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  1. Hi there My son has similar issues and I am a speech language pathologist. My regular pediatrician and a neurologist were completely useless. Is it possible for you to see an integrative dr or an environmental dr? We waited 6 weeks and my son was seen by an integrative dr who is hinting at PANDAS. We just did extensive lab work via blood and stool. Our next appointment is in DEC!!! This is the only hope I have. I feel main stream medicine is failing us. Do you have access to any integrative or environmental doctors. I am seeing some results which I believe are due to seasonal change and 6 weeks of non-negotiable supplements. I give my son a multi-vitamin, omega vitamin and natural calm supplement. I hope you find a solution. As far as the vocal tic goes I would ignore it. He may be stressed as well. Let your family members give him time to get his thoughts together and speak without another person interrupting him (this is a challenge in my house as my children are close in age). BTW dr said if you have a "flare up" give DYE FREE ibuprofen. Best of Luck, Susanne
  2. We just met with an integrative dr and he strongly discouraged the flu shot. I am waiting on test results. My son either has PANDAS or transient tic disorder or Tourettes. I too would like to know what others are thinking interns of the shot........
  3. Hi all, newbie here. I just ordered the new book by Sheila DeMare. My son has been displaying motor tics since he was approximately three years old, he is currently 6 years old. They wax and wan. The motor tics also change from eye blinking, to throat clearing to shoulder shrugging (current). They seem to be worse in summer time but I have seen them in the winter time. We have had short periods of success when we restrict food dyes and MSG. My husband wants to go "gluten free" for 5 days as we will be going away on a vacation. I feel like 5 days is not enough time to see results not to mention how hard it will be to just go gluten free. Any advice on how long it generally takes to see results if one goes gluten free? I am picking up a copy of the first book from my local library today.
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