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waxing and waning

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i have a question with waxing and waning.  If you are in a waning period does that mean not one tic at all??  i just noticed that my sons tics went from bouts all day long to maybe 1 or 2 tics throughout day and nothing repetitive.  like if he does a eye widening it is literally one eye widening.  


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Hi Supermom13, the term waning is used in the same way that "lessening" might be used. The symptoms are reducing. Then if they start to increase in severity or frequency, they are said to be waxing, getting worse.   It sounds like your son is doing very well if he only has a couple of tics a day.

For many people, waning could mean going from a score of 5, 5 being a high level of symptoms, down to a 3--simply getting better. Or it can be a time of no symptoms at all.  Hope that helps.

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