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  1. So sorry I did not see this post until now! So we were looking into injections which my doctor said that the medical center would not have the correct one..... So no use. I was intrigued by mention in the book about transdermal patches. I did some research and came up with, what seems to me, the best one. The company is Nutripatch. The product is B12 complex. It has 1000mcg of methylb12, delivered transdermally to bypass all the digestive issues. We saw a tremendous improvement in the first few days!
  2. Sorry Luckyone. I agree with you that ability to participate in normal activities should not be hinged on your personal medical decisions; and also our adult children get to make their own choices whether we agree with them or not, and they get the natural consequences as well. Just to share, I have been here for a very very long time going through Pandas and Lyme etc. We FINALLY hit on our proper diagnosis of functional B12 deficiency probably due to a genetic factor of Transcobalomin 2 deficiency. It is insane that "I" had to figure this out through my own research and can't even get proper medical documentation, never mind treatment, for this "known by the medical community" type of problem. And yes, my daughter's issues started with a vaccine as well. Mercury, (removed from most vaccines in 2000) probably caused her primary deficiency and she has not caught up since. (She is 23). We finally are treating her properly. READ Could it be B!2? By Sally Pochalak
  3. You need two bands for a positive on Lyme. Usually it would be band 41 and another to show positivity.
  4. I fail to understand why people are allowing themselves to be bullied into taking this thing! (sorry...) My entire family had Covid; I myself had it twice (once during a pregnancy) and fared well. There is really nothing to worry about. For people who already took the Covid Vax and are not doing OK, dandelion supplements really help calm the inflammation. Ivermectin daily also helps for calming any reactions to spike protein exposure.
  5. I just wanted to update ya all. I have started my daughter on 10000mcg of methylated b12 and 1600 mcg of folate and also some p5p. The company is Jarrow. Its a very pleasant tasting flavor and she takes it gladly. Its on unfortunate that the many many doctors and other professionals are unaware of the easy cheap fix. Her symptoms are greatly improved. We have been into pandas/lyme for many years. She had poor appetite (borderline aneorexia). Pale complexion. Anxiety. Poor sleep. Sensory issues. Social anxiety. Executive function issues (direction, time) the list goes on and on and on. We have seen tremendous improvement almost immediately. We are hoping for more, as the myelin needs to grow back and it takes some time. Some people might need b12 injections if they can't absorb b's well or if they are very far gone. There is much information out there on B12 deficiency. But the interesting part is that it can also cause brain swelling, thereby causing similar symptoms to Pans. Good luck to all parents on their journey..... Hope you find your answers soon.
  6. This post made me cry. i am on these boards for years and never looked into B12 deficiency before. Recently, due to some severe symptoms I bumped into B12 deficiencies and all related physical and psychological ailments. My daughter has fit these ever since she was a baby. I am supplementing with good results (i think... we just started).
  7. My DD had Covid last march with no ill effects. My husband and me were much sicker, and we both turned out well after several days. I would not do the Covid shot due to its not being FDA approved! It has emergency use authorization only!
  8. GABA is the best supplement for intrusive racing thoughts. For excellent help, get the 900mg dose avail on amazon.
  9. We had no trouble at all. Although Pandas is somewhat in "remission" We all had COVID here. My husband and me were the most difficult cases with 2-3 days of fluelike symptoms and loss of smell (we are in our 40's) The younger the child, the less sick they were. Our Panda bounced back within several days. I have a family member who was healed by COVID from strep related athritis. Seems like the hyperimmune response was good for her. I don't think COVID is as terrible for people under 50, as portrayed in the media at all. Had it a year ago, and long forgot about it. (We live in NY)
  10. Plaquenil is very well known today. The generic name is hydroxichloriquine.....
  11. I would not discount therapy; you can get some on your insurance. Probably not the best, but something. For years I have been seeking for a cure-all solution for DD, and therefore did not give her the right therapy or psychotics, I regret that very much now, because we have a compliance issue. Children who are so highly anxious, cannot develop or grow properly. I would deal with this from both angles at once. This definitely cannot hurt. I was just wondering- was there a vaccine involved here?
  12. I recently bought a book, and was very impressed by it. It is called DARE by Barry McDonagh.
  13. There is a product called BlisK12 from the company NOW that is an oral probiotic. Just a thought..... It is very helpful for kids with strep; and might help with oral bacteria.
  14. Itchy skin is a symptom of a stressed liver. Also extreme behaviour is a sign of a stressed liver. If your kid's body cannot handle the infection, these symptoms might be displayed. Antibiotics might help release the stress, but you can also support the liver in several ways. I have used a product called "Liver Balance" from the company Pure Body Institute with good success.
  15. Someone I know had excellent results with inositol. She used the company Nutrisupreme.
  16. Oh wow. I see you really did try everything... We are having nice results with homeopathy. It is a long slow process but digs deep. We are 10 months in. We probably needs another year or so.
  17. My DD did not tolerate abx very well so we stopped it after about 6 weeks and went natural. I found the homeopathic route to help her most. As an aside, if probiotics are mentioned, I would refer you to Dr. Ohirra's fermented Pre, Pro, and Postbiotics in a single capsule. DD says it is great stuff! It is actually meant to reseed the microbiome, and is widely used for Crohns and colitis.
  18. OK. I am curious about this. Is there anybody whose child is suffering from PANDAS or related issues and is not vaccinated?
  19. Has anybody had experience with Agape Multivitamins? Seems to have an excellent blend of methylated b's and others. Interested in personal feedback.
  20. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/americas-fifty-fold-increase-in-obsessive-compulsive-disorder/
  21. Hey! I am in NY as well and struggling with the mandatory vaccine issue! Unbelievable what our corrupt legislators can do. No way to get to school for many I know, including kids that would normally qualify for medical exemptions like seizure disorders and organ transplants!! Oh, and check out bill A99 in NYS senate mentioning detention centers for people with communicable diseases......(this has already PASSED in California....) Anybody in a different state OPPOSE these bills strongly in your state! They are insane. About Dr. Jennifer Daniels, would it really not come up on google?! I know about censorship but cant believe it! Seems we are living in some communistic country now ;(
  22. I would say the eye rolling is related. Yes you explaining mild symptoms of strep related problems. I would deal with this naturally after you finish the antibiotic, to make sure you got rid of all of it. I assume some people here can suggest good supplements, but I can think of Blis K12, Colloidal silver, thieves oil etc right on the top of my head. In my experience with my entire family, the unvaxed kids had much fewer strep episodes. Of course this could be contagious, but somehow I keep on hearing about strep and vaccines link; especially about a month after vaccination.
  23. YES! I heard about this on Del Bigtree's highwire show and was astonished by it. I know several people who are DESPERATE to try this! Can you share how you went about this; contact information etc. Price, where to call, anything else you can think of?
  24. I have had very good success with Daktarin. It is readily available in Europe as an over the counter gel for oral thrush. It even has a good taste.... I have a friend that brings it from England and have used it for my nursing babies with excellent results.
  25. I watched a documentary this winter called "Healing From Vaccines" . It was available online for free while running but you might be able to get it still. That gave me the final push to do homeopathy. I believe my DD's problems are vaccine related too although I cannot prove it. Her issues were executive function related, which are very painful for a bright kid like she is. And she did have intrusive thoughts at one point too.... I have stopped vaccinating about 7 years ago, although I was coerced into giving the MMR due to the outbreak in NYC. And YES I have seen reactions. And now we have lost the religious exemption here..... I will not put my younger kids at risk; looking at my options. I would advise you to stay away from ALL vaccines for your entire family. Perhaps have this reaction reported to VAERS, or at least put into her file. Risk of a flu or even measles is just not worth what we are going through. To quote, "It takes a of a lot of money to get rid of what a free vaccine did".
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