open their mouth for the swab. You can just check strep titers to detect a strep.
  7. You are correct with this observation. I never mention my vaccine position to anyone. Once, I have had a local medical center confront me about my not vaccinating, but they were very respectful of my decision to my surprise. The only place where I adamantly refused to get a vaccine with my mouth wide open, was prenatally. Otherwise I always say, "not at this time, thanks."
  8. What are you going to do if the culture is positive? (just to note the value of fighting with him...) Hard to believe it will be if he is on long term antibiotics. Hives could be a virus as well.
  9. Jumping in with a different perspective. Was your son vaccinated? Vaccine adjuvants are designed to cross the BBB, specifically aluminium. There was much discussion on this site that Pandas is a version of aluminum toxicity. With vaccines, the aluminum is designed to hold onto the antigen and keep it in the body long term; thereby introducing antigens into the brain as well. It is believed that detoxing from aluminum and mercury helps quiet the immune system. We have tried selenium for mercury, malic acid for aluminum and other stuff as well. She is probably not all clean, but definitely is aluminum sensitive- she cannot tolerate aluminum based deodorant. She is currently using Diatomaceous earth for a slow detox for everything. I think it is helping well. I have learnt about vaccine reactions about seven years ago, and have not vaccinated my kids since. I have 2 totally unvaccinated kids, and several partially vaccinated. It is a CRIME what pharma is doing to our kids without knowing the long term effects. I can honestly say, VACCINES ARE NOT WORTH IT! Which parent would not nurse a child through a bad case of pertussins or measles, and even sweat the time through the a hospitalization for physical problems versus dealing with what we are dealing with here?!!! Just venting my pain. I wish I would have known about this issue many many years ago.
  10. And here I was, thinking of medicating...... https://prepforthat.com/antidepressant-suicide-side-effects-downing-family/
  11. I found my daughter greatly improved when we seriously addressed candida and mucoid plaque. There is plenty of literature that candida alone can cause anxiety and brain fog. Add parasites to that list and you have a real problem. Really, we should have done colonics, but DD did not want to. So we did 1 saltwater flush, and then put her onto Diamataceous Earth for candida and OxyPowder for Mucoid Plaque cleansing. After 3 days we started seeing a die off result. After 1 week the results were really great. I won't know if the abdominal pain was due to constipation, leaky gut, or parasites and candida or perhaps reaction to antibiotics. Just mentioning what we feel helped her along. (She is still off wheat and some dairy; claims it causes abdominal pain)
  12. Has anybody tried homeopathy for anxiety? I would like to know any responses, good or bad. Also recommendations for someone in NYC if you have any. Thank you.
  13. I am not sure about Pandas in relation to this, but Feldenkrais is a way of releasing muscle tension relating to brain signals. It is very gentle. Worth a try.
  14. Yes, strep antibodies can go up with exposure to other kids with strep. That is what antibodies do, they are supposed to protect you against disease (think measles, mumps etc) when you are exposed. We know that adults get their immunity reboosted when exposed to kids with childhood diseases like chicken pox. Unfortunately for PANDAS kids, this means a flare What can be done? Maybe others can chime in....
  15. Symptoms: More engaged, better social interaction, etc. This was our main concern..... I hope this stays on!!! We started using it about a week ago. She did have some reaction at first, I guess a die off, but then started moving in the right direction. I would say 4 days until improvement kicked in. Make sure you get FOOD GRADE very important. We got this one. https://www.amazon.com/Diatomaceous-Earth-Lbs-Food-Grade/dp/B00KPXGNTO/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1542861522&sr=8-6&keywords=diamoceous+earth
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