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Q10 coenzyme for digestive health and energy?

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Hi all

Have been consulting with a naturopath and she has recommended coenzyme Q10 for improving digestive health and energy for my six year old son. Anybody has used it before and has it helped in digestive or any other areas? Please do let me know....His stools tend to be not well formed and loose. Sometimes he goes twice in a day and sometimes once in two days more or less on similar diet.

Thx so much,



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Hi Ashly

Sorry no replies yet. My son's multi has always had some coQ10 in it, both when he was a child and now as an adult. But as he didn't take it as a separate supplement for anything specific, I can't answer your question directly, other than to say I know it is a very helpful supplement in general.

How is it going on the CoQ10 for son?

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Thanks Chemar. I have not tried it yet - not sure of what it is for other than it works at a cellular level. The issue is the naturopath we work with doesn't have much experience with kids so I am kind of wary of trying things as such on my 6 year old. Didn't try the probiotic either they suggested because one of the folks on one of the groups said streptococcus faeclis strain to be avoided. My sister said curd / yoghurt best probiotic - but it does not agree with him and causes him cold/cough. So I am just sitting on the fence.

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