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  1. We did both. ASO as well as swab. Both were negative.
  2. We did do strep which was negative. He did contact pneumonia which was treated with antibiotics. The pneumonia was about 3.5 months before the acute onset although i feel he has had some my OCD tendencies earlier as well. Thanks so much for your advice, will reach out in case of more questions.
  3. Thanks so much, we are almost thinking of trying medication. Have just started him with NAC. He has never used Miralax. His most distressing thing right now is that when he has to choose from what he wants to do and what he should do , he gets extremely angry and agitated and can't cope. For example he does not want to study but he knows he should because there is a test, he completely loses it. This can be for anything - his eyes were aching but he wanted to watch TV - that brought on the same rage. I am not even sure what is this - TS rage or oCD or something else. He is only 7. It's like he will be a different person and then snap out of it at some point. Anything I do or say in the interim does not make a difference. How much NAC you stares with and how did you increase, in what frequency?
  4. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Did you give it along side medication or anything else ( other than magnesium?) We have started with a low dose - and will increase slowly.
  5. Thanks Sheila. Hoping to try NAC soon. Will keep you all posted on how it went.
  6. Hi there Out nutritionist has advised to get our son 7 years on NAC 500 mg. His intrusive thoughts are really starting to bother him and we don't want to jump to medication without trying natural stuff. I have 3 questions 1. Did it ( NAC) help any one with intrusive thoughts 2. Did it increase tics for anyone and if yes on what dosage? 3. Any other NAC side effects? 4. What dosage did you start on and at what dosage did you notice relief if any? Thanks for your patience. Desperately seeking answers for my son. Ashly
  7. I didn't yet as I felt I didn't have enough knowledge to go ahead in terms of what it will assess specifically and how exactly it will be useful.
  8. Thanks Chemar. I have not tried it yet - not sure of what it is for other than it works at a cellular level. The issue is the naturopath we work with doesn't have much experience with kids so I am kind of wary of trying things as such on my 6 year old. Didn't try the probiotic either they suggested because one of the folks on one of the groups said streptococcus faeclis strain to be avoided. My sister said curd / yoghurt best probiotic - but it does not agree with him and causes him cold/cough. So I am just sitting on the fence.
  9. Hi all Have been consulting with a naturopath and she has recommended coenzyme Q10 for improving digestive health and energy for my six year old son. Anybody has used it before and has it helped in digestive or any other areas? Please do let me know....His stools tend to be not well formed and loose. Sometimes he goes twice in a day and sometimes once in two days more or less on similar diet. Thx so much, Ashly
  10. Hi there so did you stop it altogether or just reduced the dosage? Great to know that things took a turn for better !!!
  11. Anyone else who tried this and found help with Vo/Mo tics and OCD/ ADHD
  12. Hi there, does anyone have any experience similar to what we faced? What about Guanfacine? Any idea if it will make the OCD worse?
  13. @Chemar Thanks so much for writing in and your kind words. I will go through all this information..our basic struggle now is to find someone who can guide us on the supplements and and dosage on an ongoing basis. If not to be used right away, but as and when we need them. Can't seem to find anyone here in India who has any experience with all of the things you have mentioned. Any idea if anyone else from India has had any success finding relevant practitioners? Any recommendations on whom we could approach in the US who would be open for consulting remotely? Any pointers would help a lot. We are hoping to talk to Judy Converse but any other reco that's more narrowly for TS? Lastly, as I mentioned before, DS is not deficient in magnesium - do we supplement regardless? I will circle back with any specific questions on supplements once I understand them more fully. Thx so much again! Ashly
  14. Thanks so much for your inputs. Is the test for mycoplasma pneumoniae called something specific? Or do we just ask for testing for mycoplasma pneumoniae? Also, he had it mid May and the onset/ exacerbation was not until Sept - you think the infection could go back a few months like that. Would really appreciate your thoughts! Thanks again!
  15. Dear friends I wanted to check if clonidine can make OCD symptoms worse? Our son 6 yr old had an acute onset of tics and not knowing what to do we went ahead with .5 mg clonidine at night for 10 days. During this time his OCD symptoms and nightmares worsened quite a bit. If I look back there were some before the acute onset as well. We stopped clonidine. Symptoms reduced although tics came back. We followed up with sessions with psychologist as well. Anybody else seen any connection like this? Thx much, Ashly
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