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Shake and vac

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Has anybody noticed major increase in tics with exposure to shake and vac ?

i don't know if I'm going mad as my boy has tics all over today .

Is shake an vac a culprit?

i appreciate  any comments.

im on a process of elimination as only just 2 days a go purchased Shiela Rogers family guide 

thank you for your time xx

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Hi gladiator16,  I hope your son is doing better today.  You mention Shake 'n Vac, which I was not familiar with.

To answer your question, yes it could be the culprit for your son's tics getting worse. It sounds like another dreadful product from Glade and marketed in the UK. Glade makes a range of scented products with ingredients that are considered toxic.

The intent is to sprinkle it on carpets to "freshen" them up, and then vacuum the powder up. This is the description:

"Keep your floors at their most lovable with Glade® Shake n' Vac. Eliminate deep-down odours on carpets and rugs, and freshen your home with a variety of Glade® fragrances to ensure you always have something soft and loving to come home to. "

They offer this safety precaution though it took a while to find this online: "Keep out of the reach of children. Remove pets from room before application. People suffering from perfume sensitivity should be cautious when using this product. "

One site lists these ingredients for the lemon scent:

  • Fragrance. 3,7-dimethyloct-6-enenitrile; 3a,4,5,6,7,7a-hexahydro-4,7-methanoinden-6-yl acetate; citral; decanal; dipropylene glycol; hexyl cinnamal; linalool; methylbenzyl acetate; octanal; terpineol. ...
  • Sodium SulfateFlow Agent. ...Calcium CarbonateCarrier. ...DolomiteCarrier.

I would suggest you open your windows, toss the current vacuum bag, vacuum the carpet repeatedly with a new bag, throw the new bag out when done, and steam clean your carpets with unscented natural soap or only hot water. Be sure it dries thoroughly.

Your son needs fresh, clean air. What you did is very understandable as it seems this product is popular in the UK, and other Glade products are very popular around the world. Millions of people use them.

Is there a reason you needed to do this for your carpet? Do you have a pet?

I'm glad to read that you purchased the book, and I hope it is helpful to you. It in you will see the recommendation to avoid scented products in general.

Please do let us know how your boy is doing today. We care about you and your family and are hoping he will be better soon. 


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Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post regarding the shake and vac .

ive put it in the bin ! 

I used it to freshen my boys room and felt it was a trigger in the evening so wondered if anyone else hadn't put 2 and 2 together .

My son has had some really bad days where his neck is rotating and his leg is lifting at the same time especially  whilst sitting down . It's been really emotional for him and his neck has ached lots some days . We went to cinema on Sunday and pleased to say it was really much better.

This week we had 2 days of rapid blinking and throats clearing but these haven't replaced the neck tic. We seem to be adding tics on the way rather than replacing them .

Grimacing has stopped and so has tremors which I'm so pleased about for him.

ive implemented lots of little changes with diet and fresh air no strong cleaning chemical either . No bubble bath just Epsom salts , regularly bed time and meditation at bedtime .

Im hoping to see some more improvement but really not sure what else to try .

im reading everythIng on the packaging now and horrified about how much chemical additives are in our food.

thank you once again for your reply x


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Hi -- you are making some very positive changes.Good for you. So glad you are reading labels now.

It could be that an air purifier in the bedroom with a HEPA filter would make a difference, if you can afford that. It is important that the bedroom be allergy free. Can you steam clean his carpet or whatever the powder was put on?

Do you have a doctor/naturopath who could check to see if he has an intestinal candida yeast infection and needs an anticandida medication--and could determine if he has a nutritional imbalance? 

Hoping you see real improvement with your efforts!

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6 hours ago, ronnie65 said:


I am new on this forum. I have heard about consumption of pop-corn may cause or aggravate tics. Will organic pop-corn make any difference.

Hi Ronnie and welcome to the forum.

Organic is always the best choice for anyone and especially for children! Also non-GMO

I am only aware of corn products being potential tic triggers for those who have sensitivity/intolerance/allergy to corn?

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40 minutes ago, azka said:

How can I get this book?,,iam citizen of pakistan

Hello azka

Here is the link for Sheila's book https://latitudes.org/store/natural-treatments-for-tics-and-tourette-syndrome-book/

It is also available on Amazon if that is more convenient for you https://www.amazon.com/Natural-Treatments-Tics-Tourettes-Patient/dp/1556437471/

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