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Anyone have experience with Adderall tic side effect?

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My daughter developed a breathing tic after having an adverse reaction to Adderall. The pulmonologist called it "sigh breathing." After we went on a cruise, she got sick, and then started clearing her throat and having esophageal spasms. The latter two have diminished, but the breathing tic is constant. She is no longer on Adderall (or any medication). Trying to find a holisitc approach and physician in the Chicagoland area too.


Would appreciate any suggestions regarding dealing with the Adderall/tic connection from a holistic viewpoint and finding an appropriate local practitioner.

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Hi Argentanya, Welcome to the forums. I'm so sorry to read about the reaction your daughter had after Adderall. (I'll let others answer whether they have tried it.) It's at least encouraging that some of the other symptoms have disappeared.


As for doctors in the Chicagoland area-- two environmental physicians are below. They have a background in allergy and chemical sensitivities. I am not suggesting that one is a perfect match for you, that's always hard to say. If you would be willing to travel, there might be others as well who would interest you. Wishing you the best and I hope you will keep in touch and let us know how your daughter is doing.



Oberg, Gary R., M.D., (Crystal Lake)

The Northern Illinois Center for Integrated Healthcare

31 North Virginia St.

Crystal Lake , IL 60014

Phone: (815) 455-1990


Hrdlicka, Richard E., M.D. (Geneva)

Geneva Center for Allergy and Integrative Medicine

302 Randall Road Ste 206

Geneva , IL 60134


Phone: (630) 232-1900

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Thank you, Sheila!


I just finished reading your book. Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive guide and for continuing to monitor and help other parents and patients out in these forums!


I looked into these physicians, but after reading your book, I'm not so sure she has allergies/environmental sensitivities; I think it may be more related to brain autoantibodies/autoimmunity and/or candida.


Do you have any experience with the Pfeiffer Medical Center in Warrenville, IL?



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Argentanya, a researcher, Dr. William Walsh, started the Pfeiffer Treatment Center and now focuses on research: http://www.walshinstitute.org/ Dr. Walsh is a member of our advisory board.


I notice that on Dr. Walsh's institute website, they offer clinical resources but the Pfeiffer Treatment Center is not on that list (I don't know why).




From those within this list above, I believe Albert Mensah at Mensah Medical (or his partner) would have the most experience. That's not saying others could not be helpful.


We just posted an article that links to a podcase with Dr. Mensah that you might want to listen to.



I will say that you have to have a certain degree of patience--getting an appointment and following through to treatment. But they have an excellent reputation.

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Thanks, Sheila!


So I found out some interesting info yesterday. According to Dr. Mensah's office, The Pfeiffer Medical Center (http://www.hriptc.org/index.phpis) was basically bought by a physician who is not trained in the Walsh Protocol (they bought the brand name of "Pfeiffer.")


Drs. Mensah and Bowman of Mensah Medical (http://www.mensahmedical.com/) are the world-renown experts in pyrrole disorder.


Ironically, Drs. Mensah and Bowman were both trained at The Pfeiffer TREATMENT Center - the original Pfeiffer - and both The Pfeiffer MEDICAL Center and Mensah Medical are located in Warrenville, IL. Confusing to say the least.


Unfortunately, Mensah Medical charges $1,115 + labs ($250-$500) for 6 months of consultations. No insurance accepted, except maybe the labs,


But I found a loophole. If you order a test from DHA Laboratory (https://www.pyroluriatesting.com/), you can buy a package ($205-$435) which includes a 20-minute phone consult with Dr. Mensah. The consultation fee can later be applied to that $1,115 above if used within 6 months. Possibly the labs too. Depends on if the doctor wants to run the labs again.


Hope my detective work helps someone else.

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That's very help information, Argentanya. And it explains why Dr. Walsh doesn't include the Pfeiffer Treatment center on his referral list!


The tips on lab work and costs are useful, too. I'm sure your sleuthing will assist others. And we really hope you are finding the help you need for your daughter.

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