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tics changed dramatically

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My 8 y/o started with his tics about 1.5 years ago. They started with him opening his mouth wide, then throat clearing, head jerking, then shoulder shrugging. It was, for the most time, manageable, especially after I found out what to leave out of his diet, which is gluten, dairy, food coloring. But lately he started these tics where he yells out LOUD. It's this short, but very loud sound. Sometimes he yells out a word he is saying. Now before, he didn't have tics very often, maybe just a few throughout the day, sometimes a little more frequent. Now he is yelling several times each minute. Also, my 2 year old starts to copy him with it. Needless to say my head hurts and I am trying to stay calm. Again, this just started about 2 weeks ago but keeping him on a certain diet as I used to doesn't help anymore. I should mention that my husband is deployed and will be back in a week. I can imagine that it's the anticipation of having his dad back again soon.

But still, I need to find something to calm him down.. at least a little. I started giving him epsom salt baths with lavender almost every night.. nothing.


Thankful for any ideas which might help!

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Hi Seattlegirl,


Sorry for the delay in getting a note to you.


First, it is wonderful that your son's dad should be back by now? (Did that help anything?)


It's so good to know that you were able to target some diet changes that helped your son's tics. Congratulations on making that effort. But we know how distressing vocal tics can be, and you say these are a recent problem for you.


One thing you didn't mention in your letter is anything about allergy or possible chemicals in his environment (or in personal products) that could be bothering him.


When you have a chance, please let us know if your son has allergies that you are aware of? And whether you have "gone green" in your home with using natural products and avoiding scented items.


Even things like perfumes or fabric softeners can bother some people and increase vocal or motor tics. Plug-ins, scented candles, new furniture, paint, can all have this affect.


It is not unusual for us to hear that a vocal tic was linked to a chemical exposure. Please give this some thought--whether he could be being exposed to something different at home or school, friends/relatives' house etc. that might be aggravating his nervous system.



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Mrs. Rogers,


Thank you for your reply. Here is a little update.

Two days after my husband came home he was doing MUCH better! Unfortunately though, last friday we were leaving for a 5 day trip and as soon as we left, it started all over again. His vocal tics were so bad the whole time. It's a short, but loud yell. Sometimes he only does it once, but often two or three times in a row. When it's really, really bad, he does it a couple hundred times within less than 10 minutes. Interestingly, it doesn't bother him at all. And it doesn't affect his personality at all. He is still funny, talkative, and very good at school. But now it starts to interrupt the classroom and I feel so lost. I don't know what to do.

I rarely use any chemicals at home. I've been using the same laundry detergent ever since he is born but no fabric softener. I also stopped using scented candles.

I am almost positive it has to do with anxiety or him being excited about certain things. When he sits down and eats or does homework he doesn't do it as often as when he runs around outside or plays. So how do I go about that? I give him epson salt baths, use lavender oils, fish oil, probiotics and sometimes rescue remedy for kids. I also tried tic tamer. Nothing helps! Back when he had motor tics I could control it with that and the change of diet. But now I am completely lost!!!

I tried to make an appointment with a psychiatrist but they either don't see a 8 year old because he is too young or they can't give me an appointment until April!

We are moving to Germany in December and I am afraid what the next few months will be like.


I am open to any new ideas.

Thanks so much!!!


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My son had bird like tics one summer and it nearly drove me CRAAAZZZY!! It was this constant peeping and hooting like a bird and an owl in a patterned succession. I thought I was living in a bird santuary. He was totally unaware ot it. He was 8 or 9 at the time, I think. He is 14 now. Thankfully, it was not loud but it was constant! I ended up using an Inositol and Choline combo and it stopped within 2 weeks after many weeks of activity. The brand I used was Source Naturals with 400 mg Inositol and 400 mg Choline. I think I gave him 1 in am and 1 in pm. I only kept him on it about a month and then stopped medication when tics went away.

I read somewhere that I have never been able to find source again that Inositol should be given with choline for absorption, improved effect so that's why I chose this brand. Choline is one of the good nutrients in eggs.


Anyway, Inositol can go up to super high dosages without ill effects so dose could be easily doubled if noting good effects. I would increase over time. I never needed to go that high because bird noise tics went away. Many use Inositol alone for OCD symptoms alone sans SSRI's and there is a lot of solid research on it. I used it for tics which can be related to an OCD mindset. My son is more OCD now but manageable. He is still a bit ticcish but they don't bother him. Not severe.I don't know if this is helpful for Tourette's or not cause my son has never been diagnosed with that.


That's the only suggestion I have...more of a natural product supplement than prescription. Low side effect risk. Read up on it and see what you think. If it works---great. If not, have nothing to lose.

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Some people have found l-carnitine helpful short term for vocal tics.


When my son had a screeching tic, he was given 500mg l-carnitine daily for a month and it really helped. Some take it for longer periods.


Inositol is very helpful to many for OCD, but I am not sure if your child has that?


Psychiatrists usually just prescribe drugs so I am not sure you would be helped much by seeing one.

Psychologists trained to do Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can often help with tics and OCD

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I will always say that foods cause problems. In my case it always some how relates to foods. Please take a look at my posts but just want to mention Halloween time and crazy candy will set my child off. My dd will be doing sowing and just scream or not scream but vocal sound . Ds never really did it. But if she is off diet that's when things come out. I truly need to get back with kids even though they are not that bad. Food controls our household and makes it livable or not. Then the fight of taking it away. We are gf and dairy free and all dyes and preservatives. I am five years into this and have been more leanent and will tell you I am ready to run back with sugar and food sensitivities. You tell kids it's okay to broaden the spectrum and they take advantage and I basically have to pull it again.

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